[“One Flight Down – Norah Jones”] Music Play before/after replacing coupling capacitor

Music Play BEFORE and AFTER
coupling capacitor replacement ⑥ In Manual#15, I replaced the coupling capacitor of the FU-50 tube amplifier from a WIMA MKP-10 film capacitor to a MIFLEX KPCU-10 oil capacitor.
Play and listen to the same music before/after replacement.

※ Recording space, music playback device, recording device, speaker, volume, etc. were recorded with the same before/after capacitor replacement as much as possible.

※ Refer to the upper right link for the coupling capacitor replacement video. The sixth song to compare is “One Flight Down” by female jazz & pop singer Norah Jones.

The order of play is "00:34~03:36 After replacement" and "03:38~6:40 Before Replacement “. "AFTER" coupling capacitors replacement "BEFORE" coupling capacitors replacement

As found on YouTube