IELTS Writing Task 2 Academic and General – Children and Advertising – Samples and Ideas

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This lesson will mostly focus
on generating ideas for double tasks in my experience
most people have the necessary grammar or vocabulary
but they don't know how to write very well nor They know how to
answer some questions with good ideas or good examples
also when you can't think of ideas that also affects vocabulary
and grammar because you don't have time to
fully present your ideas so it affects everything
if you don't have good ideas that's why I focus on them
in this lesson and of course I will give you some good vocabulary and grammar
you can use but again the main idea is to focus on
ideas and please give your thoughts and articles
in the comments section below, maybe you will I use it in a future video
to give feedback and show how to improve well Here's
our topic these days A great deal of ads are directed
at kids if they are blocked due to
negative effects How much do you agree or disagree
Do you know what type of essay question this is good let's take a look Good, it’s an opinion piece,
so you need to state your opinion clearly and honestly,
stay true to your opinion throughout the entire article, and
don’t suddenly change your views in the middle, give reasons for your opinion
, include your knowledge and experience
to support your opinions, and make sure your answers
cover all parts of your opinion now Let's go into more of
that little detail again with the opinion article you can
totally agree totally disagree so just be wary of
it and make sure you stay on topic this is the most important
thing because it may sound simple but a lot of people forget to do it now some tips Well you can
either agree or disagree completely with this question and it is usually
better to agree to some extent although it may be
difficult for you to write about how
advertising can have positive effects if you fully agree
that it should be banned.

Announcements you can write two or three
main paragraphs about how it is negative so again you can
focus on your knowledge of the negative but you have to write more
and it's often better to have one you know kind of four
reason why it's good to why it's bad, then in Conclusion Give a final summary
before moving on to the next section, I really hope you will take some time to think about
your thoughts and maybe share them in
the comments section below if you want to be a good writer you need
to think not only of copying when the idea is for you it is
meaningful much bigger and you will be much better
in your future ielts test well let's look at some examples of reasons why
advertising for young children shouldn't be blocked this
is the hardest this is the hardest for me this is
probably the hardest for most so let's look at some Examples
Here People think that companies should
have the freedom to advertise the goods they make.
It would be hard for kids to learn about a new product if they weren't able
to advertise during their favorite TV shows
, and of course before that It means that the company is doing so
again it is this idea that companies have the right to
advertise as well as advertising Don't let kids know about a new toy or product they
might like okay Another example
Parents can also benefit from advertisements Many parents
don't know what to buy These can Ads give
some useful ideas for Christmas gifts Not only the ad is for play either
Parents can learn about vitamins for kids or an educational game So there are some
ads that you know are
helpful for Parents So again this is something
to consider , well another example there will be a number Much less children Shows on TV
These programs rely on advertising revenue to pay for
cartoon writers and actors.

Many parents enjoy the
comfort of their children that television provides
, and the number of shows reduces this free time,
so most parents agree that a lot of TV isn't the best thing but
a little bit is fine and gives parents a break so
I guess that's another benefit you know if there's an ad
there are more better shows and again it
gets Everyone is on a breath now why should it be banned
even adults are often guilty of buying something they
don't need because of an ad If commercials can
manipulate adults they have a much greater chance of
cheating kids.

Kids don't have the money and will constantly
tease parents to buy the latest toy and
that's just right kids They want a game that annoys their parents
It costs money and they get more toys so it's kind of a vicious cycle that creates consumer advertising from a
young age and always needing to buy new items It doesn't lead to
happiness It gives us
an immediate sense of pleasure but then quickly becomes disinterested
In that most people don't want to reinforce this kind of behavior in their children. The
practices we learn from a young age are difficult to change as we get older
so it's the idea of buying more, buying more, buying more, it
actually makes us less happy, so we don't want to We do this with children's advertisements, and it has been shown to shorten the
attention of young people via a TV show without advertisements is more beneficial to a
child Can focus on a story for 10 or 20 minutes
Their minds can focus focus and
retention For new ideas and information as soon as flashy ads appear
they lose their train of thought and become
stimulated by something else teachers claim that it is more difficult
than ever for students to focus on a lesson and
this can link advertising and watching TV now to a conclusion I have always told
my students you don't have to write a conclusion There are many sites to
There we say you have t o you should write a conclusion
only if you are going to add
more information that is really important and
if the information is kind of ending your general idea, a
lot of people write a conclusion and it doesn't really add
any benefit and I recommend that.

These people you should try and make
your body paragraphs you know with more information you have more examples
more information so you don't have to write a conclusion
but here's one as an example and it's a bit long
but here it is while I don't like advertising
kids realize it's a necessary evil
no We can expect studios to produce high-quality children's shows
for free and often low-quality government shows, yet we can
regulate when and what
commercials contain can only appear before and after a show
and regulators cannot also boycott
screen ads to censor false claims or To educate parents also makes it less flashy kids
need to manage their expectations after all
as they grow up they will be exposed to numeric ads can erous parents teach them
how to manage and avoid them again this is just a conclusion it's
a little long but again i just wanted to give you
an example of what A good conclusion is like and as a bonus mention I can put some
questions below using the vocabulary in this lesson, the more you
communicate, the more you talk, the better you think you 'll do in all aspects of the
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