Los Tiempos Vienen, Maxima Alerta Prevenidos Fuertes E IMPACTANTES MARI JOSE VILLAMARIN CON HYPER333

The Times Are Coming, Maximum Warning Strong and IMPACTING WARNINGS MARI JOSE VILLAMARIN WITH HYPER333 The Times Are Coming, Maximum Warning Strong and IMPACTING WARNINGS MARI JOSE VILLAMARIN WITH HYPER333 The Times Are Coming, Maximum Alerting Strong and IMPACTING PREVIOUS MARI JOSE VILLAMARIN The Times WITH HYPER333 Maxima VILLAMARIN Strong and IMPACTING Warning Alert MARI JOSE VILLAMARIN WITH HYPER333 The Times Are Coming, Maximum Warning Strong and IMPACTING Warning MARI JOSE VILLAMARIN WITH HYPER333 The Times Are Coming, Maximum Warning Strong and IMPACTING WARNING MARI JOSE VILLAMARIN WITH HYPER333 Strong and IMPACTING Warning Times Are Coming MARI JOSE VILLAMARIN WITH HYPER333 The Times Are Coming, Maximum Warning Strong and IMPACTING Alert MARI JOSE VILLAMARIN WITH HYPER333 The Times Are Coming, Maximum Warning Strong and IMPACTING WARNING MARI JOSE VILLAMARIN WITH HYPER333 The Times Are Coming, Maximum Warning Strong and IMPACTING WARNING MARI JOSE VILLAMARIN CONV HYPER333 The Times Are Coming, Maximum Warning Strong and IMPACTING WARNINGS MARI JOSE VILLAMARIN WITH HYPER333 The Times Are Coming, Maximum Alerting Strong and IMPACTING WARNINGS MARI JOSE VILLAMARIN WITH HYPER333 The Times Are Coming, Maximum Warning Strong and HYPER-WARNING MARI JOSE VILLAMAR3 The Times VILLAMAR3 Maximum Alert Strong and IMPACTING WARNINGS MARI JOSE VILLAMARIN WITH HYPER333 The Times Are Coming, Maximum Alert Strong and IMPACTING WARNINGS MARI JOSE VILLAMARIN WITH HYPER333 The Times Are Coming, Maximum Alert Strong and IMPACTING WARNINGS MARI JOSE VILLAMARIN WITH HYPERimension the topic of hyperdimension tv Today is the time that comes, maximum alert, we must be aware, very strong things are coming, so today I thank you infinitely for being here with us, our friend, our guest, marijose, marín, how are you, villamarín, mari, josé, villamarín, how are you? Good afternoon, thank you very much for accepting and I see that here too here we are hanging out I say it's two in the afternoon two thirty in the afternoon and I 'm literally freezing what happens that I live in a part a little higher than the rest and since we have the volcano here too is not the We are cold in winter almost then we are going to get a pretty cool Christmas and especially many floods I do not know there but here it is fine and God was cut off holy science is the short one to see if our friend mari josé villamarín from seville will come back online I don't know but well let's start times to come I'm going to start I'm going to resume now they one was my screen I what happened houston we have problems tell us how it sounds and sometimes I would like to start like this very arduous with a lot of harmony with a lot of substance but youtube won't let us but hey let's wait I think I think I'm fine they don't technically possess I must be fine but hey we're going to start very strong changes are coming and we've already started talking about it I do this on different occasions and I am going to pick up after you come the last time if two or three days later you confirmed an event that we had been contemplating here in La Palma the La Palma volcano Curiously on Thursday you did days Thursday had its The biggest activity that the palm had had was a lava wading pool was a wading pool in the lava seemed like water was boiling curiously on Saturday Friday remember that I have another program that I dedicate myself to this every day and on Friday and Saturday it seemed that The volcano was extinguished and on Sunday it will explode again and today in the morning the activity increases in the La Palma volcano is playing with us and the probability that it is likely that it could burst that the volcanic building could collapse is latent by Of course I am going to start with this question for you 'because I had not commented on them in a month ago, you were scared, you said it for a long time in fact practically since you started, you have been Ed saying so is that you can tell us the latest updates that you have received these messages well as you said well they said that the volcano of La Palma well it seems that it was receding but no and today it is stronger they are even worried about It is breathable and toxic gases and they are trying to evacuate they should have done it a long time ago there is a lot of danger and I do not know when but something very strong is taking place there and it can collapse at any time the authorities should take people out now Mention that the coasts can be damaged, so if that is not said, a lot of people can fall because not only me listening to some cone logos that do not let them speak in the media say that there is a very strong possibility that is, scholars themselves are saying it long even British scientists but here as in many parts are ignoring nor being reported in the news nor nor i Reports and public information are being kept silent until it is not possible and to hide it because it is happening not then by chance about all this today there were some very strong visions at night that I got up very worried because it was it was very big what I saw was As if the swell had already passed and all things were flooded, I saw the tallest buildings for the rescue, the tallest in the United States, New York, etc.

