Как заработать на криптовалюте, какие альткоины покупать?

I greet everyone on the channel the way of the rich man, my name is Evgeny, and in this video we will talk about how you can make money on news on such news as launch pad listing and even on ordinary social media posts if you subscribe to large accounts of those people who are also interested in cryptocurrency far beyond let's not go as an example, let's take his account on the mask of 67 and 7 million subscribers and any of his tweets about cryptocurrency just blows up this coin and sends it into space, for example, on April 15, 2021, he posted a post on his Twitter, seemingly just an ordinary picture and text on the light horn on the moon, but when you have so many subscribers and they know that you are also fond of cryptocurrency, many take it as a hint and this is what happens to the dogcoin chart after this tweet appears and it just takes off from 9 cents to 40 then everything dies down, it rolls back a little traded 26 cents each but for some reason the 28th number starts to grow again and soars to 68 cents what happened at this time and everything is very simple on the social network twitter and mask again posted a post that he is the father of dogecoin and in addition to all this he also makes a footnote on the 8th day of the next month on May 8th and thus dogecoins 9 cents went up to almost 70 only two tweets from Elon Musk and the coin flew to the moon and he Musk really works wonders with cryptocurrency, for example, it's Christmas and he's already in the doggie dressed as Santa Claus and wrote flocks of Santa let's just see what happened with all the coins that have a flock quote, I'm not even talking about one specific one, let's just stupidly open everything and see what happened to them means today, December 25, the post he posted during the day, the currents on the flop one immediately has an increased demand for buying coins well, and actually the fact that the graph rushed up a little what kind of talkin 'flocks he meant is unclear, but for example something else is already ken floki and well, it also skyrocketed in price and did it very sharply, of course, the price increase was not colossal, but nevertheless, a sharp spike in the chart is noticeable, the same is observed on the flock coin mask here we see a sharp jump up, but it's not surprising that loka bruises are the same is 4 coin in a row which also took off against the background of one tweet of Elon Mask just because she has a quote flocks left her side and talking baby moon flocks subscribers did not even begin to figure out which currents he didn’t talk about and he masses and decided to buy all the coins that have a flock quote in this way, watching only one twitter of Ilona Mask could do x and and sometimes very stunning, but to do x and of course you need to monitor all this and keep up with time, for example, if I see this post after sixteen hours, then there is no point in buying these coins, because most likely they will already fall in price, well, or they just don’t Adout of such xxes that can be obtained at the beginning, of course, there is such a nuance that we live in different time zones and when we sleep he can learn something interesting in such a way who does not sleep or gets up early, God gives me an offer to consider another great example when a public a person mentions some talking cryptocurrency and the coin is becoming more expensive, it will be about Pavel Durov on his telegram channel, on the 23rd, he posted a post about how proud the Anton Coin project is, let's copy and translate this message and here the key point is actually in these lines I was inspired by the fact that the champions telegram coding contests continued the development of an open project ton which they renamed to ton cohen gave pavel durov wrote i am proud that the technology we have created is alive and developing when it comes to scalability and speed it is still ahead of all other areas of blockchains it would be a shame to see that this project does not bring a person The benefit to the party, unlike the original tons of tons of coin, does not depend on the telegram, but I wish his team the same success that happens after that with the coin subtly in this post was published on the 23rd, we look at the graph and see that on the 23rd, the coin started its way up from mark 2 dollar 36 cents, the coin went up to almost $ 5 and by the way, pay attention to Pavel Durov only six hundred and fifty-eight thousand subscribers, and this post has 1 million 300 thousand views, this suggests that the record was picked up by other communities and began to distribute it thus the project was thin he received chic advertising with the suggestion of Pavel Durov, but all those who follow the news and have money and want to multiply it quickly bought this coin and actually made x and I hope that the example from Ilona Mask's twitter and Pavel Durov's Telegram channel were excellent examples of how you can make money tracking the social networks of famous personalities, but we are back to twitter here you can not only track any account, but also, thanks to the search, find records that can also bring money, I advise you to create an account here before I didn’t like tweeter either, but it turns out this is from a powerful tool, almost all projects have twitter telegrams, and information is spread very well here by the way, if you already have a twitter account, then subscribe to mine, but we go to the search on twitter, it is on the top right, if it is on the main page of twitter, let's write, for example, a dream listing, both can be written in fact, all sorts of different other exchange just not all the exchange is often listed and not all exchanges have a large number of visitors every day, well, in fact, let's scroll down a little bit of trading turnover, for example, what can we look for interesting here, again, for example, he is up to Gelon Mars, in general, here on the 23rd is the record of what will happen listing of this coin and if you go on to ngk and here I propose to look at the graph of what happens to the coin after the listing takes place because a larger number of people start to trade it, pour money into this coin, respectively, it should grow, let's look at the chart here on the 23rd of the number there was a listing, we actually observe naturally as much roses as possible the amount of the price was a lot of zeros 182 at the end, but before the listing at the end there were 131, so if you count straight at all, then one hundred and thirty-one dollars would turn into 182 well, and 1300 into 1800, and