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  1. EVERYONE! This is what the real deal sound and look like! Big shoutout man, this is how sales is supposed to be done!

  2. #HeySabri I got many great inputs from this video! I truly thank you a lot by this opportunity of hearing it from you!

  3. #heySabri does this method work with indyvidual customers too? I have a feeling that I will be pissing them off. Or what happens when you get your number blocked by the prospect?

  4. Thank you for your straight talk as you present it to your team. I know your story and much respect. I need to get better in closing. Your experience is value beyond anything I have seen.

  5. KingKong Is Great! BUT… 

    Don’t join them unless you are ready to GROW!

    As the former CEO of an Digital Advertising Agency, I understand quality advertising when I see it. Eventually, I decided to close that company and pursue my passions in the Education industry. Covid-19 was one of the things that helped me make that choice, but most importantly, I saw there was no way to compete with KingKong in this market! And I like having powerful friends, not rivals! 

    (Don’t go into a war unless you are sure you can win FIRST. )

    George, the consultant who reached out to me 4~5days ago, provided fantastic service that felt personal and sincere. He secured my business in five minutes, and when I became overzealous and wanted to go for an even more expensive option and pay extra $18,000 up front, George actually advised me against it!  Because at KingKong they really want to ensure that customers are completely satisfied with their services and see the value in their work before they decide on financial commitments. I have been using the exact same strategies in my own business practices for the past 20 years, treating all customers as partners not clients, and caring less about the money than the satisfaction of every single person. So many agencies today just focus on profit, and once they’ve gotten your money there’s no guarantee of the quality of the service they provide because they just don’t care about you. But KingKong cares. They advised what was best for me, not them. That simple principle is how I landed 4,000 clients like 7-11, familymart, sony, Acer and over 1 million members with the no. 1 in Online discount website in Taiwan 18 years ago.(It’s called h2ocity.com  Even though I failed to bring the company to IPO and ended up leaving the company I founded. It was a GOOD FIGHT and lovely experience to Fail.) 

    Through that h2ocity.com experience. I know what values make a successful and ethical company, and I know to think carefully before choosing the right businesses to work alongside.

    I know KingKong will succeed, I know they will help me succeed, and I know they will help you succeed too. (If you are ready to grow.)

    Ray Lian ~ CEO of We Love Academy and Next Idea Educational Gaming


  6. OMG!!! FANTASTIC TRAINING!!! Wish I discovered u sooner but next best time is today 😉 Thank you for sharing this training!! Priceless!!

  7. Thank u Sabri for this message.. Today I clearly understand after I listen your video..

  8. *_Awsome, we are growing our Investing & portfolio mgmt buisness with these learnings,love from indi🇮🇳a._*

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