The Legendary Wolf Mug Ad [Part 2] – Alex Becker Advertising Secret to Greater ROI

if you give me 10 seconds in your left
shoelace I'm gonna show you how my buddy Alex generates nearly 800 million
dollars per month selling weird little stuff like drop shipping courses hopes
and dreams and of course the legendary wolf mug of Han Solo's tears and it's
actually quite simple all he does is create YouTube videos and then retarget
Spiegel based on previous channel views and then sells them things they're
interested in like overpriced courses software you then need and friendship
and to prove this concept works we actually started a brand new YouTube
channel and took it to 2.3 million dollars a month within 36 hours of its
creation and we're actually having a free class today showing step-by-step
how we got that channel the 2.3 million a month within 36 hours
and we're having that class after the video if you want to attend this class
all you have to do is click the Start menu and restart your computer if you're
on desktop and throw your phone out if you're on Android and it will magically
reboot with me inside your computer doing everything for you and if you're
on the fence about attending this class let me show you some of the results
people have gotten from this training now these are people that have been
working with the training for a while but you can see this person right here
was able to hit 2.3 million dollars a month as well you can see this person
right here was able to hit three hundred thousand a month within just 10 hours
even cooler this guy was able to come on to the training and within his first
hour makes seven million dollars a month crediting training from Alex Becker and
Brian Guerra which is who I am so again if you want to see step-by-step how to
do this and you want to get access to the same exact training these people are
using to go and get these results you just saw all you need to do is ten
jumping jacks and then go give your dog a treat after all he is a good boy that
is all there is to it it's 99 percent free to attend and we'll even be getting
out movie spoilers we'll be telling stories from our childhood and we'll
even be showing you how to do all this without any hard costs aka I just need
your credit card but that doesn't really count it's fake money
it was just fake news again all you need to do is ten jumping jacks and admit
ronaldo is better than Messi he's going to keep scoring goals until you do it
okay we're running out of attention span here attend the free class we'll show
you how we're selling courses software wolf bugs Luke and Paul merch you name
it if it can be sold will charge your credit card
leave that and we also sell normal stuff too like pens or trash cans or day-old
bagels you can also buy blades of grass from my
apartment or I'll sell you an entire lawn if that's what you're into you can
also sell bottled sunshine bottled sunshine you can sell I want you to look
around the room right now all the things you could possibly sell there's a way
you can sell that too you don't have to sell grass if you want to sell grass you
can sell grass if you want to sell paper and you're boring you could sell that
too you could also sell like use toothbrushes maybe even empty liquor
bottles if you want you could probably even sell your wax we've never tried to
sell your wax but you could probably sell that as well
you still haven't clicked off this video yet I'm impressed don't forget about
glasses of rain you can certainly sell glasses of rain as long as you can
target people who drink glasses of rain on Facebook you're golden that's an
untapped niche right there you might want to think about selling individual
sugar packets you could even sell invisible clouds how
about imaginary friends there's a lot of lonely people out there fifth wheels for
your car there's an idea you could even sell bottomless shoes I got a stop if
you're still here you're awesome I really really appreciate you watching
this I hope you have a wonderful wonderful weekend and I'll see you guys
in the next video

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