15 Replies to “The MOST EFFECTIVE Method Of Reading Books For Entrepreneurs (Stop Wasting Time Reading The Old Way)”

  1. Truth and Facts.

    Hey, try read Al-Quran and see how Allah ( God ) will Guide you. Open your heart with faith and you will see a wisdom. Insha’Allah

  2. I got your book last week I literally asked this question….in the comments. This is a great response to my comment. Big up

  3. #HeySabri
    I’m just starting my career in sales. What books do you recommend me to read?

  4. #heysabri … according to you what are the best books on marketing… what do you recommend to understand marketing at the deepest level possible

    1. Breakthrough advertising by Eugene M. Schwartz. Strongest value on direct response marketing.

  5. Solid advice as always. I’ve recently started reading again and I decided to implement the taking notes while reading strategy and it’s made a real difference.

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