Privacy | App Tracking Transparency | Apple

When you're using
apps on your iPhone, you may start to see this. It's the new App
Tracking Transparency prompt. It's a feature
that gives you a choice. A choice on how apps
use and share your data. Data like your age,
location, health information, spending habits, and your browsing history
to name a few. This data can help
to map your runs, tag your photos,
or track your location, so a nearby store
can offer discounts. But some apps have
trackers embedded in them that are taking
more data than they need. Sharing it with third parties, like advertisers
and data brokers. They collect thousands of
pieces of information about you to create a digital profile
that they sell to others. These third parties
use your profile to target you with ads… and they can also use it
to predict and influence your behaviors and decisions. This has been happening without your knowledge
or permission. Your information is for sale. You have become the product. That's why iPhone users will now be asked
a single, simple question: Allow apps to track you
or not? Maybe you're okay giving
an app your email or location, so they can share your data
with others to personalize ads or build a profile about you.

And if you're not? Well, that's what
the prompt is for. Whatever you choose
is up to you. But at Apple, we believe
that you should have a choice. App Tracking Transparency. A simple new feature
that puts your data back in your control. ♪ [LOCK CLICKING] ♪.

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