How To Drive Traffic To Affiliate Links [How to Promote Affiliate Links]

In this video. I'm going to show you how to
drive traffic to affiliate links. And I'm also going to show you how to promote your
affiliate links totally free of charge and you can do that anywhere without being banned.
I'm gonna give you a step-by-step Direction and a blueprint for you to follow so you don't
get lost in the process. I'm going to show you that on my computer
and you can follow along. Don't worry. There's nothing here for me to sell you. There's no
course for me to plug in in this video.

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drop a like and make sure to share this video. Hello, Mark Daniells here. And I want to welcome
you to this epic training about how to drive traffic to affiliate links and how to promote
affiliate links. Now. This is going to be very important for you
because not a whole lot of people know about what I'm about to show you today and it's
very important that you probably pay some attention because of the simple fact I have
And a similar video to that I had some questions and some concern that I'm going not concerned
but questions that I'm going to go over with so this is going to allow you to be above
and beyond what most people do as far as affiliate and be able you'll be able to post your affiliate
links anywhere on any website not on any website obviously on any public platform like Facebook.
Twitter whatever anything any Forum you can also do other things as well. So let's go
ahead and get started.

Now. The first thing I want to talk about is How to promote affiliate
links anywhere obviously this is the actual video. This is the thumbnail for the video
that I have done. I've taken it and I of course encourage you to do that. This is the name
of it is how to promote affiliate links anywhere without a website. Okay. Now I have done that
before. However, I got I'm gonna use go-ahead and use Paul.

Al's information here or his
comments. So you'll know what maybe you're facing not facing but what you probably or
the question that he has in order for you to be clear and I'm going to make it more
clear for you and give you some additional ammunition for you. So you'll be able to do
your affiliate marketing and promote your affiliate links. In very very powerful way
here hear what he says is the question.

What is the difference between method 1 and 2 because
this video how to mold promote without a website, but in method to you are talking about own
domain. I also watched the video from a method to but it looks like you are saying about
how to create a bridge page using a funnel. Please make a video about how to promote affiliate
link using Facebook. And add well, what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you exactly
I'm gonna go ahead and answer these questions, but they are two methods that I have mentioned
and he is his concern was okay.

This is a free method that you showed us, which is free.
I'm going to share with you right now, which you can utilize anywhere and another thing the
other method that I use is a method that we use in house. We use it in conjunction with
other ones with the other ones that I just mentioned, which is the free one. Let's go
ahead and just get started here. Now. We're talking about in case you
don't know what I'm going to go ahead and explain that to you and I'm going
to explain why and because it's a high ranking website that allows affiliate
to do things.

So I'm going to go ahead and do that. Go ahead and go to the website. Now.
This is in case you don't know strides medium right here. You can go and
get started and you can get started before I click on that. I want to just let you know
a few things. One of them is what is this website is all about. It's about anything
that you can that you can put in anything that you would think is. Is going to help
you. It's like it's just like a Blog a really super super duper blog. I'm going to tell
you why it's so important in just a second, but it's not limited idea that I'm talking
about here is not limited to one subject to subject know.

You can write about anything
affiliate marketing you can talk about product. You can talk about anything you want to okay?
So let's go ahead and just go and tell you. Why is that so important because
if you look here and you can see its Global rank is 255. This is very very very high in
the United States. It's only 214. So it's not an it's in its category. It's only 18.
That means it it really rank very high. So when you are for example The way that I'm
going to show you is that to write an article and then you put it on on this website and
it doesn't matter because you're not putting it on a private website or a website or an
affiliate link or what have you you can ride it to onto this website.

And and after that
what happens you'll be able to talk a little bit about the product and then you put an
affiliate link. So you don't need to just put in an affiliate link through for example,
social media Google ads if you want to do Google ads a lot of people like to do Google
ads for affiliate, but they are like stuck and they don't want to be banned because there
are there's an affiliate Link in here because allows you to to put Affiliates
affiliate links or any link you want to but you have to of course, I want to show you
how to do it here in just a little bit. But if you take a look here and you see on October
20th, there's two hundred and six million people. Visited that website. So the idea
why I'm showing you this so you'll know that it is a legitimate Authority website that
you can utilize in your affiliate marketing instead of doing, you know loop around try
to think about with other things of how should I, you know promote my my stuff.

