2 Minute लटको और 1 लाख़ लेजाओ – Best & Brilliant Advertising Campaigns | Successful Marketing Ads

Hello friends, when an ad comes in the middle
of your YouTube video, then most of the people do it quickly skipped and this is also true to
a large extent because nowadays we do not like the old-fashioned normal ads at all, we get bored
by seeing them. go and skip them always and not only this friends, we lock them from the phone
too, you see some advertising vibrations which really pleases you and attracts your attention,
that's why big brands are on creative ideas these days They spend more money, they are also
given awards at the international level, so today we know about some very interesting
and unique viral advertisements, which you will probably see for the first time today
and yes you will not be bored by seeing them friends oranges And there is some amount of
current in lemon, you must know this and if you do not know, then put aluminum and copper
in something like this and checking with a multimeter, you can see the current of that
ampere, but this is why I told you Told you must be thinking Here So friends, the purpose of
telling this much was that a French advertising agency had cut the advertisement with the help
of these plants.

made a billboard using two and a half thousand oranges and with this natural
electricity they also wrote natural energy and made it pink were real life action movie guys
if there is any excitement in your life there is no such thing as thrilling then if ad compliant
fix it Can a US broadcasting company adopted this heartfelt way to promote a new channel in
the Netherlands They put a big red button in a crowded area in the middle of the city and wrote
on a board near the button Tha postpaid drama People who did not want to get into trouble or
any drama, they left without pressing the button, but many people want to know, they have been
forced to press the button, for these people, the company has started an action motion. There
was a performance range like Weiss, everything was seen like blast kidnapping and fight and after
the performance a banner falls from above in which the channel's advertisement is once hang challenge
friends 2 minutes how many are you will say that very little You will go out on sight, but hanging
on this bar, you will feel that like every single second is normal for the whole life, you
will find hand challenge in many places in the world, on this you have to hang for 100 to
120 seconds and if you do this If you succeed, you will get the price, but friends, it is
not that easy, only some people are able to do it and even good trend people are not able
to do it, in fact, while cooking for 2 minutes, the flow of blood starts stopping in our

And on many occasions, he makes this road so thick that you will not be able to hold
it with your hand, it has happened, not friends, many times he does not even apply this road
in such a way that it will continue and you control yourself. Some people use reverse grip
technique to do this, but this The challenge becomes even higher. At these bars one person will
try to complete the challenge and the rest of the visitors will enjoy it. They are put up only in
crowded places, this may be because from nearby shops Somebody is going out after eating
something or drinking coffee and the crowd gathered to see them will also go to the shops
or go to the restaurant and bring them to eat. That Reebook Speed Others In 2016, a Swedish advertising company named Animal
Creative Agency started an advertising campaign on a bank friends, this company put a showcase to
advertise in the crowded area of the new area, in which Reebok's Regarding the shoes he was going
to launch, Z pump 2.0 shoes challenged the set-up to point pores that any person who would run
at a speed of 17 kmph would be given brand new shoes of Reebok, what was happening, many people
started running.

Due to which only a few people were able to take shoes while measuring their
speed and while many people were seen failing that dancing uncle friends dance with letter
is very good for those who want to learn the face of dance but what You would like to do
this in the heart of the city In fact many people have shown interest in this advertisement
Vibration was run by the company in Australia Television in Sydney and Melbourne Organized Way
started vibrating and smart screen installed in crowded places was In which you are given dance
instructions and an instructor is also present for you, people passing by can learn uncle's famous
mode, do what skin cream friends, now just look at this advertisement in which such a strange
billboard is a cosmetics company named Burts bees In which the face of a beautiful looking
model is hidden by a stopped face made of stickers.

What did this cream company
want to show, let's check…… so friends, how did you like the advertisement
complaint, you definitely get to tell us in the comments, in the next video
with an interesting video, bye-bye till then.

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