10 Replies to “How To Sell More Houses in Real Estate WITHOUT Sleezy Sales Gimmicks”

  1. #Hey Sabri! this is awesome! thank you for this. here’s my question: would you recommend doing a lead magnet for an expensive physical product (380 profit per unit sold)? or send traffic to a product page and do everything you can to increase the CR%?

  2. #heysabri You have the most valuable content!

    I’ve been meaning to ask you:

    When starting out, which would you prefer,

    To outsource your services or have an in-house team?


  3. #HeySabri In regards to your video on converting leads in to sales where you covered the 3 months aspect of it. How often should one send those “value adding” email and offering your products to clients? Once a week?

  4. #heysabri , how can I capture properties? I have a little difficulty in communicating my offer to sellers.
    Saludos from Lima πŸ‡΅πŸ‡ͺ

  5. for making ads for real estate agency since 4 years, yes definitely the home value is the worse offer to make on cold traffic… too much resistance to have a stranger come in your house and push for sell your home

    need a lot of little engagement more lower before to make that big proposal and if you make ads with offer very smart, you can just have amazing result, believe me

  6. I’ve found out that in real estate a HVCO needs to be well researched. Especially when you’re in a buyer’s market

  7. Thanks Sabri, great ideas. I am a realtor in Miami and I appreciate your advice! Happy New Year.

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