BEST WAY How to Promote Affiliate Links on Facebook | Monday Video

how to promote affiliate links on
Facebook or what are the rights ways to promote affiliate links on Facebook so
understanding the concept that you have an affiliate product and now you want to
promote it or you want to reach more audience getting more traffic to your
landing page or whatever you're using funnel, it is important and so crucial
that you understand how you're going to drive traffic or how you're going
to use Facebook to promote your affiliate links and this is what we're gonna cover
up today so let's get into it hey guys my name is Ammar Alam welcome to the
Monday video we usually talk about affiliate marketing and marketing
everything is related to it so today we're going to do the same so how
you gonna promote affiliate links on Facebook or using Facebook it is so
crucial that you first understand what is Facebook is because most of the time
what people mess up and we will mess up really bad if they don't understand the
concept of Facebook and what Facebook really is so really short Facebook is a
social platform meaning that people go there to get engaged and to talk to the
people so if you go with your product or if you go whatever the product that
you're promoting I'm gonna bang with BUY-BUY-BUY
is not gonna happen okay so you need to engage first in order to do anything so
I'm going to share three tips and 3 crucial basic that you need to
understand whenever you are promoting your link or your affiliate link on
Facebook okay the first one is start joining relevant groups okay so we
already talked about in the previous one that how do you can utilize Facebook group
for your marketing or for your affiliate marketing or how to promote your product,
your business's which I'm gonna clip up right here and you're able to see it for but
just for now it is important that you understand that you join the community
about the product that you're selling so let's say that you're selling a product
related to health care so you need to join the other community other real
Facebook group to go out there and to talk and get engaged with them okay
coming up the second one or the second tip is just you need to give more
and more and more before your even ask most of the time people messed up and
many people messed up because yeah you have a product and ultimately the end goal is to sell that particular product but that doesn't mean that you're going to
go that you're going to go to any of the Facebook group Facebook pages people the DM peoples and messaging people it doesn't mean that you're going to bang
your offer in front of people just to reach more audience maybe you want to
reach more audience but there are two things happen they don't wanna convert
and you wanna make yourself and your image as a sneezy Sellman and nobody
likes that okay so here's the second one and you need to understand you need to
give more and more and more value understand the numbers
more and more and more value and then you need to ask okay and this rule
crucial so first thing that you want to join the relevant groups the relevant
community maybe it's a page maybe is a Facebook group maybe there are a couple
of people who are doing it and you can use the same strategy and
applied to the forum apply to other places on on the internet but we are so
focused on Facebook today so I'm gonna talk about the related things to
Facebook so first thing you're gonna join the community related communities
second thing that you want to put up your engagement and content if you can
create a specific or a special content for just for your community for Facebook
it's gonna be react and it's going to be convert like crazy because nobody's
gonna find that particular content rather than that Facebook okay so it's
gonna be really important to that and it is it it's okay once you start engaging
with the content if the admins go show off with the best or best writer or the
pair one of the best supporters of the group you're gonna get shot out so you
just go and read from the condition of each Facebook group they are different
so we need to go out there talk to the enemies if you can promote and if you do
do something I bet benefit or John if you have any
any of the day where people or the admins actually allow other people to
promote and put their products into it but just just make sure that how do you
want to do it if you have any question related to it that you how are you gonna
strategize then you want to put the white puzzle on the white place comment
down below I'm gonna reach you there and if that topic becomes heavy then we want
to shoot a separate video especially for you guys coming up turn in the Facebook
how you want to promote your fill in link on Facebook is that when you are at
the end putting your offer or you giving your offer
giving your product to the consumer after falling on all the details it is
so important that you put up a has an option or has a recommendation you
cannot push that this is the only offer that's gonna change it you just need to
code this is the better one than the competition because whatever you selling
maybe you're selling a have related product maybe selling an opportunity
maybe some training I am going to take a real example so let's say they choose
telling I have a calculator right here so that you are selling a calculator so
they are dozen of other calculators in between of companies that we gonna
gauge they are different companies on making it they are different models that
can be suitable for a particular person and that cannot be suitable for that
particular person so what you need to do is that you're going to grow at the
product okay and this is what we actually talk about in the three-part
series so you're going to out the product you want to see what are the
different shade of the product then and that of any because that product is
promoting my adel affiliates too so you need to weapon on that product with
something weight something that nobody is offering and in your surroundings in
other affiliate that's going to be special for you so people are actually
coming to you and buying from you instead of anyone else okay
hopefully that not overwhelm you if it does and if you have any question
confusion you can always come in down below and I'm gonna reach you there okay
so this is all about this are the free three tips that you can actually apply
and the free resources to get how to get you how to get traffic to your affiliate Links using Facebook hope it's answer your question if you have any
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