Do You WANT $13,089 Per Mo? Copy This DONE FOR YOU – How To Promote Digistore24 Products

in this video, I'm going to show you how to 
promote digit store product this is going   to be for Digistore24 product for beginners and I'm 
also going to give you a hack this is a Digistore24   complete hack worth of $13,000 now we're gonna 
do that in five easy steps like I mentioned   we're gonna do that in five easy steps we are 
promoting Digistore24 products for beginners   all right here are the steps we're going to 
cover in this video we're going to talk of   course about how to promote Digistore24 product steps step number one the   right way to create an account on digistore24 
affiliate marketplace correctly step number two   how to promote Digistore24 products and avoid 
98% of mistakes affiliates make step number three   did you store 24 affiliate marketing products 
you should avoid step number four how to make   money on Digistore24 and finally step number 
five how to promote the best Digistore24 product   as an affiliate marketer now let's go ahead and 
move on here just a little bit here's the bonus   I am going to give you the entire digistore24 
affiliate marketing business completely free but   if you want this bonus you have to wait to know 
how to get it so let's go ahead and get started   the first thing that we want to do is we want to 
talk a little bit about the hack number one I'm   gonna give you a pre-built Digistore24 
automated funnel with the best selling product   number two I'm going to give you a bridge page 
landing page a video sales page for that product   and all that is going to be automated and also 
I'm going to give you an automated email sequence   as well with a free email autoresponder now 
this is an autoresponder this is the same one   that I use myself you're gonna have it for free 
of course, I'm gonna show you the free traffic   and you probably wondered how is that all possible 
I'm gonna show you how it's just all possible with   one click you just click and then you import 
it and you might think it is hard to be true no   but all I want from you is I'm doing all this is 
because when I first got started nobody did help   me at all so I'm paying back a little bit my life 
right now is completely blessed so it's always   good to give back and I encourage you to do the 
same thing as well let me go ahead and just move   myself a little bit here what's inside this I'm 
gonna go ahead and go a little bit step-by-step   the digistore24 tutorial for beginners I'm going 
to go ahead and give you an overview basically the   the whole entire funnel with one click that you're 
going to receive it's going to go from digistore   to free traffic then to an opt-in bridge page some 
people call it an opt-in page or bridge page I use   i like to use both which is a bridge page and 
opt-in page and after that, you're gonna end up   in the affiliate sales page, all this is going to 
happen automatically for you so you don't have to   do anything even the email sequence is already 
written and it will go to your email responder   that you're gonna receive for free as well so in 
order to receive this you have to wait a little   bit later on in the video I'm not gonna have a 
link in the description area where you can put in   the link is going to be obtained from this video 
so if you are watching this video somewhere in   this video you will see that link and the link 
is not that big because I don't want everybody   to get it because I want only the serious people 
to get it not somebody that just wanna you know   spend one second and then get what you get if you 
are serious about what you want to do then you can   have it for free and I'm talking about if you are 
serious about success all right let's go ahead and   move on the reason I am doing this is because 
if I give you just uh the funnel it's not going   to be enough you need to know and you need to 
understand a few things number one is the right   way to create an account on digistore.

