MOVING VLOG #1 | Packing Up My Art & Craft Supplies ūüé®

i guess it's the first moving vlog and this is all 
the craft stuff that i need to sort out got a box get going but i'm actually pretty 
impressed with what i've done so far   and welcome to i guess it's the first moving 
vlog i don't know if i'm gonna title like that but   what i'm doing today is i'm going to attempt to 
do one of three of three things should i say so   i'm gonna attempt to declutter my wardrobe i 
have a big list of things i want to declutter   before we move it's now less than a month until 
we move so i want to make sure it's done my dad's   just brought a box in for me to pack i want 
to so wardrobe is probably the last thing   i'm going to do actually because i hate doing 
that then i want to do my art supplies and i   have art supplies in my office i have  
art supplie in this wardrobe and i also have   like arts and hobbycraft things downstairs so 
basically i'm trying to declutter and pack the   excessive amount of crafty things that i own 
so i hope you like videos like this if you do   watch out for more moving videos i will be 
doing an empty house tour i'll be doing like diy   videos as the house starts to progress i'll be 
doing moving vlogs all of the above because these   are one of my favorite videos to watch and when 
i moved in and out of uni i loved filming them so   yes we're gonna go and do that wish me 
luck i don't really have to start maybe i   should start my office drawers a little bit more 
manageable or i know there's a huge box up here   i'm gonna go get that actually also it's so 
dark i think there's a thunderstorm coming this big old box has come to and from 
uni with me and it's got a lot of   things in it that i'm not quite sure what there is 
so this was from ikea this box and i worked with   ikea when i was at uni and i was so buzzing about it 
still buzzing that that happened um i love ikea   you'll be seeing many an ikea hall by the way 
when we move i have just random bits of stuff   in here i bought these to make like an 
autumn garland thing but they're a lot   smaller than i thought and i haven't yet made 
the garland maybe i'll make that tonight i'm   gonna leave them out we have clear gloss sealer 
display mount and then just a bunch of stuff   the first box and i definitely 
need a bin bag i'm gonna   get a bag for donation a bag for just 
general rubbish and then a bag for recycling see this is the kind 
of person i am saving scrap bits   of paper that i am never going to use these 
have literally come to and from uni with me   still haven't used them stop being a crazy 
hoarder alice oh there's feathers everywhere   i've pretty much sorted this box i'm gonna 
leave this just as like the random craft box   i think it's quite fitting you'll have seen i 
put the extra bits of like scrap paper in here   and there's also i think there's 
scrap vinyl in here possibly but   these are like from various projects so that's all 
together i've got bits of wrapping paper which i'm   going to add to a box of like birthday cards 
and wrapping paper so now i'm going to tackle   these let's just ignore the wire mess so i sorted 
these out relatively recently this bottom drawer   is just full of like random stuff that's my 
stuff drawer this one has got greeting cards   props for photos when we're taking photos for 
soul and fire so i guess this sort of goes   with the wrapping paper but yeah and then in 
here we've got like lino cutting cricut things stuff more stuff but i am gonna selectively 
pick out a few things from mainly this draw   for example my glue gun i very rarely use this 
so it doesn't need to be in a drawer like this so   this can go in here and i will remember where this 
is and i know there's like glue sticks and stuff   so i'm gonna like just pick out those kind of 
things from these drawers and then go from there   you know what that was literally it it was just 
the glue gun so i might take this box downstairs   i know in the cabinet that we're gonna use for 
our tv cabinet it's getting stored downstairs   i know that is currently the random crafty area 
so you know things like embroidery stuff that's   not work but it's craft it's all in there 
so that'll need a whole box of itself so   i'm gonna carry this box down just to fill it up 
so it's finished and then we'll start a new box    got a box i've got some stickers 
tape and a sharpie let's get going is the cabinet that has old stuff in it it's 
covered up so it didn't get like some damage   or whatever it's been here for a long time but 
under here is our tv cabinet i'm obsessed with it   it was from a shop called one to one furniture 
i think i'll link it in the description it's   called the carver unit and they did sell 
it on other shops but it was the cheapest   where i bought it from at the time and it's 
such good quality so yeah i basically wanted   one that was even on both sides like i didn't 
want it to be like lopsided so yeah and then   we've got a big cupboard underneath and this is 
all the craft stuff that i need to sort out so   i think i've made decent progress this box 
is like three quarters full so it's got like   embroidery kits paint by numbers lego like 
just fun activities this oh my god i bought   it the other day and it is so complicated i 
thought it would be quite basic because it was   turns out my mum who's like a pro at crochet 
even mom can't figure it out so i've just kind   of packed that in the hopes that one day i'll 
work out kind of doubtful but oh well we've got   a pile of board games and puzzles which are gonna 
go in their own box i have more in the cupboard   over there we've got this game did anyone 
