I Made A $1,000,000 Commercial For $500 – With Only Stock Footage


it's every filmmaker's dream to be hired to make a tv commercial and an even bigger dream when they give you a budget of a million dollars you can hire the best cameras the best lenses the best lights you'll rent huge locations and hire a thousand extras no limits to create the best commercial that anyone has ever seen but what happens if it was five hundred dollars what the bloody hell are you meant to do with 500 well a lot actually with that 500 and the right cheeky editing techniques you can make a 500 commercial feel like a million dollars and i'm going to show you how to do it right now so for me to make this video it's important to know where i'm going and the easiest way for me to figure that out is to visualize my goals number one the ad should be no longer than 40 seconds number two it should have an established theme that's challenged and therefore at the end transform the unpretentious way putting it is it needs a beginning middle and an end and number three one we already know stay under five hundred dollars with those rules i guess it's obvious that i should just find the theme and honestly i think i'm gonna be a little bit lazy and i think the theme should be a voice over but first i need to get a writer this is ashley she's a writer if i've been funny in my content it's because she wrote the joke i need you to write me a voice over for a commercial so you're paying my day rate how's exposure absolutely not fine what are you advertising i love those commercials from apple or nike whereas like this like motivational voiceover there's a certain kind of person who doesn't wait for greatness you mean the ones that are totally cheesy and not related at all to the product i mean i like them okay so here's my pitch they said she couldn't be an artist but she knew in her heart she was an artist they said don't be an artist then they bought tickets to my concert and then you just throw on the apple logo at the end i mean i actually really like that it is an hour later and we have a script baby it's actually really good but i also want you to be the voice actor are you paying my day rate fine action in three two one now i've got my script and i've already spent half of my budget i need to find out what else i can do with this 250 dollars and that isn't that much money and i can't afford crew or actors i need to figure out how i can do this without ever leaving my desk and the secret is for it to come to me i get advertised editing packs all the time on instagram and honestly i've always ignored them because most of them seem crap but let's just see if there are actually any good and i've been able to buy these packs because of current so i often lose track of both personal and business expenses and so to fix that i've been using current to pay exclusively for my business so this one came up it looks pretty interesting just random blue filtery aggressive transitions looks fun i'll buy it look at him are creative finances are boring for me but current has genuinely simplified my money management okay this is interesting this is random tv screen overlays i bet you there's a place where i can put one of these in let's buy it and so if you want to use a modern tool for your money sign up to current using the link in the description ruined frame overlays have to admit i've seen these everywhere it's a bit cliche but it's cliche because it works solidifying oh this one looks really fun a bunch of squiggly circle thingymujikis i'll buy it so it looks to be hand brushed text yeah i really like the look of this one screw it i'm gonna buy it those could be pretty interesting assets but of course i need footage for it so i'm also going to use currents to purchase their subscriptions to this stock footage site so that now gives me three tools we have the editing assets we have the stock footage site and now we have the voice over let's see what we can make out of this if we're going with the theme don't be an artist that's what we often hear with me young i found this one shot of kids looking like they're in a fashion commercial that's perfect so let's put that right at the beginning here and then put that exact same shot right at the end this now means that whatever i put in between these two shots is going to be contextualized by these bookends and with that i just now need to find a bunch of shots of artists being well artistic i've got this one shot of this woman be doing a tick tock dance i've got these filmmakers while filmmaking this man painting on a canvas and this guy spray painting on a wall they're being literal artists i've got this really cool shot of a band playing because what music is art and of course i got this guy video editing video editing is art unlike some of my clients think it's just busy work and now i'm just going to sprinkle in these artist clips across the timeline point of the statement of being an artist is showing that everything that we consume is uh and so to prove that point i think i need to find a bunch of clips of well art being consumed so we've got clips of a book because books are up we've got some clips of kids playing video games because video games are art we have cinema we have fashion architecture we even have social media even advertisements that's art so i bet you if i put all of those clips into one tight sequence that should in theory prove the point so this now means i pretty much have the bed of everything that i need now we get to do the real fun stuff the one editing pack that got me the most excited was the waves pack there's something about animated text that excites me so it looks like it's giving me each of the letters individually not really sure why i assumed i could just type it out so what that means is i'm gonna have to grab each letter individually okay great i've got the word don't now i'm gonna do be an artist okay that's actually a pretty cool animation ladies and gentlemen the theme has been set and with style let's see what the next editing pack can do for me the shot with this band here isn't that interesting i think we should see what those blue transitions can do for me here oh i quite like this blue film grit one let's put this on top oh i know just added just some more kick to it sensory overload oh that sounds dirty so i've got these crowd shots here i bet i can make that even more flashy literally just enhance that shot even more so far i don't think i've wasted any money making this i wasted money making this let me just show you the problem that i'm having one of the packs that i bought was these tv overlays and that pack cost me forty dollars however though what i just saw on storyblocks is an old vintage tv which looks exactly like the ones that i just bought i just wasted my money let's just take that l and move on savage rune frame overlays so i've got these shots of this graffiti artist that could probably do a bit more style let's just throw one on and see what happens and that's okay uh it looks a bit messy that looks kind of cool hmm this isn't what was advertised so i saw this ad it's giving me these borders but that's not what i got here so i go onto their website i go on to effects i scroll and i see damaged film effects there's a slight difference in the wording but that's an easy mistake to make especially because on this effects page there isn't a ruined framed overlays so i've just wasted my money on two editing packs oh me the next editing pack was this circley animations that looked pretty cool let's just hope this one doesn't let me down oh oh hello i quite like these emojis i do have this one subway shot that i wasn't quite sure what to do with but i wonder if i could just put the emojis on top of it ah i like that a lot let's see what else we got oh oh oh i know what i could do with these and right now the majority of this ad is just a bunch of disconnected random shots of artists being artistic and i don't think the story is actually coming across well enough this might sound weird but here's my pitch i use these wraps to then highlight the artists while they're creating and giving them this aura this like energy this power helps connect all of these shots together and representing who the artists are and then coming back to the book end shots the first shot we see of these kids nothing special happens and by seeing all of these active artists being surrounded by this creative energy then at the end wraps around the kids as well therefore telling them to be artists you want to know what that is story telling i think we're done here i think we're good so the question is can i make a million dollar commercial but matching that quality with instead a 500 budget so let's find out if this worked they said don't be an artist they said don't be an artist but then listen to art on their commute they said don't be an artist but then binge watched art on tv i said don't be an artist but spend thousands to the front row of the art they said don't be an artist but they fill their homes their time their lives with art do they think the art grows on trees that it photosynthesizes materializes arrives fully formed to be consumed to be lapped up like water shot into their veins don't be an artist obscure it be an artist oh oh come on i think that's a pretty good win apple nike i don't know h m i know you do these types of ads don't spend a million dollars give me 500 and i'll do it or give me a million dollars i'll spend 500 making it and i'll just keep the rest thank you for currently sponsoring this video make sure you're subscribed and you follow my socials and i'll see you next time [Music]

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