is a big platform in case you're not familiar   with digistore24 I'm gonna go ahead and talk 
about it just a little bit as you can see   right here it's right now around uh three some 
million and if you compare that with Clickbank   it is roughly about the same thing but Clickbank 
been around for ages and I'm not going to say one   of them is better than the other but Digistore 
is a place that you want to do some investing   in what I'm talking about I am seeing a lot of 
people from ClickBank posting their products from   ClickBank to Digistore as well all right let's 
go ahead and go move on a little bit here in case   you are not familiar with affiliate marketing 
affiliate marketing is something very important   affiliate marketing is basically you are 
promoting someone else's product that product   usually could be a physical product or could be 
a digital product but usually it's always online   so what do you do basically you promote that 
product you don't own that product and you   generate some people to look at it and if they buy 
it you get a portion of their sales price and then   you just repeat that cycle you just go on and on 
now what's good about it is that you don't have to   create a product you don't have to deal with you 
don't have to deal with the refund you don't have   to deal with making that product and the customer 
service so you're skipping all that affiliate   marketing right now is growing tremendously 
okay so to create an account on digistore24   all you gotta do is go to their main website all 
you have to do is click on register right now and   then you have to fill out all this now one thing 
is that you want to do is just click on Affiliate   because you don't want to deal with a vendor 
this is if you are making a product for example   you click on this and you don't want to deal with 
that because there are some stuff that we're going   to pop up there for you and all you have to do 
just create your account for free just fill out   this information make sure to give the right 
information and it is you're in Digistore24  is available for all countries everybody can do it 
the second thing is there is no age limit on that   the third thing that is important is that you 
can get paid with PayPal okay number two that   you want to let him know how you want to get 
paid you Click on account you choose Payout   and then you end up at this page right here this 
is going to be a dollar or anything like that   you're gonna tell them okay uh when there is fifty 
dollars in my account go ahead and send it to me   or you can choose something else 
if you if you want to however you   you need to put your password up here in order for 
them to do that for you and of course, you want to   let them know how you want to get paid for example 
is it PayPal or any other option that they have   or they might have in the future okay right now 
we are moving to step number two which is how   to promote Digistore24 products avoiding 98 
of the mistakes affiliates make yes there are   a lot of mistakes that affiliates make and i 
want you to go ahead and avoid that because   this is how you are going to win now we are in the 
marketplace and when you click on the marketplace   it's very much like Clickbank which is they 
put all the good stuff up there and then you   go down to the worst stuff however you can just 
do whatever you want to if in case you want to   look for a product you can do that in case you 
want to look for vendor you can do that or billing   type or whether it's in a different language as well 
a lot of affiliates they look at something like   this for example and they go whoa I'm going to get 
85 percent commission out of this and what's going   to happen is that I'm gonna get a $129 dollars per 
sale whoa that's great well not really that's not   how you choose your product I taught something 
similar on Clickbank which is a little bit more   tricky because they will show you some of the 
information that they show you here which is great   now here's the thing why would you want to sell 
anything with a cancellation rate of 12 the other   thing that you want to look at is that if you are 
a new affiliate you don't want to pick a product   this high because if you are selling it like this 
the price is 150 and if you are a beginner   and you're not well known it's very difficult for 
other prospects to buy anything from you with that   price so you want to get into with a lower price 
range and with something that is really good now   there are several reasons for us to click 
on physical product and supplement because   after what's going on in the world a lot of people 
they want supplement for example a lot of people   gain weight and a lot of people they have some 
emotional issues as well the one that we want to   do should not be too expensive pick something 
that is really good something like this now   it's not too bad it's not expensive but look you 
are getting 80 percent which is about 43 dollars   and 63 cents and it doesn't take a whole lot 
with the funnel that I gave you you should be   it should be a breeze if you take a look at the 
cancellation rate it's only three percent and   the card conversion is not bad is nine percent but 
what's good about it is it does have an affiliate   support page do not do anything with a product 
that does not have an affiliate support page because   are you going to be having a hard time trying to 
find a lot of things like videos banners email   swipes and so forth step number three which is 
there are digi store 24 product you should avoid   the answer is yes and like I mentioned before some 
people go up to the top and they do some filtering   and they go okay which one pays me the most and 
I'll pick it.

