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These dear people and with that a warm welcome to a new episode of shakes and fidget with me what we and in the second part of my mushroom guide in the first part we looked at how it would be with ten euros a month how to deal with it properly and have it there I get 2 comments the last one is now relatively topical, I would like to go into it again if you ever spend a month because if you spend 100 euros because advertising is a chance for war council which then expects ten months for this scenario monday 300 aloft mount and a few mushrooms extra and in principle this call is not wrong but why I did not mention it in the video is easy because I know that something like that works, but I go from the players who really only have ten euros a month available for this one star and don't just want to spend 100 euros once or simply can't or just want to spend this guide specifically for them, of course you'd get better if you paid 100 euros once spends on a large scale is not the case here in the part now it's about 25 euro months because you should really think about it because let's just take a look at if we now spend 25 euro month and we assume we are giving that in the mushroom campaign there isn't 500 but 600 mushrooms we can buy that twelve times so we are spending 300 euros and we would get 7200 mushrooms a year, of course, if we now say we don't buy twelve times 25 euros but only three times for 100 euros we have the same spending workload for three actions but 3600 mushrooms each, that means we are at 10,800 mushrooms that is exactly 3600 mushrooms more if you top up for 100 euros three times a year instead of twelve times a year for 25 euros if he uses the chance then you can see what you need because all that kind of thing there is so much expenditure and yes the most important expenditure that runs permanently are of course well ch as before it is enough here the adventurousness should be clear that with this workload you should play your 300 alu or 320 adu every day that you spend mushrooms for that we are now taking extra events out where you don't have to be adventurous mushrooms that are minimal mushrooms this makes a difference i once worked out if you need an average of nine mushrooms per day for your aluminum for your complete one, which extrapolates to 365 days since we come to 3,285 mushrooms that you have to spend for it, namely nine it is clear that the made the first pils a day or that the first quest is always given a mushroom a day that means that one of the ten mushrooms fails and I assume on average that you get a mushroom in the remaining one, so I don't see it that way now often that you get mushrooms that means you don't just give ten mushrooms but 9 instead and actually you have more often than you could count eight then we will stop at just under 2900 mushrooms so something between 2,900 mushrooms and 3285 usually gives out for your entire 300 320 thirst for adventure that is worth it, you have to extrapolate it for the year in any case when riding here it is also feasible you basically give what i did i have taken from 365 days the starting day runs yes 14 days de have counted 365 14 and then i came to about 26 may that you have to buy the grasping kite here and are 26 times 25 650 bild I then made a 50,000 six times because the value of 26.07 naturally had to be rounded up, of course, that you can't pick it up, that means we spend 651 pieces of wood there in the year if you play it very efficiently, that is something we do with it again and again already guarantee that we play as many adventures as possible and get the best value so be relatively safe then you can actually play the wheel of fortune from all the functions But you should mainly play bike so if you only spend 25 euro a month then you should only play it via advertising and lakic 1 because the wheel of fortune is gladly taken and mushrooms are generated and that is of course possible if you spin the wheel and get mushrooms I do I like mushrooms for that, not so clever, we got three mushrooms , that means if you try 19 you get three mushrooms I did the whole thing at that time I wrote down for 90 days and more or less noticed that with 19 mushrooms you get the one have to spend and turn 20 times it can be assumed that there are an average of 15 to 16 for all turns , so you get three times three or four times three mushrooms on some days you don't have any mushrooms so it cancels and so if you were to do that with mushrooms you would still have to spend around 5,000 mushrooms on 365 days , so it's definitely not worth it if you only spend 25 euros a month for mushroom top-ups because I said 25 euros per month are 500 14 12 or a maximum of 600 places times 12 that is 6,000 to 10,000 200 mushrooms – 3285 the adventure 651 for the gripping are basically only 2000 to 2035 or 3200 to 3500 35 Mushrooms left over so that you can already talk to me about the value of 5,000 mushrooms of the Conclusion, only play the wheel of fortune again if you only spend free euro a month and do not spend 100 euro three times a year then only used because akiko has come into play when it is completely free.