How should
I how should I do it without being banned? So this is the best way to do it you go here
and then you get click on get started and then you go and you log your login I'm not
going to do that right now because I'm sure you'll be able to do that on your own with
that anybody's help here. Okay. So the idea that I'm showing you that is to show you how
strong that website is because you don't want to put it on a Mickey Mouse blog or small
blogs that does not have an authority. So the idea is to To write something about your
own product as an affiliate. Okay and write it on and connect the actual people
make it a link basically on any social media and then you send people to an authority link
which is and your own blog and then you'll be able to talk about the product
and benefit.

And put in your link. Okay, so to put in your leg, you just have to follow
the rule and you have to put a disclaimer and they'll tell you exactly what it is. It's
your usual disclaimer about affiliate marketing. Now as far as social media, yeah, you can
link them or you can just put in a link some people talking about like Paul talking about
do I have to promote maybe you don't have to promote if you already have a strong presence
on social media website. You don't have to put it in an ad. Okay, like an Instagram add
a Twitter ad or something like that something like that. I'm not going to cover that because
to sit there and create an actual ad it's going to take a long time and we don't do
Facebook ads any longer with we still do very few. Not a whole lot that there is a reason
for that because their algorithm is always changing and it's too much work. There
are other better methods out there that are cheaper and I'll discuss that with you here
in just a little bit.

Now you can do of course online ads because a lot of people want to
do affiliate marketers. They want to put in ads on Google which is I don't blame them.
Google is a very strong very very strong presence and they can't do that. And sometimes they
do it. They make a mistake they get they don't get approved then they do other things and
it takes them a long time same thing with Bing or any other online browsing or like
Google you have Bing have some other ones out there and you can do that with them because
you are sending people to what to which is by itself.

It's an authority you
send them to a Blog basically, that's how Instagram Facebook Twitter and Google looks at it that
you are sending people to get educated about the blog. Okay. So let's go ahead and just
move on here just a little bit. Now they are some steps to promote your affiliate
links and I'm going to talk about three of them. You have to obtain an affiliate link
of a product. Obviously, if it's let's say it's on ClickBank. You have to get that now
you probably already know that these affiliate links are so long. Obviously. You don't want
to have anything long anything that is suspicious. The reason for that some people Or as they're
reading your blog they'll hover over your link and they see it. So it's so long and
they get suspicious and don't click on it. So you have to have a short a short affiliate
link which is a link shortener and you have to track it.

The reason for that. If you are
promoting the same product on multiple platform, you need to find out what is the best
platform that you need to use. I have done trading for over 1,200 entrepreneurs and they
don't have that about I would say about 97% or 98% They don't know which one is working.
Which one is not working. Why would you sit there spend your time and effort and money
on promoting something on a platform that is not bringing you any traffic to your or
sales to your to your product and you have to have that this is so important.

you'll be wasting your time and that's why I talk about clickmagick because you can do
all these things L track every single click if that clank. What if that clock was real
or not if it's a butt or manufactured click and it does that automatically for you so
you don't have to sit there and wonder and then if somebody bought from you, it'll tell
you exactly how much they bought. How much they spend and also I will tell you what are
the percentage as far as buyers coming from that platform. If you are doing for example
some advertisement on let's say Facebook and Google and Bing. It tells you how many sales
you made from Google Bing and Instagram and or Facebook and it tells you okay. Well you
did maybe on Facebook you're not getting any sales.

