Facebook Ads For Restaurants: 6 Killer Ad Strategies

– Hey everyone, Toby Danylchuk, with 39 Celsius Web Marketing Consulting. And in this short little video, I'm gonna cover Facebook
ads for restaurants. And if you're not already
running Facebook ads, or if you're considering it, this is gonna be a helpful
video to show you the value. And in this particular video, I'm gonna cover six really
effective Facebook ad tactics for you to consider to grow new customers and to increase repeat
visitors to your restaurant.

And because I do this for a
living at the end of this video, I'll make a soft pitch to you. If you need these types of services, we are here to help with Facebook ads. We specialize in Facebook
advertising for restaurants and have a lot of experience
so we can help you. So without further ado, lets get right into the content. So who is this post for? This post is for restaurant
managers, assistant managers, anybody in marketing that
works with restaurants that would like to learn
some of the effective tactics that can be deployed to
use for a restaurant. In terms of a advertising channel, Facebook advertising, Instagram ads, Facebook owns Instagram, is an amazing platform, and here's three startling
statistics to keep in mind if you're considering that. 66% of Facebook users
access it on a daily basis. Almost 3 billion active users on mobile devices within Facebook.

And on average users spend
up to 30 minutes a day on the Facebook ad platform. Now consider that with traditional
advertising and marketing like print media or magazines or whatnot, how many people are carrying
around the newspaper and checking it several times a day, or a magazine and checking
it several times a day? I think the important point here is that you wanna be where
customers eyeballs are, and that is on social media, that is on Facebook and on Instagram.

But what is important
to recognize immediately if you're not already aware of this is that Facebook is a
Pay-to-Play Platform. So if you're doing page
posts on your Facebook page, don't expect measurable, tangible business results and goals to come from those page posts. Back in 2011, Facebook removed the ability
of those non-paid page posts to reach your page fans
other than perhaps two to 4%. So even if you had 1,000 fans, 20 or 40 of those fans
would see your page posts and you have to have ads to
reach those page fans anyways. So your ability to scale Facebook and scale the results with Facebook have to be through ads. With ads you have almost unlimited reached to target your ideal customer. And within that same vein, it's important to realize
that running Facebook ads is a very different skillset than just posting up content to your page. Facebook's ad platform is very robust and it has a lot of features and benefits, a lot of different
levers that you can tweak to get the ideal results that you want.

For example, Facebook has more
than 10 campaign objectives. Often, this is one of
the first places to start when you run a successful
campaign for a restaurant. So choosing the right campaign objective is important to success. And the most common
Facebook campaign objectives are typically video views, which are designed to show your ad to those within your target audience that are likely to watch your video. The second one is a reach campaign. A reach campaign is
designed to show your ad to as many people as possible
within your target audience. And finally brand awareness
campaign objective, that is designed to show
your ad to those people within your target audiences that are most likely
to remember your brand and interact with it. Now it's not uncommon that the first place often people start with
Facebook advertising is from their page itself using something that is
called the Boost Post.

So I don't wanna go into
too many details here, but that is not a great campaign
objective to ever choose. And if that's the only ad
objective you're seeing, you're not within the
Facebook business manager and all the robust options
that are available to you, the Facebook Boost Post option is a very limiting campaign objective. And if you want to learn more about why you should not
run a Facebook Boost Posts, I have more information right here, and in the notes of the video. But Facebook has incredible
demographic targeting that it offers advertisers. Here's an example where
we're targeting people within Houston, that are interested in, for example, Spanish cuisine
or Tapas bar, or Tapas. Not topless, somebody once said it sounded like I was saying topless. I'm not saying topless, I'm saying Tapas. And here we're targeting people that are in the upper 50% income bracket within the US, within Houston, between the ages of 35 and 65, that would have an interest
in Spanish cuisine.