To-play makes you spin once a day for free because you can use the same formula that I calculated in the year to assume that you get 270 to 300 mushrooms again on top, which you then have other things available when you now for 100 euros spends three times a year and gets 10,800 mushrooms to get the same calculation you could even if you assume that you spend around 5000 mushrooms a year prince wheel of fortune easily So that means for those who have little time we can top up three times 100 euros and can still use the wheel of fortune to the full and still have mushrooms available but of course it's not efficient so that's really for the people who Sun caliber my are where you actually little time therefore has little time as much first to other issues which are found in section unique to the example, the guilds extensions if I was not quite I here unfortunately no longer in the head to a maximum of 50 mushrooms profile off if you calculate at least that at level 10 because the first ones do not buy mushrooms and I think afterwards each one costs ten places but it would also be that it would be 246 18 president, it would be even less these are one-off expenses so between 15 and 100 mushrooms for the expansions and the guild pet, two mushrooms are mostly given out for five levels , in this case not even 100 mushrooms are given Elong on this server for the ilgen peter are one-time expenses that are also very small, but any type of player would manage and then still have mushrooms, the best case would be with the 100 euro charge variant, almost 6800 to 7000 mushrooms per year available Broken month down, you would have 600 mushrooms a month available for other topics yes and that always has the question of how you play how you play where you are in the progress so I would go to the server state again under the condition that you may have little time recommend that you put some mushrooms in your scrapbook well, the higher the scrapbook heals in the percent, the more you have of your thirst for adventure that should be clear, so you can already put a few mushrooms in the thing is also these are one-time costs that means they don't come to the server every month and you might die more money because otherwise Attack once every ten minutes because you need forever until you really have a lot of percentages and you have to say yes from level 85 if you play the fortress then or nero level 90 82 if you play the fortress and have collected at least 1000 pictures you get yes then the holy grail and it helps to search for images more efficiently in the further course of the game that is simply a fact that means the costs are not that high in the long term and the value for which it is worth time extremely in other game content can now be found look again so here you don't really need to buy mushrooms the city were of course also not in the toilet in principle also not in the arena at marina manager there are also some costs if you will in the long term but it would not be my main focus now because you have to turn it over to the arena manager mushroom that also brings you more if you change your holder equipment more often you can a uch free to play with the renault manager then also something travel i don't have it here for the maintenance plays on the server because i then of course staudt wanted to have the bonuses that i would with 25 euro a month investment value but not necessarily you can calculate what I have not done now, how high the fixed costs are for all the expansions, you can of course say you expand everything, but in principle I would only expand the way I did it and expand the seat and then the toilet if you were so far is white the toilet is the most important thing and you get a bit of progress and it takes time that doesn't cost the world now i think we are at i have also expanded that here, funnily enough , at 300 you have 400 mushrooms I think if you expand four things that you can still do but have no main dream of loading weapons and magic, I think you would already honor the slope system magic land I can imagine such a santo event when he has little time that the sand and leaves and drink with the leaves so that you always had drinks on average, but it can not hurt if you three salary save that means you can calmly leaf through but you don't have to use them right away, but maybe first at a special event where you know okay, I'll get some new equipment for a few mushrooms in the gun shop because then I want to create a few again so that you can then also get the potions available daily then go off or try new cribs and drink again and again the rheinbahn is actually not with this spending limit , especially since you naturally risk spending more mushrooms again at the server start but if you are then up to disciplined and the because in the long run really really good because of the topic where I have mushrooms for the witches you don't have to spend u nd the mushrooms, for example, for a blacksmith for socket for them, in my opinion, only offer themselves if you have really got a really cool item that can be exchanged but what has no slot then you can certainly do that but otherwise leave it there too the fingers of it in the stall at the hec you don't actually have to give out mushrooms, of course, those who don't have much time are concerned that they have to give out four mushrooms a day, so we will be around 1400 mushrooms for 365 days, that's not a small amount because of that space but you can of course play the whole thing free to play and save yourself these mushrooms so I didn't include them but for someone who really has little time a chance if you spend a drama for 100 euros we would have the wheel of fortune mushroom you still have the chance to get all of them through two in the year, but then there aren't that many mushrooms left for other topics then shot as I said, you can certainly use the friedrichs quite well because they also stand out from the pet if that has been improved a bit since this update if you want to know about the sus because they have a few left then It is