Pasanga 2 – Tamil Full Movie | Suriya | Amala Paul | Pandiraj | Arrol Corelli

And now the final event
of our school's Sports Meet… The marathon race is about to begin. Whether you manage to
complete the 7 rounds… Or give up in the first
or second round… …that doesn't matter. It's heartening to see so many participants. Let’s wish the best to all the students
participating in the marathon. The event is about to begin. Boys, listen carefully… GIRL: Get lost. You shall abide by the rules. Go on and run, boy. You’re going to run?
That’s an insult to me. Go away! Particpants must take this seriously. We all know why some boys
are participating… If you're here just to show off,
leave the grounds immediately. Check that out! What? If YOU manage to complete even one round,
I will chop my ear off. He’s going to run now?
Dream on. The marathon for boys is about to begin. The boys are all set. Our sports teacher has blown the whistle…
The boys have started to run. Wow! Our boys are running with a lot of energy. They are running with the determination to win! Our boys are pretty good. Make way, boy.
At least let the others run.

Round 1 is complete. As expected, some 10 students
have walked out. Round 2 has begun. …and our boys continue to run. A group of 10 have given up. Round 5 has begun. Let's see how many make it past this round. Here and there, I see boys crashing out
in fatigue. But a few students, relentless,
keep on running. Another 4 boys have given up! Round 6 has begun. If YOU manage to complete even one round… This boy looks like a balloon,
but runs quite well! He'll get punctured now! He might just win, eh? No, no, no.
Hold the applause now. The boy who finished now
is not the winner. He has just started running his 7th round. Quit it, that's enough! Hey, Fatso! The race is over.
Get off the track. He’s running with great vigour
to somehow finish 7 rounds. He said I can’t finish even a single round. I’ve completed 7 rounds. Can't mess with me! Our headmaster will now address the gathering. Greetings, one and all. Our school’s Sports Meet
was a grand success.

I congratulate the boys and girls
who participated and won in today’s events. Our School’s Sports Committee
has arrived at a decision: To present a special prize. It’s for our student who finished last in the marathon. Named Tamizh Nadan. For me? “Why are they giving a prize to
the boy who came last?” “And a special prize!”,
you may wonder. Life is a lot like a marathon, isn’t it? We all run towards success; Some make it to the Finish Line.
And some give up in Round 1.

When Tamizh Nadan ran,
many cheered for him. A few doubted him.
And a few laughed at him. Life works in similar ways. Some will applaud you as you run;
Some will laugh. Our Tamizh Nadan ignored the jibes… He preserved his self respect
by running till the end. He will go places in his life. We conclude by saying,
perspiration is victory. We congratulate Tamizh Nadan
and present him with this prize. PASANGA 2 Good.
The baby looks healthy. Don’t miss the monthly check ups.
Okay? All the best.
-Thank you, Doctor. Thank you, Ma'am. The baby is healthy. Thank you! Divya! I’m coming. Divya! Come soon. It’s getting late. Okay, sure. Yes? Akhil, what are you doing? I am working, of course. I’ll call you later! Did you buy the saffron petals? I forgot. I forgot! You forgot? Akhil… It’s easier to get admission at Akshaya’s school
if we register online before the birth.

Already? It’s the Number 1 school! How did you rate it Number 1? They charge the most fees.
So they must provide quality education, right? They even refused admission
to the Education Minister’s grandson. Mind it. What’s the school’s site address? He’s kicking! He’s kicking, see? Where?
-He’s stopped now. I’ve performed 160 operations
on auspicious dates fixed by this astrologer. He’s a lucky charm. Wait and watch your life change. I’m a little nervous about the operation. This is easier than a normal delivery. Oh, I see.
-It’s the trend now. What do you want your child to be? Actually, a doctor. Engineer?
-Fine! A doctor. Okay? Doctor it is. For a doctor… Keeping in mind your birth stars… October the 15th, at 10: 40 in the morning… Undergo the operation and deliver the baby.

With the Taurus moon and Libra sun sign,
the child will be prosperous. You will lead a flourishing life, too. Divya has delivered the baby. What? She went into labour
in seven and a half months? No complications, right? No complications.
We ran a thorough check. Show me the Apgar score… The baby’s heartbeat, breathing, reflexes,
sneezing and crying… …are the five factors to evaluate the baby. Your baby’s total score is
seven and a half.

Note down the baby’s birth time.
It’s half past seven. Doctor… He was born after seven and half months.
His score is seven and half too. The time of birth is half past seven too. All this seven and a half…
Isn't seven and a half a bad omen? Only time will tell. My name shall cause tremors! I’m waiting. Want to see me throw a punch?
Huh? "I have become a superhero;
I am the strongest!" "I’ll go exploring, just like Dora;
Are there more places to go?" "I can fight, zooming through the air;
Ninjas don’t have rules" "Short and sweet, like a Haiku." "We will dance and sing, like heroes." "I have become a superhero;
I am the strongest!" "I’ll go exploring, just like Dora;
Are there more places to go?" "Check out my hair's spike;
I'm riding an air bike." "My hands are my mic;
That's how I speak." "The sky is my paper;
My pencil, skyscraper." "I can sketch or paint;
Or even throw it away." "Rainbows…
Are our rollerskates!" "The moon…
Is our vanilla cake!" "I want an ice-cream ocean;
And I want a chocolate nation." "Examination nation nation nation…
Don't want that!" "Short and sweet, like a Haiku." "We will dance and sing, like heroes." "I have become a superhero;
I am the strongest!" She keeps talking back to her teachers.

Never obeys.
Always “Why this, why that?” We spend two hundred thousand
per year on her. What if this goes on? Is your son hyperactive? Isn’t that why
he keeps shifting schools every year? We’re closed for admissions this year.
Maybe next year. All the best! Your son argues a lot.
He’s very indisciplined. Please put him in some special needs school. She’s hyperactive and restless. She won’t sit calmly in one place. Her eyes are always searching for something.
She argues a lot. The teachers say she’s a bad influence
on the other children. She’s so mischievous! We’ve shifted four schools
and four apartments for her.

Looking after her for a day
feels like a year. The idea of having another child
gives me the creeps. How does she study? And her speech? She studies hard, but fails in the exams. She talks just fine, Doctor. We don’t even have answers
for all her questions. At school, they say something is wrong
with her health, and to pull her out. From what you’ve said, it must be
either dyslexia or dyscalculia. Kavin! Kavin baby! Wakey wakey. Let me sleep, Mom! Wake up, honey. Let me sleep on holidays… Smells good! Dear, brush your teeth before
drinking coffee. She keeps insulting me. Mom!
It’s JUST half past three. Need to shower. School is off. Let me sleep!
-It's late. Get going. I’m the Lion King.
I swear on my Jungle, I won’t shower.

Swaying… in the rain! Kavin…
-Flying in the rain! Kavin!
-Swaying in the rain! Come out, quick! Kavin! Won't you stop dancing? Stop! I said, stop! Why did you turn off the T.V?
-Yeah? Put on your shirt. Is this any time to eat breakfast? God knows when you’ll return.
That’s the kind of place you’re headed to. True. Where are we going, Mom? I’ll tell you. Won’t you stay put?
Always jumping around… Phew! I woke up at 3 A.M to cook.
How is the breakfast? Look, dear. You keep on cooking.
And I’ll keep eating. The day your food tastes good,
I will let you know.