And here's an example, for example, a fast casual restaurant where we are targeting
people in Midtown Manhattan that like Chipotle, Panera,
Qdoba Mexican grill, and other competitor restaurants. So how great is that? We're able to find people that like these other
fast casual restaurants, and if you're a fast casual restaurant, why would you not want to show your ad to people that have
very similar interests. And a quick note on Instagram ads, we get a question fairly often, which is I would like
to run just on Instagram or can I run my ads just on Instagram? Because as I mentioned earlier, Facebook owns the Instagram. But it's important to note that when you run ads on Facebook, Facebook's algorithm actually chooses which platform to show the ads on. And it makes that decision based on, where am I gonna get the best
result for the least cost, the smallest amount of ad spend. And if it can show your ad
to somebody on Instagram and get the desired result
at a lower cost then it will. However, if it it's going to get a better result on Facebook, then it's likely to show that
ad to the user on Facebook.

Now, anytime you force it
to run just on Instagram, which you can do, what we have found is that the costs end up being very expensive
and the results are not great. So it's always better to
let the Facebook algorithm choose where to show your ads, whether that's on Facebook or
whether that's on Instagram. So one of the first Facebook
ad tactic ideas I have is to plan a marketing
calendar for your ads that aligned to the seasons. So do you have a special for mother's day? You can promote that within the calendar. Here's an example of a calendar.

Do you have a special event for women on a particular day or whatnot, or St. Patty's day,
whatever that holiday is, putting together a marketing calendar is fairly simple and straightforward and easy way to stay organized, and then you can align those campaigns with whatever you're
promoting in your restaurant. Now do you specialize in salads? Is it the summer month you
can have salad promotions and promote those as well. The point is to stay organized
and have a good plan. The second Facebook ad tactic that I have is to promote your entertainment if you offer entertainment
in your restaurant, whatever that concept happens to be.

So for example, if you
were in an Irish pub and you had a band that
showed up on Friday nights and the weekends, you can target people that
have an interest in beer and in Irish language, Irish
cuisine, the Riverdance, Jameson and whatnot. So in this example, we found thousands of
people within Los Angeles in that little radius that we're targeting that have an interest in
those detailed targeting. The third Facebook ad tactic is to target existing customers, reward your loyal customers with offers, maintain that brand awareness with them and bring them back,
increase, repeat visits. Now, what you choose to
promote is really up to you as you're gonna know
your customers better, but this is a great
way to use Facebook ads to encourage repeat visits. And you can do this by loading customer emails and phone
numbers if you have those. So we have a number of clients that offer up free WiFi to their visitors, and in the process of
giving that free WiFi, they're able to catch or capture, I should say the customer's email and the customer's phone number, that can then be loaded into Facebook and used as a Custom Audience to target those repeat customers.

In addition to the fact that
we're sending regular emails as well to these people, so we're doing cross channel marketing, but that's a great tactic
that you can leverage to maintain that mind
share and brand awareness with your past customers. In addition, if you
load the Facebook pixel onto your website, you can target past
website visitors as well. So two tactics really effective, one is to target people
with a custom audience using a list of customer
emails and phone numbers, and the second one is to
install the Facebook pixel and target past website visitors. So the fourth Facebook ad tactic I have revolves around business
to business marketing and targeting people that would be interested
in your catering services if you offer that. So with Facebook advertising, we can reach people that
are those decision-makers, perhaps that's the secretary
executive assistants, personal assistants, and whatnot.

We can find these people in Facebook to promote our catering
services if you offer catering. So the Facebook ad tactic, number five here has to do with integrating your Facebook ads with any traditional marketing
that you're doing as well. So anytime you can integrate marketing tactics across channels, whether it's digital across
multiple digital channels, like SEO, Facebook ads,
Google ads, and whatnot, or it's digital plus traditional.

