Native Advertising Insider Ep 2: How to Build a Performance Native Advertising Campaign

So to me, when it comes to content
marketing it all starts with the audience that you're trying to reach and
the problem you're try to solve for them. To create really good content you have to
recognize that you have a variety of different types of customers. And they
may be buying a product for different reasons.

So once you identify the groups
of customers or types of customers or personas that you have, the next question
would be to ask: What kind of problem does my product solve for these
customers? To know if your content works or not,
I think it all starts with an assumption. With your best guess. The next thing is
to deliver your content and see how it sticks with the audience. Do people
actually spend time reading it or not? And you can gauge that as the validation
for your assumption.

I think for me to gauge the success of content that we produce I definitely look at click-through rate,
that's one of the metrics because it indicates just top level interest in a
particular content that we have produced. But then after that, I'm only looking at
time on side. To me average time on site anywhere above for example two minutes
or a minute and a half for maybe slightly shorter pieces, it's definitely
a great way of gauging relevancy of the audience that I am targeting.

There's nothing wrong with asking people to do a
certain thing after a person reads a piece of content. For example
subscribing to a newsletter or downloading an ebook or requesting to talk
to a sales representative. At the end of the day is a decision of a user or
reader to do it or not to do it. If you're one of those brands that are
so great at telling really awesome stories that give goosebumps, maybe you
can get away with telling one story or showing one video to a user for them to
make a decision about your brand. But for us mortals, most of the time you actually
have to talk to a consumer multiple times.

There are various mediums. So that's why it's great that you got the user to a
piece of content, but that's just very initial interaction. That's why you
need to think of how can you retarget users with more content and get them to
read maybe articles or watch videos that are more bottom of the funnel where they
talk more specifically about the product versus all the company values that they
were originally to interact with.

The question of attribution of content is
definitely not straightforward. I don't think there is a silver bullet for
attribution that currently exists, otherwise I think everybody will be
using it. I think you can use a combination of different analytics tools.
You could certainly use platforms that try to help you map the user journey
from the first point of interaction down to sale. You would probably have to
supplement it for maybe on site analytics like Google Analytics but I
would say it's a combination of multiple things. At least at this point in time..

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