How do you like it?
-Superb, Mummy. See, he likes it! Daddy, if you say it’s not nice,
she only glares at you. But when I say it, she doesn’t just spank.
She bites! Fine! Where are we going? You get yourself expelled
from every school so easily. See how hard it is
to get an admission. Come on! Hello, Mister. I got here by 5 A.M.
But you’ve given me token number 1093! There are people who've been waiting
since yesterday. Fair enough. Why should we stand in this queue?
Let’s go to a school with no queue. No, son.
This is the best school in the area. Even though they charge a lot,
they have great standards. They’ll make you a first ranker. Everyone in this queue must be thinking that.
But there can be only one first ranker. Turn around, boy! You’ll only believe them.
Not us.

Come on, Daddy! Hands off!
Sorry, Madam. Stop fidgeting about, boy. Back in our days, headmasters would
come home and beg us to send children to schools. But now, we are paying them money,
standing in queues and begging for admissions. There was a time when the government ran schools
and liquor stores were owned privately. But now, the government owns the liquor stores
and schools are run privately. These are tough times. It's seven rupees.
-Isn't it five? Sir, I don't have change. Dad, why is it so crowded here? Are they giving out free stuff? Not giving;
They’re taking stuff away. Daddy, stop! What is it? It’s my teacher. Good morning, Sir! Good morning. Go. That’s your teacher? Yes, Dad. Hello, Sir? Just a minute. Hold my spot. I’ll be back. What? You teach at a government school,
but put your children at a private school? We’re trusting you with our children. It’s not just me.
That’s just how things are. If you want, join the queue. But it’s hard to find a spot. We don’t believe in schools.
We believe in our children. Good for you.
Carry on.

Our public schools will improve only if their teachers
are barred from enrolling their kids in private schools. How is that school
different from my school, Dad? Kids in your school curse in Tamil.
In their school, they curse in English. That’s all. Should have stationed a cop here
to manage the crowd. I am a cop, too.
I am here for my son. God knows what he'll put us through
at the interview tomorrow. Why has she switched schools every year? We weren't satisfied with any of the schools. We heard this was the best school in city. What is your name?
-Naina Say something you know. I know a lot.
What do you want to hear? Rhymes or a story.
Tell me anything. Rhymes or story? They're not taking her in.

Tell me a story. A story I read, or one I wrote? You write stories, too? Why not? We won't get admissions here
for many generations. Okay, tell me any story. The Evil Ravana
abducted Queen Sita to Sri Lanka. King Rama asked for
The Monkey Lord Hanuman's help. And Hanuman said, "Okay, I'll come" I can't tell stories
if the listener doesn't react.

Okay, okay. Next? Lord Hanuman called his friend Spider Man. Tell me, bro.
-I need a favour, buddy. Why? Because there are mountains
and seas between India and Sri Lanka, right? But Spider Man can just shoot his webs
and fly across them! Lord Hanuman can fly, too. He can… But he's carrying The Hill of Herbs in his palm. He can't fly too fast. Lord Hanuman and Spider Man flew to Sri Lanka
really fast and fought with the Evil Ravana. And they saved Queen Sita! Sita thanked them. Why? One must thank those who help them. Yes. And then? Hanuman called The Hulk! Tell me, bro. Why Hulk? They flew in easily. But they need someone to carry Sita back! Hanuman could carry Sita? He can't. He's holding The Hill of Herbs with one hand
and Spider Man's web with the other. Correct.
You may laugh for this. My parents don't laugh at anything I say.
They only get pissed. That's the end of the story? No, no. On their way back to India,
they met my friend Ranjan.

Sita and him had a nice chat. Why did they meet your friend Ranjan? This is my story.
I decide who can feature in it. The three of them came to India
and waited at Vadapalani Bus Stop. Vadapalani Bus Stop? What for? They lost their way.
So they stopped. Hulk had an idea. He called Dora. Dora, where are you? Hello, Hulk!
How may I help you? Who is Dora? This is why
you should spend some time with me. Dora knows her way around.

She has maps and everything. With Dora's help, they dropped Sita
at Velachery Venus Colony. That's all. Why did they drop her at Venus Colony? Because that's my home. I am Queen Sita. We want you at our school, dear. Good job, Nainu!
Thank you, Ma'am. Thank you so much. Don't mock me.
I'm begging you. You're going to 2nd grade.
This is your 4th school.

Your dad had to beg police officers
to get you in. We have to get your dad transferred
every time we change your school, too. Make me a promise. What promise? That you'll study well and score
within the top three ranks. You shouldn't disobey your teacher. You won't call your teachers by name,
or speak bad words. Or hit other children. You won't get up and dance
everytime you hear music. Promise me all this?
-Okay, Mummy. I will try my level best.
Okay? Naina honey, be good.
Okay? Go on. "She is a bad influence on the other kids.
Please, take her away." "Your daughter does this all the time.
She hits and bites!" "She never listens.
She keeps talking back to her teachers." "The teachers want to resign…"
"So badly behaved in class…" "I've never seen such a bad student
in all my years as a teacher." "We can't handle such a student." "We'll return the fees and the donation you've paid.
Please pull your child out of our school." Repeat after me.
"I see a rainbow…" "Across the sky" Hey! Come and sit in your place.

"I see a rainbow,
across the sky." Miss, Naina is poking me with a pencil. Get up.
Switch places with her. Okay, students. Today, we'll learn the names
of our popular leaders. We will match those names
with the given pictures. Kavin, what are you doing? Kavin, I expect you to behave yourself
from tomorrow, okay? Show your parents what I had written
in your diary. Go on.
-Bye! Take care, Miss. Did you pull a seven and half today?
-No, Mummy. I kept quiet even when teacher questioned me. Mummy, does the dog know that it's called "dog"? Yes, it does. But it doesn't respond to "dog".
It responds to "joo-joo". Why don't we call it "joo-joo"? How were you born in my womb? Who did you expect then?
A world beauty? Bye!
-Sir… You'd borrowed my pen
but never returned it. Sorry! Sorry, but you borrowed it a few times before.
But never returned it.

So… Fool, where are the pens on my table? Sir, we buy pens at the office expense.
But it keeps getting stolen. Hire the Intelligence Bureau to find them. Fool! What's happening? This is strange! He's started studying
after one day at school? Paperweight? They've accidentally put this paperweight in our bag…
-Divya, stop! This is mine. Yours? It was on the billing table. He billed me. I nicked this. You stole this? I didn't steal it! I was attracted to it. You gave the beggar 20 rupees.
Could have bought this with the money! Buying it for money won't be as exciting.
You won't get it. Get ready, we're going to my friend's place.
-Oh God! Welcome!
Please come in. Sit down.
-Happy birthday! Where's your daughter? Naina! Yes, Mom? Say hello to uncle and aunty. Look at that! You recite rhymes so well
even though no one told you to. My mum would have
asked me to recite rhymes anyway. Every time we have guests at home… They ask me to recite. Right, Mummy? Shall I sing next? Turn on your camera. You must learn to sing like that! Do you like to sing? No, my mum likes it.