That would only be seen from the top to bottom of those big buildings because they had already passed the waves and everything had been flooded I saw many people lying there and then I like another vision that I had was to see things also in Spain with the entire coastline flooded and hundreds and hundreds of people running out in cars taking what they could was a vision that lasted hours at night very strong I woke up quite worried why is all this more people are seeing not only me people are having dreams and children who are t having dreams that their mothers tell me something is happening something is happening to us and we do not want to pay attention so they lie to us so much that people are like this but if we are a little perceptive and we are attentive to events we see that something is happening that they are leading like herds to in very very hard moments with everything that they are indicating to us with the inoculation now the children acquire the third etcetera and not only that is also nature how it is moving and that some things of that nature are not exactly natural If the whole axis is moving, the planet is moving because it is already playing, it is like after a time of passing a test or being in a school in a classroom, 26,000 years pass and we enter another phase, who passes to the next one is the body of mother earth the volcanoes are moving the seas all are moving but it must also be said that many of the things have been caused by emissions that are not ours But these elites of the military etc who do atomic tests in the sea and do not tell you then all that is making everything is changing at an equal much greater speed but the climate change caused by humans is the viewer.

It is ridiculous how many of me that I know of side effects can be used by factories cars compared to those atomic bombs to see what happens and they have done us a few then all good there are many things to talk with you let's go to the fact the Spanish government closed The international scientific community in the United States has long suggested total evacuation, everyone out, as they say in the Vatican, everyone out, if you don't do it, the people who are interviewing who are in the palm say that it is a hotbed that vibrates that they feel like lava is circulating under their houses and those I am not saying are testimonies and canary dtv and other televisions and other televisions until 20 days after the eruption began The United States was very concerned about what we already know in the case of the possible tsunami, they are the first affected until 20 days later, it was not scientists but it was NASA who are already there in La Palma, on the one hand, I repeat the event undone.

To make a bubbling lava and for a moment it calmed down and it seems that it can return now it also talked about the inoculated because that is not the solution a while ago before starting this program we talked about Israel we talked about Egypt we talked about some populations that were captured that all were vaccinated with this fourth wave they continue to be contaminated and continue to die and just today in the morning the first cases are already there, my question is already there is the first case without life of the micro but remember that a micron is a film from 1950 that a micron is an infection by extraterrestrial beings we have already mentioned it here and that curiously today they give it this name to be exact in these precise moments a patient with omicron he dies in the united kingdom it is the first case of this variant and it adds up, well, it is waiting or they expect a significant wave of deaths to arrive this is happening in the united kingdom and has already reached more than 130 countries in the micro to see then that beautiful film of the 1950 and 256 micron something like that where they suggested that extraterrestrial beings were coming and infecting the population that is a science fiction film from your knowledge and from what you know you know and you can channel according to your visions you can tell us in this good case why you can not do such a swell strains for me it is a great big lie talk to many people and African people are not dead by any virus kobe no infected virtually no vaccinated very dead no There are sick people and if we look at the news from certain counties in the United States that have rejected all of this, there are no infected, there are no deaths, there are no pathologies, then Sanz doing a concealment so that people can be in take care of it and get sick much more then everything is a great great great ball of so many lies that I hope it did not take long for this to explode and that little by little the truth comes out suddenly because people are going to miss many want believe in the official status of everything he tells us but thank God many scientists are waking up, many doctors who are saying what they are seeing and that is what gives me hope because I can say I have visions all over the huerta world in the All visions but scientific doctors who know what they are talking about it is important that they give truthfully what they see what they know and that they do not shut it up because it is useless if they tell me things and I cannot say for that you make it up who told you give me give me a man give me the number of collegiate I cannot give them because they are afraid if there is more union like these great demonstrations that are taking place all over the world and that very few televisions report the more we join the base the base arar crarc and those who rule will fall because we are the pawns who use their hold on them and sustain them in their power the base is the important thing and the union makes power what they try is always divide and you will win then The union is what will help us if you are a doctor if you are a biologist if you are smart or logo if you are a nurse if you are a teacher teacher teacher whatever it is, everything is union to remove the pathology of the lie of this great plan