12 Replies to “HUGE Affiliate Marketing Success Secret Revealed!”

  1. Thank You Charlie Great Info . .. Question: Now That We Got An Ad That Works We Need The Target Group Of Eyeballs To The Ad, How Can We Determine That??

    1. It’s more common sense than anything else. For example, someone wanting to lose weight is not primarily interested in an autoresponder. You can also visit the Facebook page of the product you are wanting to promote and get a good feel for their demographic.

    2. @Charlie Page Thank you.. somehow that didn’t come to mind,thank you for opening my eyes to that!

    3. @Sam Hamdan Two heads are better than one! I find that starting with common sense things like this is highly effective. Plus it avoids the confusion that comes with using research tools that deliver too many results and are hard to interpret. Tools are great in the right context but sometimes we have all we need right inside our brains.

    1. The companies I mentioned all have free to join affiliate programs. If you mean something else please let me know and I will be happy to help.

  2. Great Information! Very Helpful and just what i needed!! Also You just got a New Subscriber! Thank You Charlie!

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