So I'll tell you you know, you're not.
Getting any sales from Facebook. So the idea is not to spend any more ads or time on Facebook
because it's not working. So concentrate on the one that are working and you can do that
with clickmagick. Alright, let's talk about the other method. Now we talked about another
method, which is Paul is referring to right here. One of them is Bridge-Page now. The
reason I created Bridge-page I'm not I'm not going to go ahead and just go over that very
very thoroughly just like I did because it's right here. It's under how to promote affiliate
links anywhere without a website watch this video because if you don't watch
this video, it's going to be very difficult for you to understand exactly what I'm talking
about. So what I'm giving you right here, that could be a course by it. Itself between
this video and this video up here. That's a course some people sell courses you getting
it for free.

All I asked basically is a simple courtesy subscribe drop a like and make sure
to share this video. Let's go ahead and go back some people say Okay Bridge page. What
is the bridge page? And what are you talking about? Just like Paul here. He was just a
little bit confused the reason Do an S. I'm going to go ahead and put everything in here
is because you don't want to depend on one on one platform. For example, if you are depending
on your writing the your blog on, for example, you are depending only on only
one platform don't ever do that. Don't do that. The reason for that is because that
platform simply You Don't Own. You don't own that platform and they can change the rules
on you tomorrow. They might come up with a new policy saying you cannot put affiliate
links. They might say you can put links but maybe not affiliate links.

Okay, you understand
me? Okay, so it's good to use it. But you have to have something else as well. And that's
what I'm talking about here. And maybe that's why Paul was a little bit confused about why
am I talking about that? I'm just basically basically, give you giving you extra information
that you could utilize. Lies on your own without just depending on One Source only now you
probably go and well, I just want to do one source.

It's okay. I have done that too before
and I come to find out the world is a moving Target all the time. What's true today might
not be true tomorrow. So make sure you have specially when it comes to your livelihood
or make it money. You cannot just depend. And on the power of one I've talked about
that before never depend on the power of one, but at least right here you own it a bridge
page is basically if you go and you watch this video up here how to promote affiliate
links anywhere without a website are go a little bit more detail into detail of how
to create the affiliate or the create a bridge page for affiliate marketing.

Usually that
give us about 40 percent conversion rate now before I go any further because I don't want
anybody just to let me know. Hey, is there something else you didn't tell us I want to
let you know that yes allows you to put an affiliate link. This is the
only social media platform that I know of that allowed you to put or have an affiliate
Link in your post. Don't just put an affiliate link. You have to utilize what I talked about
here steps to promote affiliate links. This is so important you have to you know, get
your affiliate link Short net and then track everything because you don't want to sit there
just waste your time put in links and links and links and links and what have you on Pinterest
just because they said you can do it.

You can put affiliate links and that be able to
make any money. Money from that. So make sure you utilize what I have up here. If you want
things to work you have to do it click magic is not that expensive and it's worth its money.
You can do a lot of things about these are the minimum things that you can do with it.
Now. Let's go ahead and move on here a little bit too in order for the bridge page method
to work. You have to have a domain name and I know that Paul up here was confused a little
bit about the bridge page and hosting I'm talking about hosting now.

I'm going to show
you how we do it. You can decide exactly how you want to do it or if you want to approach
it that way or not. The idea is very simple. We use Bluehost the reason is again. We can
do it on on just maybe sending people to, but we want to have some kind of a control
over the things that we want to do, especially how to drive traffic to affiliate links. It
is very important to do that. Now Bluehost is very friendly and very inexpensive for
you to get started. I mean you talking about few Dollars, I don't know exactly I'm
going to have it in the description area. Look for it about Bluehost. I think I'll give I
have a whole month free. You can get it for a whole month. Try it out and things like
that. Now here's how we do it. Okay, we do it the easy way some people do with the hard
way. We get a blue host.

Of course. We get a domain you got to have your own domain.
Now, if you are using clickfunnels, you don't have to have a domain but you are depending
on them. Another word. They're not going to have a domain for you to just going to have
a blah blah blah add numbers and what have you so it's not good. It doesn't give the
good feeling of the customer or the prospect of you know, what were they at? They don't
know. So we get clickfunnels we're talking about that because we had that experience
before it's nothing. You know new now what we do also we put them on a WordPress now
WordPress, as you know is free it comes with Bluehost. You can have 5,000 if you want to
basically shared hosting other companies charge you money for each WordPress you create they
don't and you can have unlimited emails and that's why we use them. Because it makes sense.
You can have unlimited emails without getting charged period that's why we use them. I'm
going to show you just a little bit how we use them.

