2 Replies to “#1 Biggest Sin Business Owners Commit”

  1. Great advice sir . I am also reading your book ,sell like crazy .loving it . Big fan of your work . Please make some videos on Lead generation also and i would also want to know , how do you see digital network marketing Business ?

  2. Question for you and everyone else.

    What do you do when the customer has no problems to be solved?

    I work in residential solar sales and we get about 100+ leads every day for me people who click our adds. Normally about 25% of those leads don’t know anything about solar so when I ask “what’s going, what has you looking into solar now?” They will respond with “I don’t know”, “so just saw an add”, or they will say “I was told I could save money” in a tone of voice that says ‘I don’t really pay that much, but I like the idea of saving money’.

    My approach so far had been telling them “we can take solar on a lot of directions to solve different problems, and depending on what problem you are having will affect which way we should go. Do you …” and I start listing off the common problems people seek to use solar to solve.

    Is there anything you would change or add?

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