Number 1 Thing Everyone Forgets in Advertising

I'm Brian Pombo welcome back to Grants Pass Oregon. We are
currently not in the Orange Office. We are in the new studio office out of
the new headquarters for Today we're going back
to the 3 points….. oh and I'm backwards again. Hold on, give me a second. I'll
flip that I flip note. Hold on, hold on. We'll get this
somewhere along the way. Aha. There it is. I found it. Are
you ready? One, two, three. There we go. Perfect. We've got the three points of getting
your marketing across the market. The message in the media, like
yesterday we talked about the market. You can go back and watch that

It's all about the WHO. Who are you trying to reach? Second, we want to talk about the message. What do you want them to do? What are you trying to get them to do? What are you trying to get across to them? What are you encouraging them to do? That's what the message is all about and
that's what we're going to talk about today. What's the number one thing that people
forget when they are discussing the message, when they're putting
their message out there? The number one thing they forget when it
comes to advertising is they forget to make an offer. They forget
to make a very clear offer. We've discussed this before
here at Brian J. Pombo Live, but we have to make very
clear, you must have an offer, not just any offer, but I've always
liked the term irresistible offer. You have to have something that is so
irresistible to that target market, whoever they may be. If you've got a very clear idea
of who you're trying to reach, the next step is to offer them
something that's a no brainer.

That's so simple. It's why
wouldn't they go work for it? That's the whole idea.
It's gotta be a nice, easy first step for them to be able
to take them along your process. It may be something for free. You see this a lot online that people
offer something for free and there's a reason it's to get that
first initial step going. Once you got that initial step going, you
can go further beyond that afterwards, but you've got to start somewhere. You have to have that initial irresistible
offer in your advertising and your marketing. Whatever you're putting
out there, it's gotta be simple. We've got Joe watching
here. I know Joe, he's the owner of a wine company and they
will go out and give samples of wine. Well, what's easier than taking a
sample of wine? It's just there. It's a WHO's going to say no unless
you don't like wine and you're not the market.

So they're out in grocery
stores, in other places, offering people a taste of their wine to
dry and get them hooked to get them to try to buy a bottle. It's
that irresistible offer. How easy can you make it for your
target market to take that first step? That's what the message, it's a very interesting thing that
most people go and watch a bunch of commercials. Go and watch
a commercial on Youtube. Go and watch a commercial on TV. Go and
listen to a commercial on the radio. How many of them are making an
offer or saying, if you do this, we'll do that.

If you
give us this much money, we'll give you this thing over here. Most of the time they're
not even making an offer. They're just telling you
about the brand name. They're telling you about
something that they are doing. They're just putting it out there. There's no clear offer. Now, big companies can get away with doing
this and they do all the time because they're already out there.
They're already known. They're just reminding you that they
exist and they can afford to waste a whole lot of money. If your
a smaller end company, if you're anywhere under
$50 million a year, you got to pay attention
to your advertising. You've got to pay very close attention
to what you're putting out there and you want to make it all work for you. There's no reason to be spending
money and spending time and effort on advertising if it's not working
for you.

Gotta have an offer. Got to have that irresistible offer. That message has to be clear
and it has to match your market. Whoever you're going after the WHO. This is why we go and
figure out the WHO first, whoever that is. Talk directly to them. Don't just say what you think
about your product or service. Don't just go over features. Discuss the end benefit to this person. What is their end benefit? What
are they going to walk away with? What is the feeling they're going
to have after using your product, after using your service?
What do they walk away with? What is the true in benefit? What is the emotional satisfaction
that they're getting off of it? These are important things to be able
to get a person to take the next step. Think really hard about your
message. Your message is the what? What do I want them to do? It
doesn't matter if you're a business, doesn't matter if you're an organization.

We're all trying to get other people to
do the things we want them to do and if you pay attention to
this process tomorrow, we're going to go over how these
two things then decide the media. Then it tells you where and when you need
to be delivering this message to your particular market. We're going
to go over that tomorrow. If you are a business owner or an
executive in the self-reliance space, meaning you have products and services
that encourage people to become more self-reliant, you're
someone I'd like to talk to. Go to the link is in
the description. Go and check it out. There's a quick video there. I love to
hear what you think. Go and check it out. That's an offer. It's just a
simple one that's completely free.

Even when I'm offering on that page is
completely free to you if you qualify, so go check it out. Tomorrow we're
going to be talking about media. Get out there and let the magic happen..

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