How To Make BIG MONEY Setting Up Google Ads For Local Businesses
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0:00 – What you will learn in this video
1:24 – Step #1: How To Sign up for google ads
10:52 – Step #2: Where To Find FREE Images For Advertising
11:57 – Step 3#3: How To EASILY EARN MONEY advertising businesses
17:30 – List of countries where this software isn’t available

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13 Replies to “Local Business And Google Ads Tutorial | MAKE MONEY ONLINE SETTING UP GOOGLE ADS TO LOCAL BUSINESSES”

  1. I don’t know why people aren’t watching your videos. It’s been more than a year since I started watching your videos. I haven’t watched every single video but as much as I’ve seen you give a lot of information which people usually pay for.

    You are the first person who introduced me to digital marketing. And even tho I haven’t made any money through digital marketing. I still am thankful.

  2. Knowledge is power, isn’t? Thank you John from your former student so glad you are back on charge again.

    1. Great to hear! We have some really awesome content coming out soon so make sure you subscribe!

  3. I pray to god who are all watching this video to be Millionaire

  4. Love the video John. Also, what’s the name of the intro/outro music?

    1. Great video thank you. U addressed so many questions and cleared up the marketing tech local ad business. So for $97 monthly we get the local ad agency opportunity and the SAS with our own domain ? Is that correct ?

  5. Get your free account at Marketing Tech here, https://marketingtech.io
    Access the email template for promotion here, https://www.johncrestani.com/HELP
    Make sure you complete the Stripe setup so that you can get paid when local businesses signup through your link.

    My advice is to start earning with the software is to send out 25 emails per day to local businesses, and then followup with a call or a in-person visit to those local businesses and ask if they received your email and are interested. Each small business will want one real-life interaction with you before they signup for online advertising.

    Here is an additional presentation on Marketing Tech and what it does, https://www.johncrestani.com/mt

    Lets crush it and make some money!

  6. John thanks for creating this amazing software, I want to ask if I can pay $125 per month how many clients can I get?

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