Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Ver. 2.0 Free Update – Nintendo Switch

[Nintendo Switch Snap] [funky acoustic music] [narrator]
coming to the museum! [music fades] [gentle lounge music]
This is the Roost, a café,
owned by the composed Brewster. [speaking animalese] Kick back and relax, while Brewster
serves you up a cup of his finest,
hand-selected coffee. You might run into
some island residents here. [speaking animalese] By using
the Animal Crossing series amiibo figures
and amiibo cards in the Roost, you can invite characters
of your choosing. Some of them
may bring along company as well. [speaking animalese] Multiple players
can also visit at the same time. Why not savor a relaxing
cup of joe together? [music fades] [tranquil acoustic music]
This is Kapp'n. You'll find him lounging
around on your island's pier. Looks like he'll ferry you
to a destination via his boat, [speaking animalese] his pride and joy. [music fades]
[wave and boat sounds]
[singing in animalese] It's worth the journey
just to be serenaded
by his sea shanties. [music fades] [tranquil music returns] Your destination
is a hidden gem that only Kapp'n knows about. You might dock at an island
with mysterious flora, or an island
with a different season, or time of day! [music fades] [tranquil music returns]
Hey, it's Harv's Island! As you may know,
Harv runs a
photography studio here.

And now, the island's
undergoing some changes! Looks like Harv
wants to create a plaza
with all sorts of shops, with a little help from his
long-time friend, Harriet. [speaking animalese] Consider contributing
some Bells to the cause! [speaking animalese] Eventually,
familiar island visitors like Saharah and Kicks,
will set up shop here. Reese and Cyrus
can help customize
ready-made furniture that you can't customize
on your own.

[speaking animalese] In addition, Katrina will reveal
your fortune for that day. [speaking animalese] Fingers crossed, [speaking animalese] it'll be a bustling plaza
filled with all sorts of shops! [speaking animalese] Oh, by the way,
Harriet might teach you
some new hairstyles! [music fades] [tranquil music returns] Try out
some simple stretches by participating
in group stretching
at the plaza. [music fades] [festive piano music]
You can participate, too! [speaking animalese throughout] Join in by using either
button controls or motion controls,
with a Joy-Con controller.

Stretch it out together
when you invite friends
to your island, or when
visiting someone else's island. [music fades] The Resident Representative
can now enact island ordinances! [tranquil music returns]
Take the Early Bird ordinance,
for example. This will
make all island residents awake and active
earlier in the morning. Pick the ordinance
that best suits
your island lifestyle. The home services
offered by Tom Nook
have been upgraded.

More exterior options
are available. You can
modify your home's exterior to match
your island's landscape. [speaking animalese] Also, storage expansion
services just got bigger! Previously, home storage
held up to 2,400 items. With three more expansions, it now holds up to 5,000! [music fades] [peppy acoustic music] Newly added redeemable items will be available
for Nook Miles! Let's see what else
you can do with your miles. Cooking
is coming to DIY recipes! Combine ingredients like
tomatoes, wheat, sugarcane, potatoes, carrots, and more. Why not make a delicious meal
from your bountiful harvest? Mmm, looks tasty! You can make all sorts of dishes
to lay across the dining table.

Bon appetit! With a Pro Decorating License, lighting and ceiling decor
can be added to each room. Accent walls will also
be available to give a
single wall a different pattern. With these, more design options
will be at your disposal. The maximum number
of bridges and inclines you can place on
your island will increase
to ten each. Plus, nine fence types, including park fencing, block fencing, and corrugated iron fencing
will be added, letting you diversify
your island even more.

Some fencing
can be customized, too. [music fades] [chirpy acoustic music]
The Camera app on your NookPhone
is getting updated! When changing to
a Handheld Camera mode, the view aligns
with your eye level. And if you change to
a Tripod Camera mode, you can also be in the picture! [camera shutter noise] We hope you can capture
more memories from
new perspectives and angles. Patterns that were previously
used for customizing items
can now be worn, or used as flooring
and wallpaper,
like Custom Designs. Get in style
with different hairstyles! 11 hairstyles will be added, including the ones
that Harriet will teach you. 11 new Reactions,
like waving good-bye, stretching, and bouncing to music,
are being added as well. Get communicating even more
with these Reactions! [music fades] [cheery acoustic synth music]
A new NookPhone app,
Island Life 101, provides tips
on enjoying your island. Rest assured,
newcomers, you'll be able to
ease into island living. Additionally, you'll be able
to acquire more furniture, by redeeming your Nook Miles.

When your pockets fill up
from the day's activities, this storage shed
will come in handy! It connects
to your home storage, and can be placed
almost anywhere on your island, so use it to easily store items,
or take 'em out. And when you need some
Bells from your account, this ABD should also
come in handy! [music fades] [lively cheery acoustic music] [K.K. Slider singing animalese]
K.K. Slider,
who holds a live concert at the plaza every Saturday, will release additional songs.
Keep an ear out
for 12 more hits, [zany synth music]
like K.K. Break, [lighthearted accordion music]
and K.K.

Polka. You can even enjoy them
from this gorgeous-sounding
music box, [soft lullaby music]
a newly added furniture item. [music ends] [peaceful acoustic music]
Looks like something's
buried underground. Is it a fossil? It's, a gyroid! When you find gyroid fragments, then plant and water them, they'll mature into
a lovely gyroid overnight. If gyroids have grown
on your island, you may find more
the day after it rains.
[music ends] [gyroid whistling and clicking]
Gyroids make rather
interesting sounds. Experiment with
different gyroid combinations, [cheery woodwind music]
or use them with music
to bask in fresh harmonies. Gyroids can be customized
to match a room's atmosphere. [music fades] [peaceful music returns]
Nook's Cranny will have newly
added furniture types available, like, ceiling decor. [speaking animalese] The shop will also get furniture
that's never been seen before. There's a new type of tool
you can craft! You'll be able to permanently
place ladders on cliffs with the
ladder set-up kit.

It's super handy
for getting around your island. This DIY recipe can be purchased
from Nook's Cranny. Narrow spaces in a room? Now you can walk through them,
like this! It's a great way to navigate
tight spots in rooms, with lots of furniture
on display. And let's not forget
keeping up your relationships
with the other residents. You've all spent so much time
together on the island. [speaking animalese] They may invite you
over to their home, or make a surprise visit
to yours! [speaking animalese] [music fades] [ocean wave sounds]
What do you think? [tranquil music returns]
You might experience this
new content in various ways, some of them outside of what
we've shown you today.

This free update, Version 2.0,
launches November 5th. This will be the last major
free content update for
Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We hope you'll continue enjoying
your island experience. [music fades].

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