It's a lie of mine and that the truth comes to light because that will liberate us and it will heal us, it will heal us, we do not have to see more than the balance, those that there have been no infections because there has been no kobe, they are not inoculated, no there is nothing and the more like life the more vaccinated quotes etc sicker more pathologies and addition and then keep all that you have to uncover all is not important well had said according to the other program we profile is a program forecast seismic and well I have five methods the solar activity that you know perfectly well the activity of the moon you know it perfectly well the activity of the geomagnetic overload on the earth is it you know it too and some two methods at a scientific level the famous mirrors and others I had predicted an event of pain for this end of the year because there was not one if there were not two due to unfortunate natural phenomena the unfortunate tragedy that happened this weekend with tornadoes in the non-tornado season because the tornado season is until April if it is then more than 120 130 people without life and 73 people without life at the supermarket the last I knew of the eruption of the semeru volcano eight days ago then somehow well I thought up to here we just got the question forced to whether we are left with 2021 or in these next days that you know what I mean after the 21st to be exact after the 19th the last days of the year can be something Yet another pain event we call them pain events or blood events because they are that are pain events and events and even unfortunately if they are man-made, unfortunately a lot of them are even done if they are done on purpose and that does not mean that Nature is not doing its job of rotating changes but normal changes like the growth of a human being when stretching and there is pain and movements but they are taking it and even extremes as there are changes we are going to cause more and as you said no Tornadoes are normal, they don't count how many more than 30 have occurred, but with an endorsement of a huge fierceness, then I would not be surprised that I have to say anything that I have also seen in another vision because everything is how we are to disconnect from the electricity grids and how are internet banks going to disconnect us? Also, the day I do not know I do not know the specific time but they are very close it is very close then someone He commented that they had done as a drill in Israel, the Israelis themselves have no idea but it has been communicated to other states and other countries of the European Union clearly to the population, not to the leaders, that this drill has been done and it is positive for They then as well as they did pandemic drills and then this fateful plan of mine has also come because the other coincides a lot with what I saw so let's get ready because we do not know the day or the time but this circumstance may occur and not because I did.

I have seen but because I am listening to people who have a reliable reference then we will see it because one can speak, speak and conjecture but the reactions, the veracity, we will see it in situ soon but I do not know if at the end of the year or early or in the month of February I don't know he is close by so when I say get ready, have the essentials because here I was already telling you before that we had a blackout or the power went out. and the internet and in a few hours people were already worrying there I can't open the garage door there I can't cook because I have all electric, so if it happens a few hours that will happen to us with days weeks or even months what is going on Then the people who have to be forewarned and hopefully I'm wrong, hopefully nothing happens and their eyes and hearts will open to these inept people who want to put us in the deepest hole, hopefully but being forewarned does not cost anything to be forewarned and we They have said that we should prepare for food for at least 15 days, this is real in them, some say that at least 15 days, others say that the unit would be even up to 3 months, there they go and these are real data today, great floods in Madrid, you He knows it and in the area that I live too, that is, everything in many many flooded towns, hospitals that have had to go by helicopters to take the sick, because they cannot go by road, or this is a fact there is o It gave so much that they have not been able to evacuate so much water of the amount that has fallen into a valley in the flood, you told me a little while of the chat that it reached nine meters in Spain and that we are in the rainy season after a blackout in Canada the day before the bad Saturday great winds still as a result of the blackout people have been without electricity for 72 hours we are already talking about a global blackout a global blackout that can occur an overload an important geomagnetic storm could happen now, well, you can tell us in this case how we can prevent ourselves and If there is something positive about all this within all these changes that are already here, they have already begun to not want to believe that these are climatic changes evolutionary changes geological changes because there whoever is watching and does not want to see, look at these events are not channeled by anything physical or planetary that could occur at some point I do not say no but when it is already planned it is because they want to carry out something of its structure the entire social system ial health banking food movement of cargo movement , that is, when everything stops and we have verified it, the power goes out, everything goes to the internet, everything is separated because we have everything through mobile phones through the internet, banks are not like Before you went and talked to the cashier, now it's all machines, so if that fails, everything stops the food chain also stops because the orders don't arrive because the gas stations have stopped and they don't give you diesel or gasoline.

