How to Get Thousands of Penny Clicks With Rich Push Ads – Tutorial

Rich Push Ads is a great traffic source that I just added to one of my case studies and I was amazed at how easy it was to get converting cheap traffic for penny clicks in Tier 1 countries.

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You can also get the 3rd party affiliate tracking platform Bemob for free at:

I am currently testing Rich Push Ads with low barrier CPL offers that convert really well on native and Push traffic. This cheap traffic actually converts.

As you can see from this quick Rich Push Tutorial video it does convert and it won't be hard to make this profitable fast with a few minor tweaks.

If you are wondering if it's worth testing Rich Push Ads then I would say yes plus they gave me $200 on signup.

I would start with low barrier CPL offers from your affiliate network.

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31 Replies to “How to Get Thousands of Penny Clicks With Rich Push Ads – Tutorial”

  1. What if we promote the same CPA offer on every platform?
    E.g on Adplexity, Richpush, Propeller ads etc

    1. Joey Babineau wont there be any kind of problem?
      Or the problem can only occur if we choose the wrong traffic type with Paid Push Ads?

  2. my question is does Rich Push have whats called Click to call ads? I think that’s what it’s called….Thank you

    1. yes. when setting up a campaign, just paste the phone number instead of URL:
      Destination URL: sms:+442070000000

    1. It’s $1000 but I believe if you sign up this week you get $200 free added to it.

    2. @Joey Babineau is there any push notification networks that have minimum deposit is 50 dollars?

    3. @Olga Dashuk my bad I guess that’s what I put in as an initial deposit to activate the bonus

  3. Is it normal for when you first get your account and make your 1st campaign it says “Your account is not active. Please wait for the platform admin to approve your account.”

  4. 5480 click for 109$ in fact is very expensive, with fb ads you can get 6k clicks for 40-70$.

    1. penny clicks on Facebook is also possible yes seen it also…haven’t seen it in North America recently though.

    2. @Kastriot Mavriqi on instagram i am able to get 2200 impressions for $1, can i know if u were promoting affiliate products or what?

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