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hey what's going on everybody it's patrickjane here so in this video i'm going to show you one of the most fastest and effective ways to do b2b sales prospecting in the modern world now if you've ever done any type of sales prospecting you know that it's going to be time consuming it's not fun and a lot of times it's really just a lot of manual labor and you can spend all this time building the perfect dream customer list right even when you cold call these people or you send them a cold email 95 of the time they're probably are not interested in talking to you but fortunately if you are using the right sales prospecting tools the first thing you're going to be able to do is find the right people that you want to actually reach out to and the second thing you can do is make sure that they are actually interested in purchasing your products and services today and to show you how all of this works i'm going to be using one of the most powerful b2b prospecting tools out there which is dmb hoovers so with that said if you are ready to learn some of the best and effective ways to do sales prospecting let's go ahead and dive in and if you're ready for this video make sure to give it a like subscribe turn on notifications and let's go ahead and dive in now the first thing we're going to talk about is the fastest way to find the hottest prospect and so for a lot of people whether you're a sales rep or sales manager a lot of times your sales people are going to be going after cold leads meaning you're calling up people you're sending them code emails they have no idea who you are so the likelihood of them actually taking a meeting with you is not very high you can still do it but it takes a lot of effort and so when i first started my career at oracle and later joined a y combinator back startup here's how i did it in the past i would think about okay who's my ideal customer and then i would make a big list on an excel sheet try to google you know top ecommerce companies or top whatever companies and make this big list then i would have to go on linkedin and find all the decision makers at these companies and then i would have to use another tool to actually find that person's contact information whether it was their email and phone address or whatever the case is there were so many different steps i had to take before i was even ready to make that one phone call so the entire world especially if you're in sales is going through a digital transformation where if you're using the right tools you can actually just eliminate all this in manual labor and just go straight into finding the right people you want to talk to and actually selling to them so let's go ahead and dive into dmb hoover so i'll show you one of the fastest way you can actually find hot prospects all right so right now we are in dmv hoover's which in my opinion is one of the most robust and accurate places where you can get prospecting information especially when it comes to getting accurate contact data whether it's email and phone right let's say i'm going for people who are in the education space so i can actually type in education in here and i'll have the pop-ups underneath and i can go to browse as well also look for education over here click on what kind of options that they have so let's say i'm going for professional management training and college and universities and let's go ahead and go to miscellaneous education services all right so we got a couple filters so far but let's say we take it a level deeper and then let's say i want to go after people who have at least one million in revenue more than one million all right perfect that's exactly what i'm looking for and i would press view results so what's gonna happen is that dnb hoover's is going to show me all the results of people who or companies that have one million plus in revenue and are in the education space and as you can see there's gonna be 1 702 results right and so i can kind of just go through here and look through all the people that i want to talk to potentially right let's say i want to prospect into close community college district okay what's gonna happen is when you go into a company you can see all the content not only do you see you know the company in this area but you see all the decision makers so going into the contacts what's going to happen is it's going to populate and it's going to be all the people that i may want to talk to right and of course you can filter these down by let's say what role they're in like marketing or if you're trying to sell some i.t and so what's really great about this tool is that you can quickly add all the contacts that you want to reach out to onto a list and either save it as an excel sheet or actually create an integration directly into something like salesforce or whatever crm you're using so for example if i wanted to talk to the president of this company let's say i want to talk to the vice president and then the senior director okay great and then i would just go to add to list and then i could put you know education california add to list and then what's going to happen it's going to add these contacts onto my list the beauty of all this is that you're able to quickly find companies in a specific geographic location a specific industry specific revenue size and there's so many different other filters that will help you find the right people a lot faster and you can save all these people just like that onto your crm or an excel sheet or you know put it on excel sheet and export it somewhere else whatever your workflow is and so you don't have to go to all these random websites and go on google and go on linkedin and find the email tool and find the phone tool dmb actually has all the emails it has all the phone numbers extremely up to date compared to everything else i've used tools in the past which are okay but a lot of times when i'm sending out the emails a lot of the emails will actually bounce because the other tools just don't have accurate information so dmb i found to be much more accurate compared to the others and bouncing off the idea of finding the right decision makers let's go ahead and give you another example let's say i'm going into california state university system and then i want to find okay like who exactly are the decision makers right so i can go to the contact decision matrix and it's going to tell me from you know top to bottom like who the leaders are so i can see the president as lynn then i can see the senior officers board of directors and then i can go into each of these functional groups to see people that are working in a specific space so if i wanted to look for it for example i can look in and say okay