this is all against the background of an ordinary tweet on Twitter, it is clear that it is on the stock exchange there was an announcement on twitter it is easier to track just like this, you take the kooby, you erase it and write, for example, another exchange, for example, an e-bank , I don’t know, and you can immediately see which leaves were announced to this exchange, for example, there was a record on December 24, 21 in general on Twitter, you can also monitor these news and then study them in more detail on the exchange itself, of course well It is necessary to have an account on these exchanges, if you do not have an account on e-bank, then there is nothing to look for any information related to this exchange, just looking for information with those exchanges on which you are registered by the way, links on the exchange that I recommend in my description under the video I recommend them to study and not stop at 1 exchange, one exchange is never convenient, you will understand it even from the information that will follow in this video, but if you trust only the banyan 100 exchange, there is also an announcement to foresters and they often happen here, you can also take and see what happens here in general like this, you see how many coins there are just add it endlessly and you can also see what is just happening with these coins, well, for example, buy dance will add a flux coin, this entry was on December 10, let's see what happened to the flux coin, drive in flux it gives out too much flux of here, let's take a closer look at this entry here inf Information about this token you can go to look in more detail at the scan review everything is clear here we see this logo is blue and white and, in principle, this coin is in one hundred and seventy-second place, we look now this coin costs 244 if we turn to the schedule, let's set a schedule for 30 days there was a record on the loopholes on the listing on the 10th and actually on the 9th, it was still trading at $ 20 and for 10 hours already for two dollars 66 cents, let 's highlight it like this let's see the math here very elementary and bought at $ 23 and sold at 266, that is, made x2 bought coins for a thousand against the background of this news and sold it right there for 2 the only thing that needs to be done in time to sell coins before they roll back because the correction is always inevitable the next opportunity to make money on launch pads and of course you can earn more if you take part in them, but there you need to invest money if you don’t have it, then actually this is what will be discussed now, for example, take a bir zhu babbitt recently , launch pads have been cleared here and after their completion there is a listing and at this moment the price of coins begins to grow strongly at this moment you can ride well on candles and even if you didn’t participate in the game itself, make money stupidly by buying at the very beginning listing and in the same place, in principle, getting rid of this coin by fixing a profit, let's look at the example of r on pc, this token cost 80 cents per coin during listing, that is, it cost practically nothing at all, given the fact that the coin was immediately remembered to thirty and then she walked up to $ 35 at all, so if you can't afford to participate in auch pads, then you can afford to come and buy this coin at the start and then, in principle, and sell when the coin jumps up of course I want to warn you that sometimes it turns out everything is the other way around, depending on what coin, what project and what kind of event, and of course you can earn more If to be a participant in these launch, as a rule, for these conclusions, you need to have a native talkin 'to the exchange, but since the topic of the video is far from about that, I'll just leave links on the exchange that conduct the launch pads, you can register there and create an account periodically, I even shoot a video about launch data pads well, of course, you can always find more information on the stock exchange itself, let's see some other example of recessions on the babbit exchange, for example, here are the real stocks for us initially, one real coin was worth half currents, one takin bit was filled with about $ 2, so one real coin was worth 1 dollar now this coin is trading at a price of 16 dollars listing of this coin took place on December 10 and just take a look at the price of what happened to this currents to us let's open the chart wider here at the very beginning of the chart we see that immediately talkin 'jumped to 20 dollars then also successfully walked almost until 27, and to this day they are traded with a very successful price if open There is a site for the cryptor act here you can see all the skoda that are the rule of the exchange babbit and here you can see what x and the coin has today from the moment of start, for example, the real coin jumped from one dollar to more than 16 and thus made 16 x but this is on today, the maximum value was 28 mixes, for example, talkin ' genes from a project where 47 X's got drunk and at the moment the price of token is 15 hours from the initial one, in fact, these are not all methods and ways of making money on information and news from each of me I think there will be their own ways, someone may be tracking information in closed telegram channels, maybe even in open ones, in any case, you can write in the comments under this video where you find information and share interesting social accounts of interesting people, let's really everyone write in the comments where he is looking for information if this is tweeter then just write twitter and the name of the account and so on by the way, be sure to subscribe to our telegram channel here to lay out the most useful and interesting and timely news on this you can also earn money, for example, yesterday I posted a post that the ledger will rise in price from the new year, such a letter came to me from the developer, I don’t know the truth whether it is or not, but in general it did not come, I shared this with subscribers thanks to this news, you can save 30 euros why overpay if you buy this wallet anyway, so it's easier to buy it now, by the way, the link to it will also be in the description under the video, but it was just for you an example of useful news on which you can either save or earn money, be sure to subscribe to the telegram channel and like this video you were on the channel the way of a rich man and if you know what to do along the way, the subscription button is available to everyone

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