So Facebook and Instagram's ads with perhaps radio, TV or print, then you should do that because you will improve the
response rate in both channels by integrating those tactics together. So what do I mean? Let's say you were running a cable TV ads or radio ads for your restaurant. You can target those people, and in those areas with
Facebook ads as well, or perhaps you were running
a direct mail postcards to a carrier route, USPS carrier route, you can run your ads in those same areas with some detailed targeting
to find those same customers. So now they see you on a Facebook ad, they hear you on the radio,
they see you on the TV, they see you in the mailbox if you're running a print ad as well. So in this example, we're
in the Seattle Metro area, perhaps it's a sports bar, I'm targeting men within
a specific age range that watch ESPN, listen to Fox sports news and have an interest
in the Seattle Mariners and the Seattle Seahawks.

And for this example,
we found 94,000 people that we can get our brand in front of to create that awareness
for whatever we're offering. My final Facebook ad
tactic for restaurants revolves around hiring, and hiring is a big deal for restaurants, but Facebook ads can be effective to get your brand out there and that your location is hiring. So we can do things
like job title targeting and promoting our ad to our ideal persona that we wanna get out there, whether you wanna hire
kitchen staff or a chef or assistant managers or managers
or serving staff, whatnot. If you create a landing
page on your website, or whether you do or you don't, Facebook ads can be used to
drive traffic to that page, or you can just create
awareness with a call to action, to email or call the restaurant for people that are interested.

So in this example, we run a job ad campaign for six weeks and we got nearly 86,000 people that we were able to
get the ad in front of and hundreds of thousands of impressions for very little money. So job ads can be really effective, they typically don't spend
a lot of money as well, so you get some good mileage
out of your ads for now hiring. So the final thing here that
I kind of wanted to touch on are the different ad types
that are available to you, and the three most common for restaurants. One is a video ad. So obviously if you have video content, you can run a video ads using
the video campaign objective.

Video ads can be highly effective, you can get a ton of
mileage out of your budget, often you're getting penny
views with a video ad. The next most common is a Single Image Ad, where that's just an image of
whatever you're showcasing, whether that's the food
or the restaurant itself. And it runs in newsfeed and shows to people that single image. And then there's what's
called a Carousel Ad.

So a Carousel Ad is an ad
similar to a Single Image Ad, except it's made up of multiple images where you can showcase multiple dishes or multiple promotions, or perhaps several
dishes of your restaurant mixed in perhaps with entertainment. It really depends on
what you wanna highlight to showcase your brand and
your restaurant location. What a Carousel Ad allows
people to do is scroll through, they can click through the
different images within the ad. So it makes it a great way
to tell your brand story and highlight and show people what you have to offer
with multiple images. And in the case of a Carousel Ad, every image has a
different call to action, can direct people right into
your website or your menu. And finally, I just wanted to
end with a quick pro tip here. Some of you may already know this, but if you ever wanna see the ads that your competitors
are running on Facebook, or any other brand for that manner, see what restaurant ads
they're running on Facebook, all you have to do is go to their page, scroll down and on the left-hand menu, there's an area called Page Transparency.

Within that area, click on the area where it says, see more, and then click on, Go To Add Library. And once you click through to
that, if they are running ads, you will see the ads there. And in this example,
we're using Starbucks. So we can see all the ads that Starbucks is running right now, and we can see their ad spend, what are they spending on ads? So that can be a great way if you wanna brainstorm for ideas and build up what's called a
swipe file of different ads from different restaurants
and their pages and whatnot.

This can be a great way to do that. What's important to note those, you won't see a ad metrics or anything, you're not gonna see the
type of campaign objectives that they're using, but at least you can get a
sense for ad spend in some cases and what type of creative and things that they are promoting. So I hope this video
was beneficial to you. If you found any value in the video here, give me a like on the video,
leave a comment or a question, I would really appreciate it. And if you'd like us to help you with your digital marketing
for your restaurant, we can do a no-fee consultation, just email me at toby@39celsius.com or call our office at 951-444-0174, and until next time, we'll see you online..

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