27 Replies to “Sabri Suby and Dan Lok Reveal How To Sell Like Crazy ($400 Million Crazy!)”

  1. It’s not the technology. It’s the psychology that makes this things work 🔥. Sabri burst brain 😪

    1. @Emanuel Darlea in his defense his channel started in 2018 so it’s not bad the video has this amount of views ..for. now

    2. @Emanuel Darlea he has authored a book which is selling on Amazon .

      Being best and being known for the best is different .

      Nigella is not the best chef but still on TLC more fame and money than the bestest.

      Its not about what you know it’s who you know.

  2. awsome book thanks for all the content inside , who read it here ? what is your opinion ?

  3. Normally just skip through YouTube ads. One of Sabris ads came up on a YouTube video and I was so transfixed I wanted to replay it. Came here after the ad. Was not disappointed. Both Sabris and Dans knowledge is a wealth of its own👏🏼👏🏼

  4. Dan Lok interviews Sabri Suby on The Dan Lok Show. Sabri reveals how he’s generated $400 million in sales in over 167 different niches for him and his clients. I am so sorry Sabri Suby I am so very upset and angry towards your friend Dan Lok. This man should be clearly posting your book on this video for all to see so this visual presentation is showing his 100 per cent backing of your hard work and authorship. Maybe it is just an oversight from Dan I do not know. Anyway from my Walt Disney experience working with the company and many more Hollywood California TV and Theatrical heavyweights showing 100 per cent gratitude is paramount to business growth and sincerity in marketing. Thank You

  5. Great Book guys…i am a starter and i believe this book is giving me more than a full university course…so powerfull….the content is like 90% thick. i mean its not a book with 1.000 pages but only 100 with value…it is 90% value at least SELL LIKE CRAZY i say yes do it…101% value for the money you spend

  6. 21:48 Psychology that makes it work

    22:31 Find Starving Market, find a niche within the market

    23:06 Know the fundamentals of marketing like john caples

    25:51 Dont compete with the million dollar companies find a certain niche


  7. Great, will help us to grow our investing portfolio management buisness.love from India🇮🇳

  8. The “bean counter and the marketer” – as an accountant I can tell you that we think are are running the business but this is just not true – without sales we have nothing ! Respect to the sales and marketing teams. Fiance is just a back office function.

  9. I love how the advertisement that buffers other YouTube videos says the internet is full of liers and guru’s for Sell Like Crazy.
    Then proceeds to speak like a guru and sell you something.
    Another snake oil salesman

  10. Sabri, I’m a huge fan. Your marketing strategies are excellent. But WHY are you associating with a huckster and charlatan like Dan Lok!? It really undermines your credibility.

  11. the moment dan lok interviews you, you loose a bit of credibility. Came searching for sabri suby ended up here and now I have doubts, Sabri why??

  12. Excellent work on this interview. Sabri consistently delivers on the Psychology that is necessary to succeed, regardless of industry.

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