When she was in school,
she wanted to learn singing, dancing… And Hindi language.
But these wishes were not fulfilled. So she's fulfilling the wishes
through me. Next, she wants me to sing in reality T.V. Right, Mummy? Share the video with others through WhatsApp. Such a good girl.
-Careful with the baby! This is your only chance to be happy. Once you start school,
you'll have to sing for everyone. You'll have to dance for everyone. And score the top three ranks. Loudmouth! Another guest? But I'm so tired! I guess I'll skip school tomorrow. Good morning, "Boring" Shylaja!
-Sit down. Good morning, "Boring" Shylaja! Silence! Kavin! Madam, I am sorry. Very, very sorry.
Please. He speaks curse words,
has bad habits! Sorry, Ma'am. This won't happen again. Write that down in a letter
and sign it. Naina! Kavin! Naina! "Thrown into the dark forest;
With my eyes blindfolded." Naina, get up.

Sit down. "Can't I just play Inky Pinky;
And jump here and there?" Get out! Phew, I got away. "Moving to your ding-dong school bell;
Marching to bear beat, are we robots?" "Run, run.
Run with that spirit." "Dance, dance.
Dance in joy." "Sing, sing.
Sing your own tunes." I'll tell the teacher! "Fly with your flock, little birdie!" "Laugh and play Saa-Boo-Three,
No classes this evening, you are free." I'm trying a new recipe today. Silence!
Get out. Mummy, do water snakes catch cold? Do your homework. See our neighbour Nithin?
Nice kid. He's such a good student. And you are so stupid. But you're so naughty. Mummy, tell me what you want me to do.
Don't compare me to others, okay? He's in first grade.
I'm in second grade! Dad, it's Tuesday.
I need my sports uniform.

Naina! I'm going to put you in a hostel! Should I call you on WhatsApp to eat? It's late, go to sleep. I'll just finish this game. Dad, turn on the lights. I'm thirsty.
-Drink this. I want to pee. I feel like pooping. You brat! Give me fresh clothes.
This has become wet. Change him, dear. Why, are you ailing? I won't wear green! You're wearing blue.
I want to wear blue, too.

Here. Take this! Stop playing around, dear! Happy? Are you happy? Sing for me, I'll fall asleep. They've got the same voice! First you tired me out. Now you're making your mother sing
to piss me off? I'll sleep at the Security's quarters. "Don't you stop;
Fly on and on like the wind." I'm going to put you in a hostel. "Don't you tire;
Wag away that tail of yours." "Forget this world;
Go on, hop and swirl!" You're always searching
for your phone or your wallet. Do you ever look for your brain?
-You rascal! "Flash that bright smile;
It will annoy them." "If you hesitate, then
Even Sundays are no fun!" Naina, don't scribble on the walls! "These rules are so wrong;
Who's gonna change that now?" "Go ahead and tickle them!" Why are you standing out? I'm tired from work.
I can't handle Kavin now. Call me after he falls asleep?
I'll come then.

I should stay up and suffer alone? Is this a contest? Kavin! Mum, get inside this! Hey, listen to the class.
Keep quiet. My name is Naina. Stand up.
Won't pay attention? Stupid. Miss, I did pay attention. I was listening to what you were saying.
Why should I look at your face? I can't look at the same face for too long.
I get bored. Hey, don't laugh. It will annoy the teacher
and get me thrown out. Okay? Get out! Thank you, ma'am. Excuse me, Miss. I can't find my pen, Miss. This is not the first time.
This is the third time. See, all of you children are from well-off families. So none of you need to steal from anyone. It must have fallen into some bag by accident. Or someone might have just taken it
because it was really pretty. I don't wish to name the person,
but I know who took it.

So what I'm going to do is… I'll keep a bag outside. Everyone should form a line, close your eyes
and put your hand inside the bag. And whoever took the pen
shall drop it in. So we'll find the pen;
And no one will know who took it. Okay?
-Okay, Miss! Wow! Such a terrible habit!
-Miss, I'm sorry! Did you show your parents
what I wrote in your diary? I lost the diary, Miss. How did you lose the diary? What happened? What do you mean? Silence! Kavin! Not just that.
He doesn't respect his teachers.

He hit me from behind! I sent her out of class for misbehaving.
She went and rang the bell! I was bored. I wanted to go home.
So I rang the bell. Ask your parents to come tomorrow. Thank you, Miss. Last warning.
Next time, I'll send you out of the school. Okay, Ma'am! Go, now. Thanks a lot. What nonsense? Ask his parents to come.
-He's always like this. Kavin!
-Madam. Sorry, Ma'am! Very, very sorry. No one in my family has the stealing habit. You look graceful, like
bygone P.M Indira Gandhi. Please! Kavin, don't touch that! Always fidgeting! Don't, Mummy! Please. Look at your father.
He's a bank manager. He's begging everyone for your sake! Divya, stop!
-Won't you behave? How many schools will you change?
-Why are you hitting me? Won't you obey us? Are you shameless? Silence.

Are you mad? Some children are mischievous,
but they are good students. Your daughter only does mischief. I'll wait till her half term exams.
If she does well, we'll see. Or else, I will expel her. If only he'd always be this quiet. I hit him so badly, but those teachers
and principal didn't even budge. I'm furious at that principal, too. I wanted to steal something I liked
from her table. But couldn't. However…
Divya! Mom… I'm sorry, Mom.
I won't do this again! Dear… Shall I quit my job? I'll stay home full time
and take care of him. Nobody likes me. Everyone says I'm a naughty boy. Mum and Dad are hitting me. My teachers scold me
and punish me. I really won't do mischief again. But no one will believe me! I promise! You're always home. This is your job. Can I go to work and manage this, too? Why is she so bad at studies? What do you do at home? You send the child to school
and sleep all day.

Is this too hard? I'll put her in a hostel if she doesn't
score well in the half term exams. Let's go to a good doctor tomorrow. This is called Dyscalculia. Need to treat her for at least two months
to arrive at a diagnosis. They just give it some new name,
get us to do X Rays, E.C.Gs and scans… … Just to write "Nil" everywhere
and take our money. They give us a fright! He's not hyperactive. He's active. There's a world of difference between
hyperactive and overactive. Don't worry.
-Mummy! We had lots of space to play
back home in small towns. We had trees to climb. We had wells to swim in. But now? We lock them up in 750 square foot space
and complain that they're naughty.

What can he do? Be grateful that he's active. This is how kids are at this age.
You were like this, too. Why does she need counselling? Medicines will lead to side effects! They just blame it on the child
when the teachers are lazy. When is the site visit? What's up, Vidhya? Little brat! Always on the phone,
WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter. You coach her for exams from now. No, it's nothing. I'll just call you back. Bye! Vidhya! Please study, Kavin.
Exams are around the corner.

Your son has scored 100 marks. Thank you!
Superb, boy. We gave him extra coaching… He's scored 100 marks in total. E Grade. Oh no! Sorry, Ma'am. Very sorry, Ma'am. Sharp, smart and intelligent. But her scores? Really poor. Why don't you try some international school? He's only getting worse with time.
There's no improvement. I think he needs some counselling badly.
And immediately. Our school is ranked Number 2.
We want to be Number 1. See a good doctor.
I suspect he might have ADHD. Ma'am, that's enough. With every expulsion,
he gets one new illness in each school. We'll leave. Dad, didn't get the expulsion certificate? Vidhya! Vidhya, are you okay?
-Take this. I just found out. Let's not do this. What if it's a boy?
-Doesn't matter. Can't even handle one. It'll be a struggle with one more. We haven't even planned her expenses yet. I want it, too. Which school now? Tambaram Chellamal School. Need to pay 400 thousand rupees upfront
during admission. But no extra expenses till she finishes school. They'll return the money upon graduation,
just like house deposit. Just need to get him in, somehow! No matter how bratty he is… They won't expel, because they'd
have to return the money.