have this when they were younger we bought it   a couple of christmases ago it's like a bit of 
a joke present and it's actually really fun then   these need to go up with all my office stuff 
like they're like office books and this is   for donation that's for dad's shed that's the 
other box packed and i'm gonna leave these out   this is like a table runner that i started that 
i might do but it's so complicated and then i've   left my coloring stuff and this book out this 
book actually someone on instagram sent me this   and said it reminded them of me so i bought it 
it was on amazon i think it was like a fiver or   something it was really cheap and then up here are 
just things that i'm gonna throw away but i want   to show you so my boyfriend got me a 3d pen for 
my birthday so this is some of the stuff we made   a little christmas tree all that and then 
i also have in that box i've just packed   harry potter origami so i've got 
this hedwig the hat the sorting hat which is all cute so these are like fun 
activities to keep my brain busy but i'm gonna   chuck them away i think that's it i think that's 
all i can do there is another cupboard in the living room  which i might delve into but i'm actually 
pretty impressed with what i've done so far okay this cupboard i have no idea what's 
in here my birthday cards are still up but   oh this is a mirror we have for the house   it's just stored in here it's very nice it's 
from tk maxx but this little cupboard has become   an overflow for my craftings and i have no idea 
what's in it because mum just put it all away so this is oh dear okay so we 
built little harry potter houses   when we were supposed to be on holiday 
last year but then covid struck so   we bought these to do some crafts and 
then air drying clay pain oh god okay i'm now deconstructing this it took me hours and 
hours to build bought myself it's a christmas   present but obviously i don't need this in 
my house i'm gonna deconstruct it but i'm   not getting rid of it because it's actually so 
cool it's basically part of the hogwarts castle   but the instructions were ridiculous they 
didn't make any sense but i i mastered it   so i've had my time to admire and now it's time 
for it to go back in its box so i've got the box   i'm just going to like deconstruct 
it into panels and then put it away   okay it's been a couple of hours we went 
on our weekly stalk of the house and   things have really progressed this week 
so it's very exciting my mum's making dinner   so you can hear her like clattering but i've 
brought a box up it is now almost six o'clock   so i'm gonna pack this box after dinner 
or i'm gonna chill and then i'll pack it   tomorrow i've brought up all those books that were 
like for the office and then i've got a big pile   of books that i got for my birthday so they're 
gonna go in this box and i'm not tackling my   wardrobe today that's like a full day's job that's 
not that's not for today maybe it's for tomorrow   maybe it's for a different vlog oh my god 
then i can tick off things so this is my list   the other day i like powered through and did 
loads of these and i've just done craft supplies oh my god that's all i've done and i 
guess the top wardrobe in the office   that's kind of half done but i'm gonna 
take it off just so we get the satisfaction   oh i'm at that age where i make noises when i sit 
down hello it's the next day and i have a lot of   hair today i'm gonna use like the dressing gown 
belt hair trick tonight but i don't know i didn't   do it last night probably just being lazy i'm 
gonna pack this box of books and then i'm going   to tackle the wardrobe because i just don't want 
to put it off any longer i'm going to leave like   two out maybe just in case i get like a sudden 
urge to be creative i don't like to think that   i'm not going to have that option if i've packed 
everything and i think i'm going to listen to   chris and rosie ramsey's podcast because it's 
great if you don't listen to it you need to i fasten this box upside down i keep doing that 
it means people are going to pick them up the   wrong way okay this is the pile of books i got 
these all for my birthday if you can't already   tell my boyfriend loves books let's do a little 
haul i got this set of books by austin cleon   these are good i've already read this one so i 
think i might actually leave the other two out   maybe i keep carrying around this one to read and 
then i just don't read it and we've got this one   the art of stillness in a noisy world this one 
my parents bought me and it's been on my amazon   wishlist for ages it's a book of disney map and 
it's just so cute i'm definitely gonna use this   as like a coffee table book we've also got some 
like crafty ones that my boyfriend got me so   the art of gouache getting started with gouache 
and then he also bought me winsor and newton   gouache and then some paper for them i feel like 
i should probably pack those with my office stuff   well does this count as an office book i don't 
really know i've also got more books hang on   okay these are in my office i have this i can't 
draw and it has like prompts to just kind of   spark your creativity i bought that when we were 
in the lake district i've got a breathe magazine   i'm gonna leave those out draw like a child also 
has prompts in it i have done a few of these you   just open it on like a random page i saw this in 
the works harry potter knitting i can't knit but i   know people who can so hopefully they can teach me 
creative thinking my boyfriend bought me this as   well and this one you are an artist i don't know 
