How to Make Money Off Black Friday – Super Affiliate Method to CRUSH Q4 & Beyond

We are entering into one of the busiest few weeks for web traffic and now is the time to learn How to Make Money Off Black Friday.

Even if you don't own any products you can start making money with black friday! You can do this as an affiliate marketer.

The tools you will need are:

A landing page – learn how to set this up in 60 minutes –

A tool to make high converting pages quickly –

A spy tools as shown in my video –

A Push Ads account – Get FREE BONUS CREDIT using the links below to sign up to push ad platforms.

Affiliates love this time of year because conversion rates go through the roof. Push ads allow affiliates to get insanely cheap traffic.

Combine super cheap traffic, with retargeting of high intent visitors, and build similar audiences on Facebook and Google. This is the recipe for massive success!

So let me recap here.

To make money off black friday and well into Q4 and beyond, you need to first find awesome e-commerce offers that you can run on Push ad platforms.

Next you need to build a highly relevant sales pages related to that offer and link to the checkout page of your affiliate offers.

Also be sure to place your Google analytics pixel and Facebook advertising pixel into your website.

Prepare in advance by setting up Push ads before black friday so you can find placements that have quality traffic.

Also be sure to choose high quality traffic on those ad platforms using their targeting options.

Once you have everything running, be sure to monitor your traffic so you can start warming your pixel to certain goals like "add to cart".

Later on you can either retarget those people, or even build similar audiences so that you can scale on Facebook and Google.

If you have the ability to fire your pixel for conversions – you definitely should, so that you can also build audiences similar to buyers.

Most CPA affiliate networks have this tracking capability.


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