I'm not going to go through the
whole process, but I'm going to show you how to do it. Now. I take it as you are maybe
familiar with WordPress how it looks like Now when we are I'm right here in WordPress.
Okay. This is through them. This is through host Bluehost and you go to the plugins you
put in Click funnels Hears A click funneled. We already have it. So I don't need to activate
it. It's already there. Okay. So when you have this inside any WordPress what happens
is very simple, whatever you create on. Funnels you can have it in your WordPress another
word. If you create a funnel you can have it on your own domain. And in addition to
that you can have a free website. Yes, you can even download a free website.

This is
very powerful. A lot of people don't do it. They don't know that it really exists. They
do have it you can utilize it and you can do it on your own.
Our own platform. So if you are sending someone what we sent some people from let's say Facebook.
We send them to our own website and obviously as you know, Facebook do ask you, you know,
what is your website and things like that? It's just because they want to go and check
it out. Check it out that this is legitimate website. We have it. If we going to have another
one here's the thing you can have as many as you want another word. You can have a domain
and you could have 5000.

Pages in it. If you want, I'm exaggerating. You don't want to
have 5000 it's kind of confusing but you can have two three file four five six seven and
you can have it on your own platform. Why am I saying that I want you to think a little
bit why we are saying that and why am I just talking about that? I'm not talking about
it before I leave here.

I'll tell you why in just a little bit. But before I go from
here, I just want to let you know that you go to plugins inside you WordPress and Under
the keyword, you click or you type in clickfunnels and clickfunnels will be right here
you activate it and you connect it is going to give you a token on your clickfunnels account.
All you have to do is just put it in here. So they'll know and they'll be secure. You're
not limited to one funnel. You can have 60 funnels or 30 funnels or 10 funnels. You can
have them all on the same website because it's going to give you a different Domain
is going to give you your own domain name. Okay, it's not going to give you click funnels
domain. It's going to give you your own domain name. I know you can do the same thing on
their platform, but there's a reason we don't do that. The reason we don't do that because
you I hope I'm not confusing you we can have your own domain name inside click funnels
if you want to it's not a good idea.

Because of the simple fact if clickfunnels one down
you're at a business or if clickfunnels had a new CEO or CFO or whatever person or they
sold the company to somebody else and they quit doing that then you're screwed. Right?
Then you have your own nobody is going to take it away from you. Here's how you do it.
That's why we do it because sometimes the other reason is that we heard that sometimes
Click funnels go down, they go down maybe for a minute or so because they are not a
hosting platform.

That's not what they're designed for. It's not like a Bluehost Bluehost
is a is a platform for hosting website. Click funnels is not a hosting platform. So I hope
you understand that and this is clear now, you can go to this video right here. It's
a 45 minutes long. Itself is just like a course. It's a ClickBank for beginners complete tutorial
step by step.

Why is it good is because it goes more into details under affiliate marketing
for beginners. It gives you a create a link. I show you exactly how you do it. I go through
a lot of things that you need in order for you to succeed and I'm talking more but The
bank a little bit more about ClickBank than any other platform. The reason I talk about
ClickBank is because it's not complicated like other platforms or affiliate marketing
programs. It's a straightforward. You can promote much easier than other platforms.
I'm talking about affiliate Network platforms or affiliate networks in order for you to
get started and if you are new to the affiliate marketing world, this is the best place to
go which is ClickBank the reason That is because you don't have to fight to be approved and
then everything is right there. They've been in business for a long time. So make sure
you understand and you go to the to this to this one right here.