which ones to pack and which ones to leave out i   mean it's like less than a month away now so likely hood is
obviously i'm not going to read them   all i'll put this one at the bottom the disney one 
because it's huge this box is gonna be heavy then   i'm definitely gonna leave these out because 
i really enjoyed the first one and maybe we'll   just leave it at that just the small ones 
because what is the likelihood of me reading   more than two books in a month i went from 
reading nothing to now every night before   bed i read my kindle so i do have books on my 
kindle i've got kindle unlimited at the minute   because it was like on a special promotion so 
whilst i've got that i might as well just use   that keep all my books in storage and then 
go from there is that a wise thing to do   i don't really know do you know what i'm 
really anal about trying to fit books in   when i'm packing boxes i think this is from 
coming to and from uni so much obviously i moved   into four different uni places so when i 
pack i like things to fit like perfectly like i like there to be no wasted space anywhere oh 
i've also got some brushes too really nice and   then this which i've never owned one of 
these got these for my birthday as well   from my boyfriend's dad bookmarks he must have 
known and then this journal which i love the cover   of it's so beautiful should i be fussy and split 
books or should i just put them all in this box   i reckon i'm just gonna put i also have this book 
this is all about like interior design and making   a happy home and i've already read a big old chunk 
i read that in like two days and it's just so good   i love it i've already like learned a lot from 
it i don't have to leave this out too how many   books is too many books for a month because of 
the minute i've kept out these two but i read my   other one of these in like an hour so that's only 
like two hours of reading this is for my gouache   which i might want to use see like painting 
and crafting is a good escape for my brain so   i don't want to like indefinitely pack them away 
because obviously i'm not sure how fast we will be   unpacking them and then the macrame because 
obviously i left that macrame out yesterday   and the guide for it is in here so i think i 
just need to leave all these out i guess i can   just pack them in a suitcase same with the paint 
i think i'm just gonna have to leave that out paper oh dear oh dear this box is heavy this box is already very heavy i think 
i don't think there's any avoiding that   i might put my liner cut stuff in here stuff like 
this pens most likely not going to use kind of   things in here little craft mat i actually have 
a brand job coming up where i might need that so   now really old watercolor paints   i bought these when i was at uni more 
watercolors who used to use these at school   they're such a throwback i don't think i can put 
this in this box this is too heavy you can go in now this needs to go in a different box it's heavy 
and i'm also quite worried it all bursts open   if it gets squashed this box is gonna be so heavy i don't know what to do about it 
i got a little bit carried away   i was on a roll so i've actually pretty much 
packed everything that i can in these drawers the   top drawers still got like medicine and stuff in 
it then empty all the way down apart from this one   it's got the things that are a bit too heavy for 
such a big box and then this one's empty apart   from the remote for the tv that's in this 
room won't be taking that with me and then   this one is gonna be these are like birthday 
cards and stuff so they need to stay out   and this was too fat and heavy to fit in that box 
so that'll be another box i also need to put them   somewhere but for now i'll just put them back in 
a drawer so we've made good progress i've made   myself up a little bag of like crafty essentials 
so there's like paint brushes two pencils a pen   some sellotape and then we'll just leave it out 
this is the soul and fire pencil case if you didn't   know it's very roomy so i can add stuff to that 
as and when i need oh i just found this box of   stickers let's put these stickers in here as 
well and this is the box it's going to be very   heavy that's pretty much all my like craft stuff 
apart from those couple of big boxes so i'm pretty   impressed with that along with the books that were 
already in there obviously oh and we need to put   this on top and then this can go with that other 
craft paper that's down here cool let's seal it up   top tip for packing right on the box what's in the 
box otherwise you could just write like kitchen   and you won't obviously know what's in it because 
it's very vague um so i have these stickers which   we've been writing what's in the box so when we 
unpack do you like if you're like desperately   looking for like a colander and you know you've 
got one we don't know where it is we've written   it on the box so actually i probably should 
write that first before i see seal it might forget   because i've randomly packed a lot of my 
office drawers i'm going to call it a day   on packing in this video i feel like it's 
become very long so watch out for when i'm   doing my wardrobe and all the other bits you 
saw on that list that i showed you yesterday   i hope you've enjoyed watching me pack and i hope 
you enjoyed the first sort of move-in vlog i guess   this is amazing vlog thank you very much for 
watching this far and i hope you're as excited   for me as i am for the new house so excited 
can't wait all right i'll see you next time bye

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