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  1. #heysabri Just recently finished your book, AMAZING book with tons of value!

    If I’m selling an E-commerce product for $50 (a supplement), which sales system makes more sense?

    1. Ad β€”> HVCO β€”> Godfather offer

    2. Ad β€”> Godfather offer

    I 100% believe a sales call is needed for high ticket sales, but I was wondering about lower ticket Ecommerce products.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. its difficult to have a godfather offer with just a supplement or low ticket item. look up biotrust on the facebook ads library and do what they are doing. they have done over $1b in sales mainly through digital marketing like FB ads, yt ads etc.

    2. hey bro can you explain me whats is your HVCO offer so i can help you with exact solution !

  2. nice content! Only thing: The camera movement in the reading is distracting, love the camera depth

  3. hello Sabri. may i use a funnel for my sucription business or should i redirect my customers directly on my website? ( knowing thaty in the 2 cases they leave their mail adress). thank for your high value contents

  4. Hey Sabri… Assalamoalaikum.I just start following you..and have red phase 1 and 2 of your book…content was just mind blowing… amazing stuff..I am just loving it.. but I am very keen to know your opinion about how to apply your strategies that you described in the book if we provide some sort of services instead of some product especially related to freelancing… actually I slowly moving from 9 to 5 to selling expert skills and services on the available platforms and then gradually moving to owning buisness….so I humbly need your expert advice. Thankyou in advance…#AskSabri #HeySabri

  5. Impressive the camera man kept everything in focus! (Unless it was auto!)

  6. #heysabri

    Pricing. How do you deal with clients who ask for a ball park type quote on the spot?

    How do you know you aren’t leaving money on the table?

    Thank πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

  7. #Heysabri, we offer protective ceramic coatings for the exterior of boats and RVs. Unfortunately many people think that this service is a waste of money and that the product doesn’t work. How can we overcome this negative idea about this service?

  8. #heysabri Can you mention a good platfom to make the landing pages like the ones you make for your HVCO’s, please?

  9. #HEYSABRI……..Which methods/writing style would you use when writing an ad copy for a 24/7 emergency service like an automobile Locksmith? Would you write 2 ads or stick to selling the click as the main purpose of the ad?

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