How to Promote Clickbank Products on Google Ads + $100 Free Google Ad Coupon

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Want to know how to promote Clickbank Products on Google Ads?

This is a complete lesson that tells you EVERYTHING you need to know on how to run Clickbank offers on Google Ads and exaplins how to turn just $50
into hundreds of email subscribers and daily commissions

I have referenced a few tools in this video including:

Website/Funnel Building Action Plan and Another $100 Ad Coupon –
More Advanced Google Ads Training and Case Studies at

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Complete Webinar on Affiliate tracking –
How to Set Up Conversion tracking with bing Ads
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2:20 Turn $50 into $150 Instantly With a Google Ads Coupon
3:27 How to Use Clickbank and Clickbank Marketplace.
3:43 Picking a Clickbank Offer for Google Ads
3:50 Disclaimer
4:50 Best Clickbank Offers and Gravity
5:59 Why You Should Never Direct Link in your Google ads
6:53 We Are Going to Build a Funnel for Google ads
7:18 Getting people to the clickbank offer sales page
7:37 Google Ads Campaign Data
9:18 The Funnel
10:30 The Tripwire Offer
12:10 – How do We Get google Ads to Our Freebie?
14:10 Conversion Tracking in Google Ads
15:22 Parallel Tracking
15:30 Rotator Script – Do or Dont?
16:20 CPV Lab Pro or 3rd party tracking
17:15 3rd Party Tracker Data
18:12 Google Ad Campaign Setup
18:33 Lead Campaign
19:15 General Campaign Settings
19:40 Google Search Partners
21:00 Location Settings
21:20 Google Ads Budget and Bidding
23:19 Upload Conversions CPV Lab Pro
23:30 Callout Extensions
23:52 Keyword Bidding
24:20 Keywords and KW Research
25:40 Google Ads Keyword Planner
26:54 What are the Best Keywords?
29:09 Responsive Search Ads Vs Text Ads
31:00 More Resources on Tracking
32:10 – Email Revenue!

Tools I used in this video:

Email Marketing Tool – Aweber FREE Month –


Affiliate Tracking – CPV LAB PRO – $50 Off coupon: POWERHOUSE

Recommended Web Hosting for newbs – Bluehost – FREE domain at

The information contained on this YouTube Channel and the resources available for download/viewing through this YouTube Channel are for educational and informational purposes only.

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11 Replies to “How to Promote Clickbank Products on Google Ads + $100 Free Google Ad Coupon”

  1. Hey Joey I hope you are doing fine
    But the think is clickbank is operating in my country so can you tell me about any other program where I can convert my $50 into $150 via Google ads

    1. You can run CPA offers on Google Ads. There are hundreds of CPA affiliate networks you can join.

    2. @Joey Babineau can you tell me specific offer
      Because I think sweeptakes doesn’t do well ….

    3. @Usama Ejaz try financial lead generation – solar, auto, life insurance, mortgage, etc… or ecommerce – like gadgets…

  2. I started a lead gen campaign 1 month ago. 8$ per lead, 10% conv rate. If 1 from 100 leads buys, I’ll break even (I can upsell later). This means that I cannot pay more than 3$/lead.
    I had 30 conversions. So I switched from manual bidding to target CPA (3$). Will this bring my costs down? How do u generate leads for such a low cost (0.76$)? Thanks
    Edit: as I kept watching, I started to understand more. Thanks for the info. Any tips will be helpful for me because I’m new to this.

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