Think about some other stuff one   of them is like like I mentioned the conversion 
rate right here is 16% but look at the cancellation   33 of the people are going to cancel so this is 
totally a waste of time even though I mentioned   something about pills and health and diet 
but you have to know exactly which one   to go for and which one not to step number 
four how to make money on digistore there are   few things have to take place for example like i 
mentioned the cancellation rate conversion rate   and there's just something elsewhere are you 
going to be advertising this product i always   suggest a free and paid it's up to you which 
one you want to do but you have to marry   one thing if you are doing for example if 
you are doing a product and you're going to   advertise it on a free platform like a 
social media it must be that social media   must be a native environment for that product in 
another word if you are selling a feminine product   or if you are selling something for a females 
well you want to know because 75% of all females   they do shop on Pinterest you have to take that 
in mind as well you can just go out there and just   blast it all over the place and waste your time 
and your money so you want to make sure you are   doing that now what I'm about to tell you is 
something that is very important and uh very   powerful don't ever depend on the power 
of one if you are following my teaching   for a while, you know this is what I believe in you 
don't want to put all your eggs in one basket for   example if you are using a free advertising 
platform don't just do it on one platform   do something a little bit different the way we do 
it I always did it doesn't matter if I'm working   for a client or I'm working with an individual we 
always did something different we always utilized   traffic digistore24 or Clickbank it really 
doesn't matter with a 24-hour traffic and   this is targeted traffic this is a traffic 
that is exactly for what you are selling   whatever you're selling you need to use that 
now I'm going to go ahead and put a link   in the description because it's very helpful 
it doesn't matter if you want to do it   on free platform, you have to use that because 
without it it's going to be very difficult to take   off you want to take off and you need a little 
bit of push especially in the beginning now I'm   going to give you an example of how that looks 
like for example if you are doing it on Pinterest   and you are utilizing the 24 hour traffic what's 
going to happen is going to go to the bridge page   opt-in page and it's going to go to the affiliate 
sales letter now this is how I have it set up   in the funnel that I'm going to give you in 
case you have not seen it yet I have already   put it up as far as the link so you want to 
go back and look for it to make sure that you   have that link and you have the access where 
you can get everything that I talked about   for free and I mean for free you don't have to do 
anything you don't have to buy anything at all i   am doing it because I want to help people because 
nobody helped me in the past everybody wanted to   sell me a course I'm not selling you a course here 
it's up to you whether you want to do it or not   but make sure to put the thumbs up which is a vote 
this is how you vote basically you vote you tell   me that you want something like this so I can 
produce something or I can make some videos   that can help you make money online so make sure 
to subscribe drop a like or vote with a thumbs up   and make sure to hit that notification button 
too we're not done yet I'm just telling you   I like you go ahead and do that in case you have 
not done so yet like i mentioned there is one more   thing I like to say to you which is if you are new 
to this business which is fine, you don't want to   go over a lot of different affiliate marketing 
networks all you need is two right now Clickbank   is number one still however digistore24 
is catching up very quickly and I think   it's just going to be a matter of time before it 
surpasses Clickbank and if you want to do that i   really encourage you to go ahead and just get into 
digistore24 because in the beginning, it's easy to   join later on they start becoming picky and they 
start ask for information and they'll start to   have some kind of qualifications so go ahead and 
just do it as soon as possible step number five   how to promote the best Digistore24 products as 
an affiliate it's very important to do it right   of course, we're talking about how to promote 
Digistore24 products requirement for success   number one your product must be in one of 
the following niches sub-niches or markets or   sub-markets health wealth and relationships number 
two do not filter by ranking on Digistore24   affiliate marketplace number three promote Digistore24 products that have a low cancellation rate   and high conversion rate number four choose a 
Digistore24 affiliate marketing products for   beginners with commission rate between forty 
dollars and sixty dollars i wanna let you know   about something that a lot of people maybe don't 
know which is if you are maybe a promoting on   Clickbank or you are promoting on Digistore24 it 
really doesn't matter but there is a psychological   reason or there is a psychological trigger when 
your affiliate marketing sales it doesn't matter   sales I'm not talking about commissions sales 
and that happened with 1200 of the people that   I did work with when they reached $10,000 dollars 
in sales what happened is that this guy is the   limit they become so confident in their abilities 
so make sure even if you're not really doing very   well right now it's okay don't worry about it 
too much just remember that hit that 10 000 and   I'm not saying hit that ten thousand dollars maybe 
in one month or so what I'm talking about is   make sure to hit it in a reasonable time in 
case you did not find that link don't worry   about it, I'm gonna go ahead and tell you exactly 
where it's at all you have to do just click up   here where it says earn 13 thousand dollars with 
no skills Digistore24 tutorial for beginners   now if you also want to know everything about 
Clickbank affiliate marketing which I think   you should do make sure to hit that right 
here and as usual i'll see you at the top

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