That we see it common because we open the tap we have heat we are pure light when all else fails we realize how small and defenseless we are, then it is getting ready to get ready and I always say it costs nothing to have lamps because just like these from the mountain field in each country it They call one way but hey you understand me I have removed all the electrical with respect to the kitchen I have more and I have something else apart that you cannot have a generator something that can c Continue and give you light or if not solar panels if you have to reinvent yourself because if this system falls it does not drag everyone down for everyone and when a chain that is like dominoes everything falls and it is a tremendous chaos and who is going to suffer it more They are the weakest people weakest sick older children because we are here in this hemisphere we are and in Europe we are already entering winter it is a quite harsh winter and it says a lot of rains many places snow and untimely imagine we are all without light without anything and that goes to come prevent accumulate I have been saying it for months two years it never comes to maría josé it does not arrive and if it arrives that if this arrives that has everything very studied when it is to receive the news that they had been done without the knowledge of the public without without the people find out and only the states or the countries the leaders know that it has been a success something is happening something can happen greatly and bring the dream vision that I had and everything to reality hopefully for fort one all this that is happening is about to pass this generation of us 50 40 40 50 60 years many of us live without light and we survive that is, the light has it was commenting on the man's wife is supposedly 10 thousand years old and we have barely been with 120 years light so it is only a matter of adapting now well we are going to start talking about pleasant things in this case how to live these these holidays this end of the year parties and although it is true that you have to prepare and you have to be aware you are not in plus a generator, a team that for at least a five-year period, this front is the light bulb, it is bait with oil for sure in a europe if they lived for many centuries not with their oil lamps the joke is that you have to prevent you have to see them as you said the generators and others how to live these holidays and how to prepare on a spiritual level on a conscience level the first word and is the one that I am sending to everyone is joy gathered with the people who want or make you feel good if you can not go to the place because because the kobe meat does not allow you that we are there in that fight together, counted you are not alone because even if the family is avoided because that is the big problem that is generating all this No, I will not join you because since you are not inoculated, then it is not going to be that I get infected or may have stories of those but there will always be someone who connects with you, fellow friends who think the same and that loneliness ah already make us get together and that Let's enjoy too, look, I have thrown away all the old things, I have acquired a new tree and some new ornaments and but so that with how sad everything is, we must not give it a more positive point, prepare ourselves, be happy, have a meal if you can, juicy that makes you illusion to share going to the field now give thanks I have light I have health I have a family that loves me or I have friends who love me or my partner or my children whatever you have because we always focus on the bad has and I am very sad about this situation if it is good to see the situation as it is but to turn it towards the positive it rains I care tomorrow the sun will rise but the rain even if it is a little flooded some town gives us life but it would be from the drought I do not know Give it a call that is always high, good there are people who do not like Christmas because it brings back very sad memories, well, that you see it from another area that gives you a little peace or that you still have a few days off and you can move within the la possibility that you always have to look for resources to be well in the time that is in this touch this well we make happy we are at the best you are far from your family pick up the phone if they do not cut us off and talk to them or maybe You don't know anyone and then suddenly you get together with some neighbors ah well come over here it's good it's positive good and live good attitude and good vibes and they say that when I came back we were loud or illnesses come in and there I am going to see myself It fit a bit if I am going to ask you this question, maybe the macho thing will turn out for me.

