AirPods Pro — Jump

(feat. Denzel Curry and Pell)
by Young Franco♪ ♪ ♪Young Filipe,♪ ♪Never been concerned
about the he say she say,♪ ♪Look inside my bank account
you see its my Bday♪ ♪Everyday, all day,
but I do not eat cake,♪ ♪And I do not see hate♪ ♪Stink meaner,
my demeanor with the Nina♪ ♪Señoritas wanna
meet me at the Catalina♪ ♪Wine mixer,
mix it up with my elixir♪ ♪Overlooking the ocean
I'm hoping I see Flipper♪ ♪Young Filipe,♪ ♪Moving like its GTA,
but not CJ more like Tommy,♪ ♪Copy, Facts♪ ♪Spacy homie
you can call me Drax♪ ♪Win every single track and
you know its bout to slap, uh♪ ♪Things are falling apart,♪ ♪ [YO!] ♪Cost of living
is getting so high♪ ♪Turn up
say they want fire,♪ ♪Let it burn up,♪ ♪Try to break my habits
but somedays I gotta burn up,♪ ♪I was writing bout
tomorrow when today called,♪ ♪Throwing curves
at a brother no baseball,♪ ♪We work through it
hashtag no days off,♪ ♪Feeling high
feeling blessed,♪ ♪Gotta thank God,♪ ♪Dudes hating on my lines,
hope it pays off,♪ ♪Know I got
dope in my quotes,♪ ♪Speech napalm,♪ ♪So before you wanna ride,
check ya breaks,♪ ♪Y'all on very thin ice with
some really cheap skates, uh♪ ♪What's in my wallet,♪ ♪The keys to they
heart is a deposit.♪ ♪Things are falling apart,♪ ♪ ♪Oh yeah!♪ ♪ ♪ [TRANSPARENCY TONE] ♪ [CHEERING] ♪ [NOISE CANCELLATION TONE] ♪ ♪Turn up♪ ♪Oh yeah!♪

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