9 Replies to “The Cold Hard Truth About Achieving Breakthrough Results (Not What You Think!)”

  1. Love you Sabri. ❀️πŸ”₯ Valuable content. Keep up the good work. ❀️

  2. I think when you have no social proof and case studies and sending cold emails is best to offer a free trial what do you think?

  3. #heysabri, can an introvert be a great salesman like yourself? Do you extroverts have the upperhand?

  4. #heysabri, I reached out recently and received your email. Great work! A pleasure to work my business with your Quantum Growth program.

  5. #heysabri# Could you make an video on lead generation. Showing the backend of Facebook like the right targeting and stuff.

  6. #heysabri how we can measure the amount of effort we are putting in our business?

  7. #heysabri if you started again on your own no contact nothing !! No experience with $60 how would you approach your digital agency

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