How does affiliate marketing work for an affiliate?

How does affiliate marketing
work for an affiliate? This is Mike. He has a website about gadgets. He writes reviews about
the latest gadgets. He has a section to compare the features and he also tracks the best
deals for his readers. And Mike would like to make some
extra money from his passion. He can monetize by placing advertising banners or by referring special
offers from selected stores. So he creates an affiliate account
in 2Performant affiliate network. Here, he can choose to advertise an online
shop that sells gadgets or any other products related to the topic of his site.
Using 2Performant he can get a banner prepared by the online shop itself
and place it on his site.

Also, if he wants to place a link
to a certain product of a shop on his site, he can use 2Performant platform
to turn this link into a special link. This special link is called affiliate link, and it tracks what his visitors do
in that shop after clicking on his ads. If any of the visitors he sent there decides to make a purchase
in a certain amount of time, Mike will get a commission – a percent of the transaction value. This way Mike makes some extra
money while doing what he likes. This is affiliate marketing.
2Performant has tens of thousands of affiliates that advertise online
and make money just like Mike.

They are site owners, bloggers, web
developers or pay per click specialists. They can choose from hundreds
of online businesses. Create your free affiliate account today..

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