What do you say? Okay. So we'll find an apartment in that area? Found one. Each peach, pooch peach.
Choose your best plum. Each peach pooch plum.
Choose your best plum. My name is Kavin. My name is Naina. Which school?
-Chellamal. Wow! Me too. Which class? 3- 'B'
-Superb! Bye!
-Bye. You brat! He worries me! Don't just worry, Divya. He's crossed 7.5 years of age.
No more troubles.

See? Bell is a good omen. Careful.
-Tell me, Mom. I looked into your horoscopes.
This is a good time for you. Can't hear you.
Please repeat, Mom? I said, times are very good
for you and your husband. I told you. But Kavin… His seven and a half year curse
begins tomorrow. The astrologer said to watch out. What seven and a half year curse, Dad? That's nothing. Your parents are going to get whopped
for the next seven and a half years.

So I won't get whopped? No. Only you'll get whop-whop-whopped? Already getting whopped. Right, Divya? What? Feel the good vibes? Up next… To kickstart the games for 5 to 6 year olds… We request Dr. Tamizh Nadan and his wife,
the teacher Vemba, on to the stage. Welcome!
-Greetings! I've come here not as a doctor,
but a father. This is not necessary. I'm not here as a teacher, either! I'm not here as a student, either.

-You must inaugurate it. I'll do it, Dad. See, your daughter has gone already.
You must do it. Okay! All the best.
-All the best. Ready? On your marks, get set..
Go! Come on, Kamakshi! Super, dear. Oh no. Get up and run.
-Get up and run! Help her up.
-Durga, get up and run. Help her up. Just get up and run.
-Are you hurt, dear? She is embarrassing us.
-How can a fallen child run? Take care of her.
-Why didn't you run? Why did you fall?
-Why? Come on, Kamakshi!
-What are you doing? Baby, take the bottle and run. Look at her! What for?
-She is getting two bottles. Okay, baby. Come back! Why did you turn to look at me?
If you'd looked straight, you'd have won.

Such a waste. You keep running around at home. But you can't run in a race.
You came third! Superb, Kamatchi.
-Very good, sweetie! Baby, you ran fast to get the first bottle.
But why did you stop? There were many bottles, Daddy.
But I wanted a pink bottle. But there was a blue bottle in your track.
-You could have taken it. But my favourite colour is pink.
So I waited and searched for it. Then why did you go back
for the blue one? Because brother would like it.
Here, brother. How sweet!
-You're such a darling. My darling! Come here. Superb, sweetie. You ran really well.
-Look at her! She took what she wanted;
Not what she found. Win or lose, she did what she wanted. It's what I love about my Kamakshi. I wouldn't have been this happy
even if you'd finished first. You brought what you liked.
That's your individuality.

Wow! "Our Tamizh Nadan ignored the jibes…" "He preserved his self respect
by running till the end." "He will go places in his life." We have admissions in our school tomorrow. Greetings to all you parents. To tell you about
our school's admission procedure… Over to our Special Educator Miss Vemba. Greetings to everyone. We all have aspirations for our children. Those of you who wish their children to be
doctors, lawyers, engineers or collectors… Please raise your hand? I want my son to become an aeronautical engineer.
Does it count? Of course.

Thank you. Firstly, my best wishes to all of you. For mapping your child's future
while they are just three. Unfortunately, this school is not
right for you. I'm very sorry. There are many schools for you
out there. You may leave. Those who didn't raise their hands,
please come forward. Please. Let's just hear her out.
-Why is she talking that way? We hold our kid's hands
and walk before them. They walk behind us. How can we monitor their activities then? Our school's concept is,
we let the kids walk and follow them. That is, we don't ask our children
to come into our world. We enter theirs. We watch each child individually,
spot their interests and work on it. Our school doesn't have a syllabus
for the first five years. They needn't bring books. No homework. No school uniform.
No holiday assignments, either. We don't believe in homework.
We believe in teamwork. Our children pursue life.
And in doing so, pursue knowledge. If this interests you,
get these application form.

Why spend on a school like this? They're playing with our kids' futures
trying to be different. How will they support themselves? Let's get out of here. Stone, paper, scissors! No playing here.
Go to the playground! Go away! I need discipline, manners.
Perfection. Perfection! Crazy. That secretary lady insulted us. And some weeny kid bumped into us
but didn't apologise. We'll show them. How? There's a power cut.
It won't be back for another hour. No water.
Get them to turn the motor on? Vidhya! He only showers on Sundays.
No water even today? Poor thing. I only shower on Sundays, huh? I will shower,
even if there's no water. Baby, I'm disguised as a Courier Man. Are you home alone? You can come disguised as anything.
There's no one here. Don't worry. The timing couldn't be better. Really? I'm coming. You'll be okay, Dad. Mum! Somebody is watching us.
-Really? Stop ringing the bell!
I'm coming.

Can't even go to the bathroom in peace.
They won't stop ringing the bell! Where is Naina? Oh no! He's started again. Kavin! SECURITY! I'm coming. It was him!
He rang the bell. Get him! You said no one was here. Everyone's out looking at me. Are you kidding me? Sir! I swear on my mom,
it wasn't me. I'm coming. Who are you?
Buzzing the bell like a mad man. Watch your manners.
I'm your next door neighbour. You live here? I've lived here for 3 years.
Never seen you before.

I've lived here for 5 years, too.
I haven't seen you either. You haven't seen me before?
-You haven't? No, sir.
Haven't seen you in all this time. Darn. Nice to meet you, sir.
-Nice meeting you. Father-in-law! What's wrong?
Dear, come here! Is this the time to shake hands?
Your dad is breathing his last. Come on.
-Dad! Catch him!
-Stop. Nasty fellows. Missed it.
-I'll go next. Okay? Someone rings the bell,
and you call me? I'm the Apartment Secretary
not the security. Hi, Auntie! What's that? It fell on her mouth! Superb! Secretary! That's you. Security! That'd be me. Bring me those brats,
wherever they are. Go! So cool! What? No air in your car tyres? Do I look like an air pump man? Darn.

She got away. Oh no! What's happening here?
-First it was water, next sand. Maybe they'll bury you next? They've done it? What's that?
-Ambulance. Careful. Careful.
-What happened? Secretary, if anything should happen to my dad,
you'll answer to me. What nonsense?
How is it the Secretary's fault? What can I do? Madam, let's call for an emergency meeting. You freshen up first. Yes, bring me those brats. How can a Secretary handle everything? And you people… If you wish to live in apartments,
must you not look after your kids? They should be disciplined
and well behaved. And you know very well.
I want discipline and decency. Perfection! Oh no.
Looks like Oldie's dead. I'll spank you! What's going on here? Look how they behave right before us? What are you doing? Control your children! Kavin! What? They should be put in a hostel.
-Okay, please.

Please, everyone. You need not worry. I'll put my daughter… In a hostel. What?
-Mom, please don't. Good riddance! Do that! Please! Please? Yes, we'll put our son in a hostel. Mommy, no!
Tell Daddy not to. Akhil, what's all this?
-Excuse me! I am Tamizh. A doctor. Hi, I'm Dr. Tamizh Nadan.
-Hello. I saw everything. I don't think they need a hostel. I'm a child psychiatrist. This is my clinic's address.

