Reacting To Myself On Netflix | Money Explained Netflix

I was featured on Netflix's "Money, Explained" Documentary so I will be reacting to myself on it.
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0:00 – Intro
0:25 – Why My Life Has Come Full Circle
2:05 – First Reaction
3:32 – My Scene On Netflix
5:45 – The Netflix Case Against "Fantastic Promises"
9:56 – Why The Best Time To Create A Business is RIGHT NOW!
13:51 – The Netflix Case Against "Compelling Stories"
15:50 – Is Netflix Supporting the current education system?
17:37 – The Problem With The Education System
22:59 – Why I Charge For My Training Programs

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  3. i did….if i remember it right you will have a death match depend on the fan

  4. From 6:28 that hit me hard. Give me permission to cut that part of the video and share it with my family & friends on my social media platforms

    1. you have permission to do whatever you want with my videos! Just keep in mind that the parts from netflix are theirs, so you wont make any adsense money when you upload the video (i dont either on this one)

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  6. I watched you on Netflix and told my brother. That guy is John crestani and he owns an info product on clickbank.

  7. Wow you are the best John you really inspire me a lot and I have a question is your course on digi store still there?

  8. That is awesome, congratulations! Now I have to go and watch that Netflix doc.

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