Case Study – $120,000 on Push Notification Ads to CPA Affiliate Offers

Get More Case Studies at & see the results! Take a look inside my 109 Push Notification ads campaigns that I ran to CPA affiliate offers, and $120,000 in spend on one ad account!

This is Part 1 of the Powerhouse Affiliate Premium Series Case Study where I am exposing everything you need to know about running profitable push notification ads campaigns as an affiliate.

To get access to the entire case study simply join FREE at Powerhouse Affiliate and then when you are ready upgrade to your premium account:

For those who have watched my previous case studies you know that I don't hold anything back, and I don't blur the goods!

I REALLY do hope people use this information to make some sick cash in Push Ads!

Push notification ads have been around for a while but they seem to be picking up a lot of traction lately since FB is being extremely aggressive in banning affiliates for what seems to be nothing.

This $120,000 in spend would be considered PEANUTS compared to what you can actually spend. I have recently done other case studies. You can also check out part 1 of the last CPL Case study here:

Push notification ads also allow you to be much more aggressive and are very welcoming to CPA affiliate offers.

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47 Replies to “Case Study – $120,000 on Push Notification Ads to CPA Affiliate Offers”

  1. Hey joey,

    Thanks for this amazing video. Cud you answer a few questions.

    1. How often do you change your landing page creatives? Isn’t it tedious to change creatives for all 100+ campaigns?

    2. Do you get consistent profits on push ads (EACH day)? Or does profits fluctuate in your campaigns? How much do they fluctuate?


    1. @Joey Babineau yup it’s difficult to make consistent, long term profits with push ads… But then, if I were to have a career out of doing affiliate marketing… And if the age of 1 campaign is say 3-4 months(with inconsistent profits)… Then how can one think of a long term career in affiliate marketing?… If all the campaigns faze out so early.
      And, in order to have a stable career in affiliate marketing(with push ads)… Is it necessary to adapt/find new offers… As early as possible.. Instead of being dependent only 4-5 campaigns.(that’ll eventually run dry).

    2. @Harshe Cod consistent long term profits from push ads will not happen. Push ads in fact will soon become a thing of the past once the giants like Google really crack down on them. But with that being said – the bigger question I see is “can you build a career” with affiliate marketing. An affiliate marketing career will involve constant learning as it seems you are doing by watching youtube videos – so good on you for that. To build a consistent business we need to take the money we earn from these “fast cash” scalable methods and save/re-invest it rather than blow it on lambos and mansions. Affiliates who have made a career for themselves also use that cash to build longer term assets whether it be online or offline. I choose both. A long term online asset can be a content rich website that continues to get daily organic reach, and also an email list. Email will never die. So yes you can make a lot of money fast with CPA affiliate offers and paid traffic, but it requires a lot of commitment and constant testing…this can be offset by having a bigger plan for a more long term project as well. Many affiliates remain affiliates and built out their own products as well once they have figured out how to get consistent traffic.

    3. @Joey Babineau yup, I get somewhere around $50/day to $150/day(inconsistent profits via push ads), earlier..i used to blow it on food, clothes and fun activities…but later i realized that i need to save it to test more offers or probably invest it into offline activities.
      Thanks, joey for this interesting conversation!
      Just one last question before…we end this,
      I am currently doing CPA offers for MAC traffic and I get all my profits from just ONE offer/landing page. So, right now, instead of looking for new offers, i am currently focused on promoting the same offer(that’s giving me profit) on new push ads websites. So, from your experience…can you recommend me some good push ads websites…where i cud buy quality MAC(desktop) traffic.?

    4. @Harshe Cod Target specifically on Mac I know mgid allows it not sure about their push inventory. Have you tried propel or outbrain? I never targeted mac specifically before….

    5. @Joey Babineau nope, I only do push ads, I always had this doubt that whether something that’s working in push.. Will that work in native as well… So, I never tested native ads.

  2. Could you recommend me a great CPL SOI Offer that convert and I could run from Dominican Republic and what platform could be the best for me to spend a $100 USD budget???

    1. A very popular one is the free iphone offer. Also doesnt matter what country you live in….what matters is where you can target your ads…and you can target any country.

  3. You mentioned using your own tracking software for tracking and segmenting, what do you recommend?

    1. I currently use CPV Lab Pro – while it isn’t the best solution out there it does come with self hosting option and I have used it for a long time. They recently updated it as well. As for other options there is Thrive Tracking which also worked well, bemob, voluum are other popular ones

    1. It really depends on what you want to target. I would recommend propeller or ruch push over airpush. Most push networks let you target by country devices and publishers. Getting specific demographic targeting however is next to impossible on push.

  4. This was quality. Do you have a phone consultation service? I am keen to pick your brain.

    1. Hi no unfortunately I dont. I do most of my communication through the forum we have. The rest of my time is spent media buying.

    2. @Joey Babineau if you start doing it let me know. You have your first client here!! Whats the forum name?

  5. Hi, a very nice video, and good content. Do you have a case study from A to Z when you taking an offer, create a campaign and make it profitable? I’m not a beginner , but I would like to learn from you, your KPI’s management, strategies, how you testing, etc… thanks,

    1. @Joey Babineau
      Thanks, I’ll look at this. I’m running a native campaigns, using voluum, but looking for a new insights

  6. You’ll know something works the moment you see someone spending over $100k on it 🤔

    1. Seriously?… not sure how that equates into knowing something works? I’ve seen lots of people spend tens of thousands, and lose it all!! Including myself!! Just because someone spends $xxxxx amount of something, doesn’t mean it works!!

    2. @1776 – Anarchists Fighting For Freedom!! If you spend $100k testing, it means you don’t know what you’re doing. If you lose a couple thousands testing, then it makes sense.

    3. @1776 – Anarchists Fighting For Freedom!! How tf you lose tens of thousands? Did you try selling snow to eskimos?

    4. @Rhys Lights Selling snow isn’t a problem, the sales pitch is the problem, Eskimos’ will buy the hell outta some snow from the right guy!!

  7. Joey, you have so many high performing campaigns. Do you send traffic from those campaigns to your landing pages or what?

  8. thanks for the video probably will help for all , but truly i want to say abt adsterra damn i had big problems they never pay me i tried all ways but till now its 0 , also not only me in this list which is so pity , so guys if you want to really earn never try adsterra i did big checking and now i am with admaven believe or not but all is great they are stable and i encrease my earnings . best of luck!

  9. would this traffic would it help on ads revenue or is it just for affiliated

  10. i see people getting hyped up about earning this much instantly, its not that easy, you need to grind your way up with the testing of ads. If anybody wants to partner up on maxbounty and start seeing some leads then let me know.

  11. so air push runs ads on some sort of spyware spread through games/ apps? also, does airpush give the affiliate offers or is it just used for advertising ?

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