Why don't you drop in?
We'll talk. Sir, call me anytime. Come. Kids are naughty sometimes.
But we can't… He threw it away. He must have hit the peak of sadness. Dad! Mommy, don't go.
Take me with you. I won't do mischief. Please! You'll like it here. Wait for a few days.
-No! Don't cry, baby.
I'll call you everyday. I'll visit on weekends.
Okay? You shouldn't cry.
-Get going, time is up. Don't cry…
-Dad, take me with you! Dad!
-Okay, let's go. Dad, take me with you. Dad! Take me with you. Divya… Set the air-conditioner at 20. Or even 18. After a long, long time.
I shall sleep peacefully tonight. Thank you, God!
Thank you. Go to sleep. What's wrong? Had Naina been here…
She would not have let us watch T.V. It's hard to handle her mischief.

And it's hard without her mischief, too! My baby must be suffering there. Just wait for a week. We'll visit him this Sunday. Alright. He'll be fine. Hi, Nithin! Mr. Nithin? What's up? That's a nice shirt.
So stylish. A chocolate for Nithin.
Yeah? Don't want it, Uncle. They say I'll get cavities. Okay. Ninja Hattori!
Can Nithin have ice-creams, please? No, Uncle. They say I'll get cold. Fine, then.
Some milk shakes or cold drinks? Which flavour?
-No, Uncle.

They say I'll get fever. Don't you buy him anything? Doctor. We think he has
health problems. The real problem is when a child
has no problems. A child is meant to have some problems. What do you think is wrong with Nithin? Doctor, I see so many kids in the apartment. They're all so smart, chirpy and active. But he's always so dull and withdrawn. Why do you say he's dull?
You could say he's calm. Only if we treat kids like kids,
will they respect their adults as adults. Mom and dad are totally wrong. Say sorry to Nithin.
Both of you! Like friends. Sorry, Nithin.
-Sorry, Nithin. Happy?
-Yes. Super happy? Do you like Finding Nemo?
Your favourite character? Yes, I like.
-Dory or Merlin? Okay, what's this? What's this?
-A frog? Good catch! Green… Red… Yellow.
-Wow! You got all the colours right. Give me a five! I must give Nithin something.
Who said you were dull? You like it?
-Yeah! Here.

Hey! Wow. You made that?
-Yes. He makes these? Yeah, he does that.
-We didn't know. Wow. Damn good.
-Thanks. Chalk art. I'll keep it right here. Was Nithin born in a normal delivery? No, a caesarian. He's a brilliant kid.
You don't have to worry about him. Sir, what's your name?
-Chandru. Chandru! Okay. What do you do with this? Okay, one more… You seem like a good boy.
-I'm not a good boy. I'm a bad boy. Give me an injection
if you want. I don't have any injections. Tell me, what does he do? Two T.Vs, four remote controls,
three cell phones, eight tube lights… He broke them all! Not just that. He beat up the neighbour's kids
so many times! And he swears a lot, Doctor.
-Yeah! Children don't swear.
They only repeat what they hear. You must swear a lot while driving the auto? He may have heard you say a word or
two at home, and just repeated you.

Children always imitate their parents. The environment is their best treatment. Wake up!
-It's time, wake up! "These flowers were in bloom;
Who cast them to doom?" "Their smiles brighter than the sun;
Who said that it's all done?" "They've been uprooted,
Their garden polluted!" "How could they be fragrant?" "A flower speaks with colours;
Why would you take that away?" "Is the inside of a glass jar
Any place for a little flower?" "They've been displaced,
Thrown into strange space!" "How could they find their way?" Everybody, inside!
Inside. Now. "Gone are your shrieks of laughter;
This dead silence is torture." "The ground where you played;
It looks so desolate today." "Your Mommy's home.
So is your Daddy." "Then why are you the orphan here?" "They've been shunned;
Their laughter silenced." "How could they be happy?" Study! a, A b, B c, C Read your books! If you keep troubling me… I'll put you in a hostel,
just like that Uncle did to his daughter.

Six thousand two hundred and thirty one. When we split them,
we have six 1000s, two 100s… Kavin! Come here. Oh no!
-Solve this. Silence! Kavin, what's your problem? I'll be there…
-Excuse me, sir. Yes?
-We need to talk. We've settled the payment.
Looking for a tip…? No such thing, Sir! Do you like our hotel's services? Very nice! That's why we host all our
end of the year meetings here. Please don't misunderstand my saying… Tell me. There's a silver spoon
in your trouser pocket. If you wish to,
you can keep that as our gift.

Me? What nonsense? My pocket? My family..! No one in my family has a stealing habit. No, Sir.
It is there, just check. Some friend must have playfully…
You rascal! He's naughty! He must have put it there. I'll deal with this later.
-Sorry, Sir. Doesn't appear that way. You slipped it in your pant pocket…
I'm not saying that! Our CCTV camera footage says so. Sorry, Sir. Very, very sorry. My wife would have really liked
this silver spoon. I will pay for this..
-Not at all! To us, our customer is the priority. This is not the first time.
It's your third time. First you took a silver goblet. Next, it was a bowl. So the management wanted me to
talk to you. Don't mistake me, sir. It's okay. But I'll pay for it…
-Sorry, Sir. We won't accept it. Thank you. Oh shucks! Such a terrible habit! You're a father!
You should know better. You stole my purse? He cried so bad when this watch
went missing! And you talk about your lineage.
-Divya! I feel so guilty. I just can't be normal.

Sorry, Divya. Fine. We'll go see a doctor.
-Then give me that! There's a thief in my house? Oh god! Greetings. Who's calling? May I speak to Tamizh Nadan?
-Sir! Caught me on the landline? Can you give me an appointment for the evening? Sir, it's a Sunday.
Family time. We're all going to visit a friend. Let's meet tomorrow?
Post lunch? Yeah, sure. Done. Honey? What do you call one who doesn't listen up? Good Lord. Please…
Leave me alone! This happens every Sunday…
-Dad-in-law! "Those who don't listen up
are mockingly called this…" What word is it? Obviously, it's "Dumb-a-rumb". Yes! I knew that. Dude. What's special for lunch? But Vemba doesn't like mutton.
Make fish fry instead! Make the fish gravy tangy.
Add some country garlic, too.

Lots of pepper in the soup. And no yoghurts. Add some ginger, chillies, curry leaves,
coriander, mustard seeds to butter milk. We're just starting in five minutes. Chilled betel leaf after-meal for all. Okay? Right, dude! Done, buh bye. We're going for a feast.
Is it polite to give a food list? Why not? We're the guests.
But they'll cook their favourite food. When do I get to eat my
favourite foods? Why don't you like me, Mom? But I like you a lot, Mom. Who said I don't like you? I like you a lot. Then why did you put me
in this hostel, Mom? I'm sorry for troubling you, Dad. But I didn't mean to. Please, Mom.
Take me home! Please, Mom! While showering today,
soap got into my eyes.