actually more worthwhile if you are not in the late game dungeons because this is not worthwhile if it looks like this but from the server state then you can already do it in parallel would like to look at the dungeon simulator how high your chance is I guess at 10 to 20 percent can be mushrooms also quiet times or should that not take that long until everything falls which underneath is is discretionary thing and comes halt synonymous as I said on your play style to mushrooms in the fortress at is actually also not practical in these issues clear how further the fortress is at the start, that's why you can get through the further course of the game but also here it is so it gives her the noble stones further up you of course also have to look for gemstones and use them so that you also have some of them you can play the fortress with this issue you can play a very good free to play if you now realize, for example, it is Thursday and Friday is a fortress the band and you start your fortress from 11 to 12 then you can skip a few mushrooms so that the fortress on Friday if you are at least adventurous has the higher level so that you get better university so there can be worthwhile you tend to have mushrooms for it but otherwise there is actually not the same applies to the underworld of the lake extracts, for example that is relevant how much seeing with the wheel of fortune with the dice player and also with the quest gets just like that town hall is relevant how many wooden stones and so on our same he gets what you maybe so that it can be used to an event in the best possible way rden can and it is carried out it is okay you otherwise not what I can recommend to you is that you actually have that which matic always covered with a few mushrooms because that can miss it all or something and if you play it well you have one good fee serwe so that you could always get about 20 mushrooms and if you need the time maybe twice a month I need a little more often then it still works well with this way of playing that for me it is a meaningful sensible use at felting this workload because in the end it’s also about xp and gold what you can win every day in the guild of course you don’t have to train on the expansions that we’ve already got through in the post and in the hall of honor so as I said also in the arena with ten fights for xp I think you don't have to mushroom you just let the cool down run and you are still quite good at it it should at least be desirable for you and what are we so even 10 exactly ten minutes ten fight feasible for most it should be feasible especially since you indeed such things using the app clarify can of course again said to be in the fortress you have indeed no mushrooms spend in principle to select the people to attack but use change opponents if it doesn't work for a lot of gold because you lose a lot that is always dependent on your level he then uses the counterattacks via the tactics for example or you have the fortress partner best trap that makes somewhere more are fits to the way of playing here she loses a lot of gold and couldn't achieve that much so sometimes even at 25 euros a month the main focus is on the rider and the thirst for adventure I would definitely do that too scrapbook pushing up to the holy grail I would enter a lot of mushrooms there and with the holy grail you can of course also via d he free attacks go when you know that a player here is difficult on the server I'll go to the speed server that you can see that maybe a little better on the server I now also have 1400 pictures , of course, has had the holy grail for a long time and since you don't have to attack running anymore, you just choose a player where maybe two three little pictures flash and then you use your free trial and also get a good percentage so I've now played relatively cheap from 50% of the a65 come to the usa and yes at some point you have to attack the people where only a screen flashes here now flashes 2 so I take the wheel of fortune depending on how much time you have if you want to generate mushrooms you should of course not spend mushrooms on it if you have little time and you want to farm the resources then give out the mushrooms but you also have to look at the resources to drive the resources only makes sense if you have them you can also use free-to-play at some point where you no longer have to use the wheel of fortune every day on a dollar basis, then maybe the mushrooms were better to have potions for the guild fight or something like that on that already very good very good very good maybe not very good because it can go on gilden pad and the guild expansions in any case here so far we are seeing eight good example then there are 246 18 mushrooms 28 30 so you have to 60 a lot Outputting too many expansions on the gamepad as I said, depending on how long the server is, it doesn't spend a lot, so that definitely makes sense and what can of course still be said, nevertheless , it can be worthwhile to get this package then so even if he only spends 25 euros a month gives out the special package and if he then of course has 100 euros a month then you can also get the pro per package, which of course brings vi again eles extra with kolding on sand ears , we can be very helpful that you don't necessarily have to rely on the time machine right away , but as I said, that is always a matter of judgment because there is now no right and no wrong one gives more in dungeons the other has created the pet, if not he, takes advantage of the time for the bike but in any case thought that she could cover the fixed costs in any case and then that is not a problem and then you are not bad with this way of playing on any server after 12 years not at the top but he was not perhaps doing'm still a good guild you then you are competitive definitely so if I have forgotten something or something can think generally you like to write in the comments if so always on the open exchange also after between you and then I would say first or a key servus

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