Retailers अपनी sale कैसे बढ़ाये | How to increase sales | How to multiply sales | sale kaise badhaye

Hello friends today's very important topic is
how to increase sales how to increase sales how to multiply sales you want your shopkeeper to
increase 10 times the customers of your shop increase 10 times but how many youtube videos you must have
seen many You must have read the books, how to increase sales, this main issue has always been made, everyone wants that there is a
customer in their own shop, their neighbors are sitting, but you have opened a new shop,
if you have no experience, then in today's video I will I will tell you how to increase sales,
and listen carefully because you will not find these methods on any YouTube channel, nor
will you find it in books, whatever I will tell you, I will tell you from my experience, which I have used, I will tell in
that way friends in every way I keep guiding you, but you guys don't
watch the videos completely and then take incomplete knowledge and make complete comments, which harms you
, so watch the full video when you can't give 10 minutes on the video.

How will you spend such a long time in business, just think and see, if you really want to run your shop,
increase the sales, then this video may be a little long, but the tips that
I am going to give you are going to work a lot for you. Let's go friends, don't waste much time, you will like the video,
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Every video that will reach you, so let's go ahead, friends, hello I am the first lion,
you are watching your own YouTube channel friends, increasing the cell has to use a very fine intelligence,
see when the name of increasing the cell comes, then blowing Before or before advertising,
which comes in the mind of every shopkeeper, that if we do advertising then people will know
and start coming, but even before that you have to keep two points in mind which you will
not find anywhere.

to you Even if you do not focus on them, the first point is
the first way to increase sales, the first way is to attract your shop so much that
if the customer leaves even outside your shop, then once you come in. Make sure to do that when the customer's mind wants
to come in, then your sales will start increasing automatically. The second point is that
before advertising the shop, you should fill all the items inside your shop with flowers, about whatever collection it is.
Whether you are solving tea, ladies wear, mens wear, kids wear or any other business, whatever
business you are doing, you should be a master in it, you should have complete knowledge and complete products
should be inside your shop.

That when the customer comes inside your shop, then
you should persuade the customer with the customer who asks for it , the customer should go through the satisfaction, the customer worksheet goes when there is
no goods inside your shop, so you have to fill all the goods inside your shop, friends if you Want
to know how the goods inside the shop It is filled, in what way, what is the size, then
you can search such videos on our channel, we have made a video that is the third point, now the number starts from here
, friends of advertising, you are advertising this two points which I just told If you do without completing them
, customers come and leave empty handed, which is a loss to you and in future your
shop is not able to get up and running, so focus on number three.

Seeing everyone say that pamphlet split
Let's get the holding installed and you should get advertising done through the radio in the street,
okay, this is a very old way of advertising, but somewhere it also proves to be effective,
you should do it, I also say this but What I am going to tell you the way of advertising is
very effective and friends, almost 90% of the results are available for that advertising

. And the advert in the radio Rising is also the way of getting it operated, I bring your focus on all three things,
see when you get the pamphlet inserted , such things should be written in the pamphlet, taking your shop
so that if the customer is going to your neighborhood shop .

And you put this thing in his mind
that the product which is available in the neighboring shop will be available at our shop much cheaper than that and
better quality will be found in our shop, but friends, do not get this written in the pamphlet.
Which is taken at the neighborhood shop, I told you only by taking an example or else mutual disputes
will start, do not write like this, while reading your thinking, it should be like this in the mind of the customer, like this,
you should write some note yourself Prepare it and then you 26 and when you get the pamphlet printed in the newspaper
or you get it put in the house through a boy, it is much better if you have to give the plate in the newspaper,
then stand yourself and put it in the newspaper, the second point was advertising. Before applying the holding of
the Municipality Take permission, because then soon you remove the hoarding, if you do not deposit the tax, after
that, which was another formula of advertising that if you do it through radio, then you get the answer through radio,
then get the recording done and get the mic done .

Be seated and give the pamphlet to
the same recording person, make a special recording of one of your shops, people who are very attracted,
friends, this was the fund of some old advertising, your fourth point is 208 which is digital advertising which is
very effective in today's time but digital advertising As soon as you take the name of the word, it comes to your mind, man, we have to take
a photo of our shop and we have to shoot our shop just once with the mobile camera and
put it on WhatsApp, we will put it on Facebook, we will put it on this program .

It's just done digital advertising, so
friends, digital advertising is not like this, if you want to call a customer, then you have to work with planning.

Minutes have to be made, it has to be made in 3 minutes, but you have to get the video made by a professional, you have to
keep focus that in that 3 minutes or 2 minutes, the whole shop should be covered, in this way the video should be edited
, the shoot will be for a long time But when the video will come after editing, it will come after 2 or 3 minutes, it
should contain your name, address and contact number and now it should be known that the best shop is the
cheapest and best quality in this market, then it is completely to the mind of the customer.

attacks from you and the customer is forced to come,
now you have to share this video, share this video on social media platforms
, your friends have to speak to your friends of your own mobile, your family's mobile
There is WhatsApp Group Study Village and Facebook Even if you yourself have a YouTube channel and if you do
not have it, then create your YouTube channel, it will take 2 minutes, you can upload your video by making
your tags according to your area. So this advertising will work for you life time.
Share you don't have to do it only on one day, every other day, you have to share on the fourth day and whenever you share,
don't even give the address contact number that people who watch the 2 minute video will have the effect it will have by
taking your photo. By making a video in reverse, it will not happen, then you see how the cell
grows, it is a digital medium, in a digital medium, if you are giving advertising on TV, then
you should give a video of 2 minutes, your money will cost 500 thousand rupees.

But the effect of the video will not be anywhere else

. You have done your karma, how are you choose that too, friends, when you do advertising from you and when
customers start coming up to your shop, then your mind starts reaching the seventh sky, just here,
you have to take care of yourself. And when the customer comes to your shop, then fight with him. Don't quarrel, don't behave wrongly,
keep him happy, he has to be satisfied so much, even if you pay ₹ 5 expensive,
then he laughs and gets angry, does not force money, has to facilitate and give gifts, do
n't forget to give someone Also on the festival and someone new comes to you, then in this decision you can increase your shop without giving any gift to him,
so that you will be disappointed, when the customers start coming over your shop, then
your focus should be here that this customer How will our repeat happen, but if that customer leaves your shop
after seeing the product, then do not misbehave with him, he understands that
why this customer did not get satisfied with us, if for six months you keep these five points in mind.

If you
do your shopping, I can say guaranteed in writing that you will shell within about six months,
if middle customers were coming from you within a day, then after 6 months at least 35
to 40 customers within a day You will become yours, now these customers go ahead and repeat, while the customer

If you understand these five points, then
no one can stop you from being a successful businessman, your self- many You will increase by this, you will earn a lot of profit in your shop,
friends , if you talk about margin, I had made yesterday's video, I
will give it on the end screen and at the end of this video you can also see the card, there are videos on the card too.
You can understand how you can set margin, so friends, you must have liked the video, like share and
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