How to Run Google Ads for Affiliate Marketing – $2,000,000 Profit Google Search Ads Best Practices

See my exact AFFILIATE strategies that made me over $2,000,000 so far Using Google Ads for Affiliate Marketing. For even more case studies related to paid search ads go to

In this video I describe google search ads best practices for affiliate marketers.

I show how to get past the bridge page policy for gogole ads, and how to spy and find Google search ad examples for affiliate marketing. Easily spy on all of your competitors using the free SEMRUSH trial at

If you have been wondering how to use Google search ads for affiliate marketing then check out this video right until the end!

I also share Google search ads best practices on how to bid before switching to target CPA bidding or "automated budding".

I talk about how to find great keywords to target, and how to run Google ads as an affiliate marketer without breaking the bridge page policy.

Using google ads for affiliate marketing involves building a high quality website and delivering valuable content to your audience. If you want a free guide on the entire system check out this free report:


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29 Replies to “How to Run Google Ads for Affiliate Marketing – $2,000,000 Profit Google Search Ads Best Practices”

  1. Hey Joey, I can see you are tracking conversions. I assume these are optins / signups to your e-mail list right?

    1. There are many campaigns in here…some of them I fire the conversion on the thank you page for my optin yes – and some of them I will fire the conversion at the affiliate network, and sometimes directly from the offer owners thanks pages. It all depends on your campaign objectives and how you want Google to optimize the campaign once you activate automated bidding strategies.

  2. Top notch video tutorial,as always:)Thank you very much! I was wondering: Isn’t investing, the example you chose, a niche against google’s policy? (because it is financial advice and it is a make money at the same time) In addition,health supplements are against their policies since it is healthcare related? Concerning your training powerhouse affiliate,is it considered a make money online ,even if it is an affiliate marketing training, and therefore not permitted?

    1. I will try to be very careful in telling you what is and what is not allowed on Google ads. The niches I referenced are allowed but they can be sensitive niches especially if you start making claims that people can make money or lose weight in a particular amount of time. Promoting anything related to make money at home, affiliate marketing etc, takes a lot of careful planning and you should be careful to provide really good value and not make claims. It is not against terms to promote a training product for affiliate marketing, but I don’t advise it for a fresh new google account.

    2. @Joey Babineau Thank you for your prompt reply and clarification.I suppose it is another reason why you recommend listicles as a form of bridge-landing pages

    3. Yes listicles are great for Google ads in my opinion. Just be sure to have all your legal pages in place and excellent site quality.

  3. What landing page builder would you recommend for someone running their first campaign?

    1. Thanks Joey great content. Other strategies I’ve seen to do that is with apps. Basically users will get to a site which lists apps or directly to an app that does the same as the sites you created. Beside that there are all the blackhat strategies but that’s another thing

  4. Helpful content on G-ads for aff marketers. Thanks for sharing Joey. 👍

  5. Hey Joey, your channel is amazing bro! So what do you make enter to maxbounty? I can’t enter in these network :/

  6. Man I spent more than $40K on Google Adwords and never got an ad manager whatsoever!

  7. Thank you awesome video so clarity for running ads without getting in trouble. I appreciate your job

  8. great video really helped a lot loved how you went in depth but would be helpful if you explained different terminologies other than that thanks for this video once again.

  9. Joey Excellent content. I want to join you powerhouse affiliate. I want to do google ads campaign for weight loss clickbank offers.

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