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Hello everyone and welcome to my channel. Nice that you switched on again. Today there is a slightly different video and I would like to introduce you to a product. The company Cecotec approached me and provided me with the Mambo 9590 food processor. I have tested it extensively and today I want to show you how I make pizza dough in the Mambo 9590. Now I wish you a lot of fun with the video. The kitchen robot Mambo 9590 was delivered in a huge box with a lot of accessories. The Mambo kitchen robot has 2 jugs. A stainless steel jug with a knife insert for chopping and chopping and a butterfly attachment also included.

You can put it on this knife attachment and use it if you want to whip cream or milk, for example. The second pitcher is a non-stick coated pitcher with a stirrer insert. Ideal for kneading but also for stirring during a cooking process. You also get a cooking basket that you can put in the jug. And a large steamer with which you can steam two different ingredients, for example vegetables and fish, at the same time. Both the kitchen robot itself and all the accessories, all the parts are very well made and you can really tell that you have a high-quality product. So I'm really pleasantly surprised and I'm already looking forward to trying out a lot of things with the Mambo 9590.

So I started by making something very simple, namely a pizza dough. That was really quick, I was really, really enthusiastic, I particularly like the weighing function on the ambo 9590, i.e. the integrated scales. This is really worth gold and you don't have to pull out a pair of scales as well. So that's exactly my thing, I have to say. And you can see that it works in no time, I wrote everything down again you can look again and it was really ready in five minutes the dough that was really great You can choose the functions you want and over on the large touch display of the Mambo 9590 the rotary knob can then be varied.

If I press the speed button, for example, I can then turn the rotary wheel to the desired speed. To set the timer, you also press the time button and then the minutes field goes to and you can then set the desired minutes with the rotary wheel. When the timer has expired, the Mambo 9590 stops automatically. If you are interested in this great Mambo 9590 kitchen robot, you can find a link in the description below, i.e. in the info box. There you can take a closer look at it. You also have the opportunity to get a 5% discount with this discount code. I then let the dough rise for 20 minutes. During that time I quickly made a tomato sauce from tomato paste, olive oil, some water, salt, pepper and a little garlic. That also happened very quickly. Then just prepare a little cheese and salami. And then I rolled out the dough with a little flour. That went very well, it is really a very good dough, very smooth. I preheated the oven to 220 ° C and then baked the pizza on the bottom rack and it was ready for 9 minutes.

That was really great, it was really quick. It was almost faster than the delivery service. I don't think the delivery service can keep up with that. Because I've already seen days where we waited 1.5 hours. it really happened. And when you consider that; 2 pizzas and they were made within forty-five minutes maximum finished really well and even you know what's inside, you know what it is so really great so what does the pizza dough concerns the Mambo 9590 by me the note one I got'm thrilled it I liked that very much. Further recipes with the Mambo 9590 will follow. I have a lot in the pipeline. There will probably be a series where I try different things and I hope you enjoyed my video if so, I am happy about a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel and activate the little bell so that you don't miss any new videos, we'll see you then with the next video.

Take care and stay healthy. Bye!.

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