I apologize to all the ladies who are the majority, but actually make a collective harmonization enter and they told us that the frequency of love in some tests that we we have done here the frequency of love lives vibrates at 700 it does not mean that love vibrates at 700 the divine light the divine spark or I am vibrate in a thousand not death vibrates in less than 20 or in 0 diseases cancer lives in 50 It is a little table that we made so that we could make ourselves understood and in this case I am going to look abusive because I just said something extraordinary, the women we did a program just the day before or even in the land that they say that if love vibrates in 700 maternal love for the essence of being a mother vibrates at 850 for saying something in conclusion is a love that surpasses the common love towards love is important and harmonizes the mother's love harmonizes more or is greater in conclusion that connection n with pachamama that is our mother galla what we commented yesterday because we must harmonize and perhaps you, by the essence of being a mother, female adolescence can empower and can be more effective this harmonization of the home that is, the mother and they do it sometimes unconsciously but the grandfather the mother let my children come and we make food and we make this and we make a tree is this so what do you think of this theory man the love in gel love itself is the creative particle of god without it Nothing would exist not even the darkness that claims to dominate the universe without it they would not exist therefore we would not exist the love of a mother is the father mother who is in god is creation is the giving I am not a mother but I can feel the love in uniting us being for someone caring for someone caring for women in many centuries and in this also they were always the providers of that care in general for the family if it was not the mother It was my aunt or grandmother, it didn't matter if I had children or not, so taking care of taking care of ourselves and I don't care if it's dad, mom, brother, father, it doesn't matter is in everyone I am a woman I feel very feminine but I also have a part of masculinity is inside of me and that part is what makes me want to understand the other male and vice versa the day we feel in harmony and there is no friction, we will have achieved a very strong harmony between one another and we will be able to advance much better in the whole universe or in this blue planet but love in general with capital letters is everything without that particle without that universal atom nothing would exist and it is the one that gives us strength for changes good changes that makes us grow the one that pushes us because we also see fathers and men very maternal that part of the feminine of the maternity of the feminine of the woman that is inside each one and it emerges in very specific moments or the women who on an impulse take and do things as very masculine It is very difficult to face and we have seen that in situations of extreme concern about problems because because it is coexisting within us then everything can be harmonious and healing here comes the universal question of hyper and we must raise the frequency we must live in peace you have to live in harmony you have to think positively for a better start to the year that 2022 has in store for us from the point of view of the tarot of numerology that the stars say from their knowledge that we could hope that by the way it should be done Mention that it is a year 6 it is a year 6 and well there are already part of some said that it is a continuation another another is the end of this century that began in 2019 others say that it is the beginning of what is going to happen in 2025 then you What can you tell us? Well, I'm not a logan number and an astrologer, but I always say the same thing.

I comment on what I live, what I experience, what happens to me, what I see, what they tell me, so as not to mix things up because there is People very knowledgeable in numerology, I don't want to get involved, even though I understand something in astrology that I don't want to get involved either, because I'm not in that field and the tarot is a whole that already comes from Egypt that in glossed everything a whole knowledge from mathematics to history to socialism to spirituality healing everything was put there through some letters so that a knowledge was not destroyed has been lost in many things there so people have only stayed with I go to a seer who reads me the lac Tarot is much more than all that, much more but as I say again, a lot of knowledge has been lost, there are people who are older and I am not going to direct myself although I use it for certain things but I am not going to direct myself towards a high dose that I see I do not see but what I have perceived and it is 2022 2023 hard I doubt how we face it is like when, as we talked about storms, tornadoes, volcanoes that are exploding, if we know it, if we see that this is going to happen to us and This one we will have to prepare what I have said before preparing ourselves to have that knowledge and alert and with positivism what is hard I saw it like this and someone told me 2023 and I saw an army so I hope I do not know about that I hope and I mean it I hope I do not know of that but just in case let's get ready let's be alert and look between the lines at everything that happens around us I think the prop is what they eat I said at the beginning when I saw how the waves were carrying a number of towns cities if that's the case Why not move that does not happen