10 Replies to “Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Write Wildly Powerful Facebook Ad Copy (Crazy)”

  1. Hey sabri.

    Started an Agency 4 months ago.

    Having trouble getting traffic into a particular store.

    The business is a Hotpot restaurant.
    – what is the best way to get traffic into restaraunts.

    What ad objectives do you reccomend.


    I was watching this video and was wondering what is the opportunity for the customers of a restaurant.

    “Like an amazing experience with friends?”


    Bought your book. Love your YouTube

    1. Yeah, Dan Kennrdy also talked about the fact that people want to make everyone they invite feel comfortable and have a good time.

      (And they are scared of making a bad impression “John invited us there and it was horrible, the food was not good, the service was bad etc…”)

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