11 Replies to “How To Get Past ANY Gatekeeper (Insider Tips) πŸš€”

  1. #Heysabri how many factors do you think there are in success of any business online.

    And how to handle those and use them for success of our business.

  2. Thank you so much Sabri! For making this video to answer my question.

    Yup I totally agree I need work alot on my tonality during cold calling then those techniques will have great effect. I am doing alot of roleplay besides cold calling to get some feedback before I jump on real calls.

    Asking you question and getting answer feels like mentor mentee relationship.

    Thank you so muchπŸ™

  3. #HeySabri you’re the best, thanks a lot for the videos. The most valuable channel ever.

  4. Not gonna lie, my YouTube channel is blowing up because of your book. Thanks a lot.

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