who's the vice president of i.t and if i was selling something in the i.t sector these would be the people that i want to talk to and i would just simply add them to my list so that i can actually reach out to them whether it's code email or cold calling so this saves a lot of time because you're not manually finding these people on linkedin but you're actually just going into this thing and it's telling you hey these are the decision makers that you need to talk to so everything is all in one platform you don't have to try you know 10 different softwares and put it together it's literally all in one place and another thing that's interesting is that if you want to reach out to a company like people expect you to know who they are before you make that cold call right if you're just calling down the list and you literally have not done any research on the company that comes off as kind of spammy salesy and nobody's going to want to talk to you so on dmv hoover what you're able to do is kind of just go into the company summary it tells you who it is and it kind of tells you like where they are in terms of like the kobe 19 impact if they're impacted highly or lowly right because that may affect whether or not someone has a budget to buy your products and services you can actually see their spend capacity as well so meaning that 99 out of 100 is that they have the budget to buy products and services right which is crazy to know because if you're cold calling someone how do you know if they actually have the budget to buy your products and services right and if you just have this list that you just call straight down you literally don't know and you have to ask him on the phone and be like hey what's your budget which is okay but you can actually just use software and they will literally tell you the likelihood of someone actually having a budget to buy and this will save you a ton of times you would only be going after people that actually have a budget and you just ignore all the people that are not doing too well as a business and can't afford your products and services and it gets pretty crazy because you can dive even deeper right you can see you know if they're growing as a company so instead of googling like how a company's doing the software will literally tell you if they're growing or not depending on what you're selling you know you may or may not need to know all this information and you also get you know the latest news articles on what's been going on with this school or company that you want to reach out to why this is important well everything is literally all in one place you kind of get a snapshot of who this company is who the decision-makers are can they buy are they growing are they failing what's your positioning when it comes to sending that code email or cold call so that it's hyper relevant to the prospect instead of you just blindly calling them you actually have something you can talk about and not be annoying as a salesperson okay so i showed you that you can find the right people you can get the research so you have a more personalized conversation but we can actually go one level deeper and make sure that the prospects people you want to sell to are actually interested in buying your products and services today so how do you do that well there's this thing called bombora intent we're going to edit the search criteria you know same criteria as we had before but the thing we're going to go to is bombora intense you can specifically look for topics that your prospects are interested in right now we have 1 702 people who are in california in education with 1 million plus a new revenue so what i'm going to do is i'm going to type in facebook and what's going to happen it's going to say facebook advertising and so when you view results what's going to happen is it's going to show me all these schools and education companies that are trying to do facebook advertising why is this important well if i'm selling facebook advertising services i don't want to call a thousand 700 people and get 99 notes before i get one yes right that's gonna take so much time and it's painful to do i would rather use bombora intent and only go for the people who are actually interested in facebook advertising services so when i make a list of all these companies and i'm cold calling them or sending them code emails they are already interested in what i have to sell and so when i call them up they're going to be like oh yeah we were actually looking into facebook advertising services tell us more about what you do and so now a cold call becomes a lot more warmer they have no idea who i am but it feels like i have the perfect timing and i'm coming in just at the right time and it goes beyond just you know facebook advertising services right you can type in different things like let's say we're looking for salesforce crm 29 people out of that 1700 are interested in salesforce crm so if i was someone who's doing like salesforce implementation well i'm only going to hit up these companies who have already expressed interest in salesforce crm so you see why this is so powerful as a sales person or sales leader the reason really is because you're going to be saving your sales reps so much time because they know exactly who to go after how to find those contacts in a fast way and you have this warm personalized touch where you know they are interested in buying your products and services and so that's really the power of software in the modern world dmv hoover's bamboor intent is able to find all these signals put all the data together and give it to you in a very simple way for you to use understand and execute on so you can generate more meetings and close more deals because at the end of the day you don't want to spend time doing administrative work you just want to sell and so by leveraging modern software in the modern day it's going to save you so much time and give you that competitive edge over your competitors you might run a sales team or maybe you're a sales professional you're going to want to grow right you're going to want to get more market share you're going to want to sell more than your competition you want to even be in the room in the meeting before your competition even knows to contact that prospect and so by using modern sales software you're going to be able to get that edge so if you're doing any type of sales prospecting absolutely you need to be using the right tools if you want to stay ahead and save more time and if you enjoyed this video make sure to give it a like subscribe and turn on notifications to see more videos like this with that said my name is patrick dang and i'll see you guys in the next one

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