My eyes burnt
and I kept crying and crying. No one even noticed. Who'll give me Kellogg's breakfast now? They give me rice-cakes hard as stone here. I even threw up yesterday. The janitor kept scolding me
while cleaning it up. But you used to rub hot water
on my chest when I throw up, Mom! I won't scribble on the walls.
I won't play games on cell phones. I won't hit anyone.
Or steal chocolates and eat them. I won't waste food.
I'll do my homework on time, Mom. I won't be called a bad boy again. You were humiliated by my teachers
because of me. I won't get into trouble again, Mom! Please, Mom! Kavin!
-Please get me out of here, Mom. Naina, don't cry. Let's get him out of here? I've never seen Naina so upset. She's undergone so much change
in just a week. If she continues here for a year,
won't everything be fixed? "Sir, the other day at the morning assembly…" "You said that electricity and water
shouldn't be wasted…" "But there are three loose pipes
in our canteen." "There are plastic bags and cups
lying everywhere." "Please fix this, sir." "Yours, Abhiman." Superb, man! I'll surely call the people concerned
and have this fixed.

Okay? Okay, today you get two stars.
-Thank you, Mom. Thank you, Sir. Kleptomania is a mental condition. Theft handedness,
just like left handedness. Even an extremely wealthy person… Gets pushed to the state of mind
where they want to steal worthless objects. Be it an everyday object,
or something that belongs to someone else. They desire some objects. They lay their hands on the object,
believing that they own the right to do so. Impulse control disorder. Even if the object they steal
has no apparent value to them… They safeguard it and they save it like
little trophies. Yes, Sir! This is a rich man's disorder. Is this a rich man's disorder?
-Yes. About money… Even many rich people
are affected by this. You don't worry. First, we must start your psychotherapy. Then we'll give you the SSRI treatment. Will it cost a lot?
-Yes. But you can fund it? Doctor, I don't do money!
Only objects.

The doctor said no need to worry.
Why are you so low? I'm so ashamed of myself. The doctor was such a great guy. He gave me therapy! How would he manage
without his stethoscope? Thank you, Doctor!
-You, sneak… My hand resists,
but the heart persists. What can I do, Divya? Smells great. Who are your friends? They're from 'E' Block, Granny!
-Oh! Wow, superb! You've scribbled all over the walls.
Won't your mum slap your arm? They enjoy everything I do.
-Such a lucky boy. My mum hit me in the hand,
because my house owner yelled. Now I don't like to draw. What are these stars for? If I do what my mum says,
she gives me a star. Look how many I have! These are my stars. You're such a creative cook! Is it really good?
-From now, you cook. It's superb. Oh, Kamakshi!
Who is that? They're my friends. Kavin and Naina. Their parents hit them, it seems.
They were crying in the park. So we brought them here.
-Oh! Is your dad a cook? No, he's a doctor.

Come, let's eat. I can't find her. Naina! Aunty, I heard you never hit Abhiman. Never. Is Abhiman a good student?
-He's average. So how's hostel life?
Why did they hit you anyway? Did you misbehave? Why do all parents pry so much? Sorry.
May I ask what you'll eat? We're so angry,
we'll eat anything you give us. Did you look in the swimming pool? Does your dad get you
everything you ask for? Ice creams give me a cold.
But he buys me anyway! Then he happily gives me
medicine before I could catch a cold. Abhi, can we exchange our parents? No, man. I love my mom and dad. Juice for the naughty little ones.
-Aunty! Is there ice in it?
Mom will get mad.

-Aunty… There are these ladies
in T.V ads who are sweet to children… You look like them. Is that so? She talks well.
But she won't say why her mom hit her. Yes, you never told us. Tell them.
-Shall I? They put us in a hostel. But we didn't like it there. Want to know what we did there? Friends, shall I tell you a story? You can tell stories?
-I tell great stories. What story? A doggie story? Or no.
I'll tell a ghost story. Tell us the doggie story. There's a ghost amongst us now. What do you mean? Yes, look over there. Hi, Shalini. How are you? Hi, Naina. I'm fine. Have you eaten?
-Yes, I just ate. There's no one there.
She's lying. Who is Shalini?
Where is she? She was my neighbour
in my old apartment. After school, we found a puppy
lying on the road. She went to save the pup.
An ambulance hit her and she died. Ambulance is meant to save people.

Yes. But it killed Shalini. She sleeps with me at night. She talks only to me. Go away! I'm scared. Stop this. I'm scared, too. Shalini, not now.
They're getting scared. Come back when everyone
has gone to sleep, okay? Bye! Oh no! It's HER. Who is she? This lady usually sits in graveyards. Her drunkard husband hit her
and she… Hung herself to death.

No more stories. Look! You can't come here. You're scaring everyone. Go away! It is coming towards us.
Everybody, run! Please, Aunty! Don't… The kids are screaming!
And you're on the phone? Come closer, I dare you.
-What's happened? She's telling us ghost stories! Why are you telling them
ghost stories at this time? Are you the warden, woman? Won't you mind your job? Sis, hit that woman! Mommy! Oh God…
Come here, everybody! Quick, please! The warden is lying in the bathroom…. In a pool of his blood! If he dies,
will he become a ghost? What do we do now? What's the matter here?
-Oh no! No yelling. Don't shout. I said, don't shout!
No shouting. What happened?
-Stop crying. I hear his voice,
but I can't see the man. He is right here.
-I'm right here. Oh no! I hear the voice again.
But can't see the man.

What's wrong?
-I'm lying dead? Am I lying in there? Kids!
-It's the ghost! I looked but I couldn't find my body. I can hear his voice! I'm not there. Oh no!
I hear his voice again… I hear the dead warden! They wreaked havoc last night! They made me wet my pants. Hello?
-What's happening? My son is so afraid… No, nothing of that sort.
Nothing to fear, sir. Is there a ghost in the hostel?
-No, sir. No such thing! All the parents want to
take their children home. Have those two devils taken home. Oh, no! Shalini, you've come here too? Who is Shalini?
Huh? Look here. If someone asks me which school I went to,
I'd name one. How many schools will you name? I'll name 5-6 schools. You will! Trying to tell ME your stories?
-Why are you hitting me? You will…
-What happened? Get out of my sight.
Go! Let me go, Mum!
-You brat! Daddy, see..? Spank him!
-Daddy's hitting me… Divya!
-Go inside.

Let me go! Hit her hard. Mad child.
-I won't live with you anymore. Got hit so badly. Poor you! It's so violent for a person weighing 70 kg
to hit someone who weighs 17. Poor things. Kavin! Brother?
-I haven't seen Kavin. You're ogling so hard.
Don't fall into that sewer. Kavin? Kavin? Sir.
You look nervous… I'm looking for my daughter. Thank god! I said I'm looking for my daughter.
You're thanking god? No, my son is missing too!
I thought he wandered away alone. But they've gone missing together.
-Let's look for them? They're not there.
-They're not there, either. This way, then? Kavin!
Naina! Is this your house?
Ring the bell. They're not there. Nobody home? My dad would either be on the phone.
Or in the bathroom.

Where were you?
We've been looking everywhere. Sorry, sorry.
They were at our place. A doctor should know better. Don't you know
their parents would be worried? It's my fault. They were pouring their hears out.
I was engrossed hearing them. Don't mistake me for saying this again.
Bring them to my clinic. We'll talk about stuff.
Here is my card. Let's go!
Sorry, bye. See? Doctors have started picking patients
at their doorsteps. Good business! We've seen so many doctors. Might as well see him, too. Doctor, even if there's a small pain,
I fear that it's an attack. I've seen too many doctors. So I chucked your card away
the other day. Sorry, doctor.
-No problem. There is a different doctor for every illness.
You just hadn't seen the right one. Some parents check their active children
for hyperactivity. In some cases, hyperactive kids are
dismissed as "naughty". Both are wrong. Doctor, how much do you charge? Do you have an MRI scan equipment?
-Why talk about that now? Because we've done X-rays, scans
and every test head-to-toe. No need for all that.

