How To Get Your Partner On The Same Page (Can You Really Have It All?)

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4 Replies to “How To Get Your Partner On The Same Page (Can You Really Have It All?)”

  1. #heysabri i am writing you from Turkey. I assume you have Turkish roots as your name “Sabri”. Do you have trainings for people in Turkey ? Or do you speak Turkish ? Thank you in advance.

  2. #heysabri I aimed to ask this question today and was pleased to see this video answer part of it before I asked, but first, let me say I’m glad to finally find some content that sells it straight and not fluffed up like most so-called gurus. You’re definitely on track to be remembered as a modern Hopkins & Schwartz.

    My question is this: I am a father and husband working a nine-to-five who spends every spare moment devouring persuasive psychology, copywriting, and marketing information I can rip my teeth into. I am in the process of raising my own business from the obscurity of mere existence into something that will not only replace the grind, but provide a stronger tomorrow for my loved ones.

    In your experience, where should I double down and focus most in building this beast, given that I’m still starting out with only a few clients under my belt and maintain only limited time between work, family, study, and getting this business off the ground?

    Your insights are both appreciated and valued.

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