So what is ‘Integrated Advertising’1

so what is integrated advertising in brief integrated advertising is combining several media channels and tools under one big idea in order to produce a greater experience for the consumer or if you will one plus one equals three but to understand it a bit more let's go back and see how advertising was in the past back then we would advertise in a one-way direction delivering our message with a few media channels there were TV radio newspapers billboards the consumer would get the message and if he liked it he would buy the product simple then came the internet and the media tools the consumer used increased and became more sophisticated at us we bombarded the consumer with our message through every media channel we could today when technology the Internet and social networks are really a part of a consumers life they changed the way he consumes information decides what to buy new experiences brands and is much more connected and involved but he also loses interest very quickly and Keith if he doesn't say it explicitly he's looking for something beyond the marketing message and wants to know what's in it for me this new situation brought about integrated advertising a method of advertising that's based not just on an idea but on a big idea what does it mean big bigger than another marketing message something that really interests the consumer gives him value and lets him take part in an experience he would want to be involved in and even share with his friends so our brand we gain free media earned media this big idea has to integrate with media tools that will link to each other and not just stand alone like in the old kind of advertising so no matter where the consumer encounters the message he will still be part of the experience and what is the role of the advertising agency in all of this because the big idea combines a number of tools that are sometimes operated by different professional such as app developers public relations social media and others it's important that the ad agency leads the process from start to finish making sure everything is done using the same language that every channel really serves the big idea and analyzing the effectiveness of each tool during and after the campaign in other words be and navigate the brand navigator this new role requires us advertising agencies more than ever to be attentive to what consumers want and also to be updated with the new and innovative media tools that pop up every day if we do all these things we will create more memorable and emotional advertising for the consumer not only because of its marketing message but also because of the experience that comes with it so over time the brand will become a love mark a brand the consumer really loves so to sum it up here is the recipe one big idea why is usage of integrated media tools consumer experience and a brand navigator a be integrated

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