16 Replies to “The Single Most Important Element Of Marketing To Increase Revenue (Not What You Think)”

  1. The founder should focus on the offer – I can only agree βœ… βœ… I also like that you mention the offer should make feel uncomfortable, I think that is what’s convincing prospects.

  2. i also have a guarantee for my fb ads service but it’s important to tell to the ceo that we will refund only if he is invested, because with a guarantee a lot don’t care because they know if that don’t work they got their money back

  3. #heysabri How’s my accent and living in a different location than where I’m selling going to affect my closing ratios? You’re super inspirational man!

  4. reading about the godfather strategy in your book transformed my business. The quality of my leads went to insane levels just by changing the offer

  5. “If your offer doesn’t make you uncomfortable aren’t enough”

    This quote

    Make me looking again on offers on my business

  6. How do you make an offer, that is so compelling, your prospect simply can’t refuse it.

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