How will scans reveal anything
about a naughty kid? I mean… Don't mistake me, but everyone uses
our kids as a weakness and cheat us! Right from toy vendors
to the school managements. Even cloth sellers! If they charge 500 for adults,
they charge 1,550 for kids. Try asking a doctor what's wrong
with the kid… That's all! They live just to snatch
every last penny from us. Akhil, If you get so emotional,
they'll give you a free one, too. What?
-Blood pressure. I've got enough of that, sir. What's wrong with those kids? Before healing these kids,
we need to heal their parents.

Yes. They need counselling first. They're at the peak of stress. And that bank manager.
He's at the peak of all peaks! Poor people.
This can't be fixed in one meeting. I'm tired.
And hungry! Food is here.
-My dear! You brought it yourself? Akhil… What do you think about Bill Gates? Bill Gates? He's the richest man in the world. Ten times richer than Ambani. If we had that much money,
I think we'd go mad. Michael Jackson? Oh, I'm a huge fan of his! When I was in school,
I had his posters all over my walls. So graceful! So stylish! When his songs come on T.V,
I'd never switch channels. Do you like Lord Krishna? Come on.
How could one not like Lord Krishna? I still love to watch the T.V show on him.

Right from Krishna… Bill Gates, Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise,
Jim Carrey, Albert Einstein… And several geniuses from our country…
Have all been hyperactive children. That very special personality trait
that these people possessed… Your son possesses it. What do you mean? Yes, I'm serious. To believe what I'm saying,
you must remove your glasses first. Not the glasses you're wearing! I meant the tinted glasses with which
you view your children. You can wear these. Okay… What your child has,
is not an illness or a disease. It's a part of her personality. She's not a special kid. She's a super kid! It's called ADHD. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. So he can't lead
a normal life, like other kids? Just because they stand out in the crowd,
don't think they are abnormal.

They can be extraordinary, outstanding. They don't stand out.
They stand apart. They don't take the paths laid for them;
They wish to make their own. That's all right.
But we can't just let kids go astray. Academics is important, too. If they don't study well,
how will they get into Ivy League schools? Ivy League schools are great.
I'm not telling you not to have goals. But we needn't make them achieve
what we failed to.

She's not just hyperactive. She's hyperactive and highly intelligent. In fact, she'll always be two steps ahead of us. They even make mistakes brilliantly. She's a gifted child. All said and done, when she
doesn't score well… We end up having to bow our heads
at the school. We chose to stand in the queues
to enroll our children there. So we're the ones who must
bow our heads, too.

I'm just kidding. Many schools don't teach lessons. They only train them to write exams. Please, let's get out of that rat race. Let's not plant grades in their heads. Let's plant good thoughts. When will he get better? It will get better with time. Your clinic looks like a school! Really? Thank you. Will Naina get admitted into the school
that your kids go to? Actually, my wife works for the school.
I'll try talking to her. Hello.
Doctor Uncle is busy. It's okay.
-Naina! Thank you, Naina. Hi, Kavin. Hi, Naina! Welcome! You may leave. I'll take it from here. You said this won't be like other schools. But you're punishing them
with sit-ups here, too? That's not a punishment. It's called super brain yoga. It's a small exercise that helps kids
be active and concentrate.

Don't worry. I'll take care. Bye! Hey, kids.
You've got new friends today. You may sit there. Okay, children. Five… Four… Three… Two… One. Ready! Are they crazy?
-I think so, yes. Naina, why aren't you laughing? Why should I laugh like I'm crazy? When you laugh really hard,
your muscles relax… And you loosen up. We can all relax and pay attention to class. Students in foreign countries follow this.
-Superb! So to conclude… Teachers…
And doctors like me… Should continue to talk
and give the right advice. I'm sure it'd be very interesting.
Go ahead. Kids are the seeds. Parents are the gardeners. Our family is the soil that holds the seed. Teachers are the sunlight. Their friends are the water. You could say that therapists and doctors
are like agriculture officers. More than any doctor's therapy,
family therapy is the best. Only parents who play with their children
can control ADHD. When I say parents,
I mean both the parents. Dads also, alright? See? But mothers are the best therapists. "Dum Dum- That sound Dum Dum;
Dum Dum- Beats our little hearts." "Can't you hear the music?" "Mischief is a part of a child's joy!
Children shouldn't be still like a toy." "Don't you worry about your future;
We're children of the nature." "Hopping from branch to branch;
We sure are a happy bunch!" "Dum Dum- That sound Dum Dum;
Dum Dum- Beats our little hearts." "Can't you hear the music?" My friend told me ADHD can never be cured.

Doctors just continue treatments
to make money. You may have doubts in life.
But you should never doubt life. Disgusting. Thanks, Mom. Thanks, Dad. You can buy pencils or chocolates
from The Honesty Shop even without money… Like Kavin and Naina did,
you can take it and pay for it tomorrow. Okay?
-Okay, Ma'am. "Back in my mother's womb,
I was allowed to shake a limb." "Having been born in this world,
Why is it that we must hold still?" "Can a soul that doesn't travel,
Ever find it's home?" "Wander…
Wander where your heart takes you." "And when you seek
Many skies to fly…" "I will come for you, child!
And be your wings…" I'm sure they can cook better than you.

You can own a phone,
but don't let the phone own you. Okay? I'm done! Wow! Thank you. "By growing this school of fish,
In small bowls made of glass." "We're denying them the chance,
To swim across mighty oceans." "Fly,
Fly like the pretty kite." "Be free,
No strings holding you back." "You are just like a morning blossom, my dear.
No one shall pluck you while I'm still here." "Dum Dum- That sound Dum Dum;
Dum Dum- Beats our little hearts." Is everyone sitting
in their favourite seats? Yes, Ma'am! Oh, it's Talentina 2014.

Anyone interested in participating
in Talentina Interschool competition… Must come forward
and give me their names. I won't compel anyone. Who wants to participate? Me! I'll tell a story! I'll dance! How will telling stories help her future? Dance and music, too.
Won't get them anywhere, right? Don't take Kavin's interest
in music and dance so lightly. Think Maestro Ilayaraja or A.R Rahman? Didn't the author of Harry Potter books,
J.K Rowling, make millions writing fiction? Even our writers J.Krishnamoorthy, Sujatha
and Chetan Bhagat make fine examples. So don't think her storytelling is useless
for Naina's future.

Rather than thinking their talents are a waste,
we must enjoy their antics. What do you want Kavin to be? Just not like his father. Done with your spot painting? Wow, Abhiman!
-Excellent! Come here. Superb!
-Superb. Both your kids are so smart.
I am envious. What's your technique? When I was pregnant,
we did something good. It was about three months
into our marriage. What's the matter?
You wanted to talk? A surprise?
Okay, fine. Thank you! Is it a watch? You're going to be a father. You are so beautiful. Really? Then write me a letter about it. I'll write you a hundred. Daddy's home, baby.
-Hello, wifey. What are you guys upto? I was reading.
-Really? This is for you. Aww.
-One more! "What you truly desire;
That you will be." It's written in The Gita, baby. Mommy and baby are going to… Brush their teeth now! This is Ilayaraja's composition,
'Nothing but wind'. Mommy and Daddy love it.
Want to listen to it? Can you hear me? He can hear us! He can?
-He's kicking.

