Best Beats Headphones in 2021 [TOP 5]

we can never underestimate the huge impact beats had on the headphone industry it changed the game completely they were released with clever marketing and celebrity affirmation making them one of the best of all times and staunting the competition completely in this video we will take a look at what i think are the best beats headphones let's get started first on the list we have the beats studio bots aimed towards ios and android users beats promises to deliver good sound quality and great design i listed them as best all-rounders for less than the price of airpods the beats studio bots pretty much can deliver everything the pods can also worth mentioning they are the first apple owned beads product that is compatible with android devices too if you missed out in 2014 apple purchased beats and most of the beats headphones are tied into the apple ecosystem the beats studio buds come in three different colors such as black white and beats red and they are placed in a case that is sleek and smaller than most earbuds cases it is x-shaped and features a single usb-c port in terms of resistance they are rated ipx4 making them sweat resistant and water resistant but note not waterproof that means it can resist only light splashes and not immersion ear tips are silicone instead of foam and come in two extra sizes but pretty much they will fit in any ear size and yes they do have anc which is active noise cancellation it performs moderately well but i won't go as far as to compare it with sony and bose since beats have some more work to do regarding this sound wise they are simply great vocals are textured and emotive bass it's not the bass that beats mate name off but still it's quite decent for some people this is even better but in terms of sound quality i think most people should enjoy how their music sounds with the beats studio buds nevertheless the beats studio bots pretty much have everything someone is looking in for in a pair of earbuds and the good part is they will suit both platform users as i mentioned earlier making them for android users 2 was a cool feat to avoid favoritism i should comment beats for this next on the list we have something that is fitness focused the powerbeats pro wireless earbuds as you expected i listed them as the best for athlete the powerbeats pro checks all the three boxes and athlete is looking for in a pair of headphones comfort battery life and sound quality in terms of presentation powerbeats pro comes in a charging case that's fun to open and close it has that nice smooth feeling on it and thanks to the magnetic catch it will avoid accidental open ups the case doubles as a battery charger the powerbeats can maintain an easy 9 hours before hitting the dust wrapped with a secured fit rubber clad make them quite solid and sturdy they sit nice and tight to the head they are bendable to adjust them best for your feet thanks to their sweat resistant they will be secured in your ears to not budge or move during the intense workout sessions the beats symbol on the speakers isn't just cosmetic by the way it stands as a button so you can use it to take calls or play and pause the music with the double tap it will skip the track forward and with triple tab backwards like mentioned earlier and known worldwide beats has made history for producing bass heavy headphones and there's no change in form for power beats either listening at normal volume the sound is smooth and clear but everything changes when we turn up the volume it becomes hard and aggressive giving emotion behind the vocals and resonance on instruments making them great to pump you up so you can beat your last run or even bench like a madman yet again beats shocks us with the solo line next we have the beats solo pro and for sure i did list them as the best for style beautiful looks are not the only thing solo pros succeed at they also provide immense sound quality and this time even more features than the previous models such as anc when beats first was released they made a huge fuss around the world because of their design and that took a turn with them ending up in the fashion world i would even say that they were used more for cosmetic purposes than actually for the audio some celebrities even themed them as the jordans of headphones the solos pro are really eye-catching most of the people you will meet will recognize them even if they don't they will cherish the great looking design they have with hidden seams a matte finish being single colored gives the pros a great aesthetic minimalist design and you don't have to worry about the beautiful design one trait for comfort they are quite firm and comfortable you won't have to worry about wearing them for hours sound wise there have been times where a lot of people were complaining due to heavy bass and myths and heist being too flat apple took the words to heart and did its best to give the solo pros a more balanced sound which indeed succeeded the good part is that the punchy bass is still there but more balanced and won't give you headaches also the mids and highs are clean and warm now what can i say more they provide great sound quality great additional features great comfort and the cherry on top beautiful design i heard that you want to rock the beats logo on your ears but you don't want to break your bank worry not because i have the solution with a b e p listed them as best value beats makes a bunch of headphones but they have what i could call sky high prices but with ep it's a different story they are great entry level beats headphones that offer unbeatable value for the price out of the box the btp will give you a great first impression available in a bunch of colors such as black blue red and white the headband and ear cups are made of the same expensive plastic that you will find in their premium products the same goes for the rubberized padding on the bottom of the headband the ear cups are even attached with metal plates all this results in a comfortable tight fit and surprisingly enough that also helps with noise isolation the nice design does a splendid job hiding the drawbacks of the ep which are them being wired and lacking bluetooth connectivity but i bet there are a lot of people out there who want to stay old school and ep is not something they will miss out on sound wise not the best out there but it does the job it is set out to do perfectly with the bass being highlighted something we all expect due to beats reputation regarding the bass nevertheless if you don't mind them being wired or actually want them to be wired bcp is something you should not avoid last on the list we have the cheapest beats headphones you can buy which is the beats flex they come with a bargain price but they have a lot to offer in return i have them listed as the best budget option the beats flex are colorful earbuds with a neck cable making them great for everyday use with all that said besides the budget friendly price they offer a lot of versatility at the same time there are a bunch of colors to choose from i think you will have enough options to pick the best to you to suit your style the butts are lightweight and really comfortable in the ear they can magnetically clasp together and the music will pause when unclasped it will resume making this a great feature in my option i it also has other great features such as a nice microphone for voice calling decent long battery life of 12 hours you get four different size ear tips to help you pick the best fit for your ear they are cheap so we should be honest and not expect top tier sound quality but still decent sound comes out of the flag that most casual listeners will be happy they focus on high end and low end lacking in mid-range but they do a great job isolating the noise because they sit inside the ear canal to wrap it up beats flex are a great option for average joes like me offers great connection solid battery life decent sound quality and design combine all that with an under 70 dollars price tag and you get something that you can't avoid oh and before i end the video guys we all know that beats are the big dogs of headphones so don't try to challenge me with low tier headphones from peasant companies thanks for watching i hope you found this video to be helpful if you have any questions about the products mentioned in this video you can leave a comment down below and i will get back to you as soon as i can until then stay safe take care and peace out

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