blessed is that it happens we are protected more than anything is that prevented I think it is the most important thing and prevent as much as possible that they are moving natural and unnatural made by nature or man-made then It is a matter of preparing nothing else always with high spirits because many people say he does not tell me anything I do not want to know but you do not want to prepare if something happens I do not want to know then they do like the bird uz gets into his head on the ground and they don't want to see but what has to happen will happen and it depends on us how we want to live that is that it is very important some people from the Canary Islands said I live in such and if we feel underneath the foundations but of course 6 very close people from gibraltar even from morocco I live next door move away from a bit get away because the case get away spread that voice that they listen to you well that we can not do more we cannot walk around the neighbor we cannot eat for our son or for our our relative or to convince perhaps the couple is very difficult but that is to say the things that what to express it if they want to listen to you and if not let it we all have free will all very well thank you very much thank you very much for having accompanied us I would like to thank the uribe vélez and the eti castillo thank you very much for your support I am infinitely grateful to all the people repeat your only all to all the people who are here live that They sent me a question for you if you will allow me if in previous programs you did a program where as we are all co-creators and everything comes from an imagination all at some point in dreams we can have those famous premonitory dreams or messages for the So who better than you to say explain this and I tell you we can all receive it is true that we can all receive those messages what we mentioned a while ago premonitory on a collective level or on a personal level you suggest us at the time of interpreting them look at all times there have been strong circumstances even in wars if we read stories carefully we realize that there is a common point many people dream arches with events that have not yet happened and this is something in general then the particular depends on each one but we can all receive, right now I am receiving and communications from people who tell me I have never dreamed o pero sí seguramente ha soñado pero no lo recuerdas y si no lo estoy recordando y son cosas que están pasando o que van a pasar pero muy vividas en momentos de cambios de cambios planetarios de acontecimientos mundiales o regionales muy fuertes hay como una colectividad en las que se expande una especie de visión o de o de conocimiento y cae paulatinamente en muchas mentes que duermen o que tienen sueños o visiones de despiertos estudios recién nos mucha gente así que quiere decir que de repente todos están siendo evidentes es que todos lo somos no hay videntes ni clarividentes que somos todo lo que pasa que nos está costando desarrollar esas percepciones que seremos todas a medida que pase estos siglos byrne higueros 1 2 lo que vemos como imposible sea dar posible la mayoría será vidente la de vidente y dejarán de ver a gente que se supone que tiene dones porque lo tienen todo todos niños grandes adultos y eso nos va a unir más porque lo que tú sientas lo voy a sentir yo no estaremos desconectados de sal matriz interna espiritual entonces esa percepción que están teniendo mucha gente es por el cúmulo de energías de cambios planetarios y de cambios cíclicos desde el planeta y de nuestro adn que está cambiando y que esta oscuridad que maneja estos títeres mundiales no quieren por eso la nanotecnología amigos porque esperan inocular muy sus más no terminan con una con dos con tres con cuatro no no no hay una lista larguísima muy larga entonces que quieren hacer que él se cambió de adn no se produzca es una tecnología extraterrestre pero oscura entonces los quieren volver como como robóticos biológicos zombis donde poder manejarnos la base de la pirámide somos nosotros importantísimos vemos nos la hermano unidos y hagamos clic para que los de arriba se caigan y no tengan el poder y lo que está detrás de ellos sino los alimentamos ellos no comen como no los alimentamos con tristeza depresión cabizbajos hago lo que me dice no demos la vuelta soy feliz estoy alegre me co munico con los demás con alegría con palabras buenas sin quejas sin juzgar no se les da de comer y es una energía tan fuerte que eso sí que haría cambiarlo todo todo pero tenemos que estar en esa unicidad la mayoría y todavía no lo hemos conseguido por eso se están dando acontecimientos con carlton negativos cuanta más gente se despierte y se dé cuenta de lo que pasa y lo que hay detrás mejor porque digan a podemos poner freno a todo esto lo podemos hacer y es así lo podemos hacer y nuestra única defensa es ser conscientes y lograr conectar con nuestra espiritualidad para lanzar el conocimiento divino que sería habla más como cómo mejorar cómo estar equilibrados en nuestra frecuencia alta saber que no estamos solos de que dentro de nosotros vive algo muy fuerte de que estamos unidos a un todo y ser todo nos han generado y es el padre y madre que todo lo cuida y todo lo crea que nos hacen comprender que no existe que estamos solos en el mundo ya por lógica tenemos que darnos cuenta que no es así nada existe porque si una tecnología avanzada que pueda crear nuevos o algo biológico según la apariencia que quiera se centre etcétera pero el alma nadie te la va a regalar nadie la cree a nadie algo biológico si ya lo hace pero el alma ya