This is obviously the
thumbnail for the video the video. Also, I'm going to go ahead and put it inside the description
area and you'll be able to utilize it. So I'm going to recap just very quickly here.
And so you'll understand everything that we're talking about. We're talking about two things.
Number one that you can promote your own affiliate marketing products through The
way you do it is by writing a Blog you write a blog. Blog post you posted on
then you can link it from Instagram Facebook.

Google ads. It doesn't matter to here to
right here to And when you do that Google is not going to say no. This is
not legit. It's legit and it's has a lot of authority so you're not going to have an issue
with plus you don't want to make it so salesy you want to make it very friendly and you
want to give them the benefits, benefits and then you're going to put in your links.

be too salesy. It's not good. Nobody likes that anymore. This is the free method. You
can put it anywhere in the world. It will work. You can have a paid ad if you want to
and you don't have to have a paid ad you can just have it as a link inside Instagram Facebook
Twitter. It doesn't matter and it Go there because you are educating people about a certain
thing. So this is the first thing it's free method never depend on a power of 1 just like
I said before never depend on one platform is here. They do affiliate marketing
links. There might not do it in a month or a week. I don't know nobody knows so you need
something else. Where you get that you can get 24 hour traffic, which is very quickly
under Udimi you to me is a solo ad provider. It is targeted and I'm going to also don't
worry. I'm going to put it in the description area as well. And I think I have a coupon
take advantage of it.

Whether you have a product don't have a product a lot of people they
just have some information. They start what I'm talking about collecting prospects. Back
because it's 24-hour traffic. You don't have to wait until somebody click on your
ad on Twitter or somebody clicks on your ad on Facebook or maybe somebody you, not advertising
and you have it as a link. You don't have to wait on that. It's going to give you the
traffic within 24 hours and it's a targeted traffic and other words.

If you are let's say
going after people, you know for Ins or health product? You know, you tell the solar provider
that this is what I want and then you can pick and choose the best people I have done
a video on that as well. I'm going to have it in in the description area as well. This
is how we do it. We do it in both and multiple ways. They are some more sophisticated ways
that we do that I'm not going to go over that with you because that would be way too much
and I think maybe some of that you might get confused. And that's why I'm going back and
trying to tell you exactly what is it that you need to do. Another word to things.

you have to remember is free with and paid now don't think that the paid is
so expensive. It's really not it is the cheapest way of getting targeted leads. These are targeted
because when you go to Facebook a lot of it's a social media platform somebody might look
at your ad on Facebook and they might say well, I'm not really sure I'm not really into
this but I'm going to click on it. Anyway, that's going to cost you money. I'm trying
to make it as easy as possible. Obviously you want to have a sales funnel the sales
funnel that has proven and it's up going to have it also in the description area.

get believe 14 days free take advantage of it take advantage of it. It's free at least,
you know, get it see if you like it. And by the way here, I gave you a free download so
you don't have to do the bridge page yourself. It's already done for you. Okay, you download
it and then you go with it. You can make changes to it. You can make it in any way you like
to make it of this is like a course some people pay five hundred four hundred dollars. I just
want to help you because it was very difficult for me when I got started a long time ago.
There was nobody like being given this information.

To anybody everybody want to take from you.
They don't want to give anything back. So all I ask is to give something back when you
reach your goal and I have a lot of things that I want to talk about, but I'm not going
to do that here in this video. But the paid method is this basically you going to you
don't have to pay for anything. You don't have to pay for anything that I have inside.
My my description are another word The Click funnel. Donald you're going to get it for
free by the time you it's time to pay it you already made some money.

You should be able
to keep it the same thing with the email autoresponder it's free. So the only thing that you have
to pay for is to traffic which is not expensive at all. You can get it and you can decide
how many you want you can get started very quickly and do not hesitate because other
people are racing to the Same goal you are racing to I hope you get my drift and if you
get my drift, that means you have to get something going do not make any excuses. You can do
it and I wish you the best of luck if you want to learn everything about affiliate marketing
click this right here. If you want to know everything about affiliate links and how you
can place them free of charge. Click here. And as usual, I'll see you at the top..

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