A fetus couldn't possibly understand
in it's sixth month? Mom! They start hearing at three months, it seems. They react to everything. Like how when we play music,
they listen calmly. And to groovy folk songs,
they move their limbs. Similarly… They will be what we tell them. Doctors say mommy
will have to undergo Caesarian surgery. No, baby.
Mommy wants a normal delivery. Okay? We're going to your granny's town tomorrow! Hear this sound? And that's a baby rabbit. Son-in-law, wait outside. No, mom-in-law.
I'll stay with her. This is great. I thought family planning was all about
preventing a pregnancy. I realise that it's about educating the child
right from the womb. Thanks a lot. We have so many talented children
in our school. Why did you select Naina and Kavin
to go for the Talentina contest? Only three children from each school
are allowed to participate. There will be a lot of media coverage. It's important that we win this.

That's a commercial outlook, sir. What's commercial about this? Oh, is it like Buddha's Renunciation? Think about it. No, Miss. If she misbehaves there,
it will be very embarrassing. We're worried too, Sir. Kavin and Naina must participate
in Talentina. You can make it happen.
-But… The Principal forbids it.
What can I do? You could say you'll quit your job. You don't like such schools.
-Sir! These two have to participate… What's all this, Divya? Is this any reason to quit?
Your son Abhimanyu is taking part in it. I don't like this competition. You know I worked in another school before this. I was told not to award 'A' Grade
to kids who score an 'A'. And give them a 'B'. Award a 'C' to those who score 'B'. Two months later, I was to give them
'A' or 'B' grades… So that we could show improvement
to the parents. And report that the new kids
are indisciplined. Two months later,
say they are "Superb".

I said "Superb" and quit my job. A school that takes in only good students
and claims to be a good school, is not one. It's no big deal to make
a merited child win certificates of merit. Good schools take a child
yearning for merit, and help them achieve. If this is not such a school,
why should I work here? I don't wish to lose a good teacher.

Kavin, Naina and Abhimanyu
shall represent our school. Thanks, sir. Children, there is a competition called Talentina 2014. If interested, give your names
to your class teachers. Radio City brings you… Talentina Interschool Competition- 2014. Students aged between 5 and 12
will be taking part… Hi, hello, welcome! We are all here for… TALENTINA! There are so many talented children
in our country. What's with the sudden devotion? My son is going to perform
in such a great stage for the first time.

So I went to a temple on my way
to pray for him. I prayed for your daughter, too. …We have three important guests. We welcome movie director,
Mr. Seenu Ramaswamy. Next…
We have the businessman… Mr. Sanjay Ramaswamy! King of Justice…
Mr. Imman Annachi. First up to set the stage on fire,
Apple Kids. Next on stage, Monish! Round of applause! Dad, that's my brother's routine! Why is your make up not done? Mom, I was about to mime too.
He just performed my concept. That's all? Mommy thought
you had many concepts. Can you do only mime? If he performed your concept,
you do a different one. Daddy, he is crying. You have many talents!
Why worry? Okay? Be happy, and chill. Whatever you do, be confident. Okay? All the best. Next, from Dream Land School,
it's Abhiman. Superb! He did an amazing job. Next up, from Dream Land school,
Kavin! He's going to perform a dance number.
Applause! Superb, go ahead! What happened? Sound, please? Something wrong with the audio! That's my son! Wasn't that a lovely performance? Great! The next student on stage,
is from Dream Land school, Naina! Naina, are you going to tell a story? Hello, everybody.

In a beautiful forest,
there was a huge banyan tree. Many little sparrows built nests
and lived in it. There was a Momma Sparrow,
a Papa Sparrow and a Little Sparrow. The Momma and Papa Sparrows
didn't like the Little Sparrow. Because the Little Sparrow
wouldn't obey her parents at all. Each and every school
kept kicking out the Little Sparrow. So, all the other sparrows said… "Our Little Sparrow obeys us.
But why won't yours?" "So there must be something wrong with it." The Momma and Papa Sparrow
went to every doctor. But they never found out
what was wrong with the Little Sparrow. They had no choice,
so they put the Little Sparrow in a hostel. In that hostel… Another Little Sparrow became close friends
with the Little Sparrow.

The other Little Sparrow faced the same problem. The two Little Sparrows, made plans,
and flew out of the hostel window! That's when a third Little Sparrow
became friends with these two. That Little Sparrow's Momma Sparrow
was a teacher. The Papa Sparrow was a doctor. There also lived… A Grandpa Sparrow, a Grandma Sparrow
and a Little Sis Sparrow with them. None of them said anything bad
to that Little Sparrow… And always said "Think positive",
showered a lot of affection… The Little Sparrows lived happily. The Doctor Papa Sparrow
and the Teacher Momma Sparrow… Started caring for the two Little Sparrows
like their own! These two Little Sparrows,
found a home in their nest. The two Little Sparrows slowly turned into
obedient children. They went to a school meant for
naughty Little Sparrows like them. A festival called Talentina
is happening at the school they go to.

The Little Sparrow that everyone said
had no skills… Is standing here before you,
narrating this story. Do you like this Little Sparrow's story? I beg Momma Sparrow and Papa Sparrow
not to take me away from this nest to a hostel. This Little Sparrow will always obey you. Naina. Look over there,
Miss Vemba is calling… Kavin… Both of you performed really well. Okay, I'm off. Why are you leaving? It's done! Our kids have performed
at such a brilliant stage. I'm super happy. And they're happy to know
that they are talented.

That's all I want.
-What about the results? All three have performed well. Don't you believe in them? I believe that every child
who participates must be given a prize. The three judges will give prizes
to the kids they liked. The kids they like will get
certificates and a bronze cup. Let the schools and principals have it. We're going horse riding
at the beach. See you Nothing wrong in knowing
their rank. Sir, kids who finished last in games
have ended up as doctors. Back benchers have become successful. According to me, ranking systems are…
just wrong. See you!
Bye. Sir! Doctor has left.
We should, too. Doctor, we're coming too! Hi, buddies. I'm Sanjay Ramaswamy.

I'm very happy. This… Prompt properly, man.
You're ruining everything. Come on children. Beach time.
We're going horse riding. The beach? Why didn't we wait for results, Daddy? I'm going to tell you a secret. Tadah! What's this?
-What's this? Enough suspense. Tell us, Dad. The three of you are the prize winners
at Talentina. Really?
-Yeah! I spoke to the judges,
got the medals from them and brought it. Why did you bring it, Uncle?
They'd have given it to us on stage! Because…
You performed the best. They gave you medals. So the others?
Did they perform the worst? You get medals.
And if they don't? They'll feel bad, right? Their parents would cry.
The kids would cry, too. Then it'd be like some reality show
on T.V. Do you want to see that? Yes, it's sad for them.
-That's why! Okay, let's clap! And the best story teller… Naina!
-Congrats, Naina. And the best dancer award goes to…
Kavin! Very good.
-Superb! Superb! And the best artist! Did you wish him?
-Nice! Let's take a picture.
Must record this moment! Let's pose together.

Stand here, Kavin! Twenty years down the line,
just say that they won these medals. They won't doubt you. Come on..

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