Best Day Ever | Nike

This is tomorrow. Tomorrow, very early, someone will go on her
first ever run. Right after, Shelly-Ann will run
the 100 in under 10 seconds. By lunchtime a shoe
will grow from a seed. The WNBA will surpass
the NBA in popularity. This tennis legend
will launch her own video game. Also, tomorrow we will
all finally respect athletes' mental health. A woman will run
a marathon on Mars. Tomorrow we will
celebrate new champions. And once sport is declared
a human right, tomorrow will go really crazy. Marie-Antoinette will score
7 in 7 minutes. Sky will land a 1620. Lebron will score 120. And I don't know what this is
but it looks amazing! Of course,
the internet will break! Well done tomorrow, can't wait to see what's next..

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