quisieran pero no lo van a conseguir porque viene del creador de la unicidad de la frecuencia más alta del átomo más alto el amor y solamente sabiendo eso somos capaces podemos ser capaces de darle la vuelta a todo y avanzar muy bien por el suelo todo lo negativo si debe ser más aquí hay un comentario de nuestra compañera leo dice que tristeza que los más niños necesitaron menos de un año para desviar a los cobardes y seguimos sufriendo todos por ellos no han necesitado muchos cientos de años para ir poco a poco cambiándolo todo no es un año el año ha sido él como el pavimiento de toda esa tecnología porque han esperado a que tuviéramos tecnología para manipularlos para manipularnos mejor pero os bajéis siempre y durante mucho tiempo han i do preparando estos acontecimientos que se están dando cuanto más dormidos estemos más serán lo que quieran despertemos y unámonos es la única manera de pararlo todo absolutamente todo y ser dueños de una nueva raza y de un nuevo tiempo y de un nuevo mundo benigno y siempre en beneficio de todos no te 4 así es bueno pues muchas gracias le agradezco mucho se puede volar a una hora rápido tan rápido se fue con quién se queda con esta plática y felices fiestas de fin de año como se celebra españa y usted qué va a hacer podremos hacer algún ritual y hay otro caso en este caso en este caso este hubo un cometa que está pasando en estos momentos por la tierra si leonardo león ha ganado en este caso después hubo una alineación de cinco planetas después hubo dos eclipses en días pasados pues había un poco alterado después después del día 19 viene el 21 que para muchos equivocadamente bueno desde el conocimiento piensan que es un portal 333 cuando no es así es un portal 335 porque es 2021 si lo suman pues no opción no no no es así pero en conclusión la psicosis colectiva la generación de vibración buena vibración mala colectiva pues da al traste y todo todo todo está en que lo generes lo crees no porque si no creas está hecho porque somos creadores así que estamos empezando a comprender que somos somos pequeñuelos en pañales todavía nos falta mucho pero cuando estamos en el otro lado que eso ya es para hablar en otro momento cuando estamos en el otro lado y hay una evolución consciente de muchísimas vidas de grados empezamos a crear cosas son mis celulares nos empiezan a enseñar los grandes creadores que están cerca del todo o de ser padre de madre muy elevado son los que generan y crean los universos pero nosotros en nuestra infantilidad cuando estamos en el alma o sea sin un cuerpo físico estamos aprendiendo en el otro lado en cierto nivel en el 3 4 4 44 45 estamos aprendiendo a crear ya mecanismos vivos desde la de los unicelulares a plantas y luego animales y esto es así aprendemos en todo de todo y podemos tener recuerdos o no pero siempre estamos aprendiendo no estamos tocando la vida por ahí ahí entre las nubes sería muy aburrido siempre estamos avanzando siempre estamos evolucionando nunca vamos para atrás en todo caso nos detenemos a veces nos detenemos todos hemos sido malos o muy malos o buenos o regulares pero nuestro conocimiento y el avance de vidas y vidas y vidas / vidas es para seguir avanzando y comprendiendo que si el otro está bien yo voy a estar también muy bien y eso yo creo que sería el eslogan de estas navidades si tú eres feliz yo lo soy con eso me quedo bueno pues muchas gracias le agradezco mucho y esperamos ya el próximo año hacer otro vídeo programa ojala que hablemos de cosas mejores o no tan tan complejas no esto puede generar nosotros podemos cambiar esto lo podemos retardar podemos cambiarlo para bien lo que he dicho antes la masa crítica tiene que ser muy grande porque es la base si la crítica y la masa general de millones de seres humanos se unifican en un mismo propósito todo cambia todo se transforma y es lo que ellos no quieren por eso generan miedo otra russell para otra pandemia hoy que hay posibilidad de un caos meternos en el saco del miedo es para paralizar nuestro poder pero si erradicamos eso y no nos dejamos influir apagamos la televisión esa unicidad esa fuerza esa frecuencia que va sumando entre unos y otros y unos y otros como grandes manifestaciones que todos sentimos lo mismo porque queremos un cambio todos a la vez ya la vez ya la vez eso sí que puede dar un cambio drástico a todo lo que está pasando absolutamente y que nada ocurriera negativo pero tenemos que estar en esa unicidad muy bien pues muchas gracias y felices fiestas igualmente generaron gerardo ya todos los oyentes que intenten ser lo más felices que disfruten que disfruten que cojan lo mejor de estas fiestas y que se acompañen de personas afines que les hagan sentir bien no con personas tóxicas no con personas que discutan contigo y con el otro nick no hay maria jose quizás tenga que estar sola bueno si estás bien estás feliz estás viendo algo positivo o sabes es la soledad es una gran hermandad y una cómplice para aprender pero busquemos siempre el estar bien en un pueblo en la naturaleza o en la ciudad que estás con la familia o sin familia amigos no amigos intentaremos subir esa vibración y veamos el panorama con ojos nuevos cambiantes con luz muy bien pues muchas gracias le agradezco mucho gracias a ti hasta luego muy bien amigos muchas gracias les agradezco infinitamente que me estén acompañando y nos estamos viendo en el próximo vídeo programa amigos un favor suscriban se regalen sus manitas arriba por favor ayúdenos a compartir este vídeo programa ya de aquí nos vamos para hiper mundo y después de hiper mundo nos vamos para hiper geo muchas gracias a dios

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