22 Replies to “Tonality: How To Build ‘Master Level Authority’ On a Sales Call”

  1. I totally loved the clip. This type of stuff definitely resonates with Aussie business people. Helps build confidence in the person on the other side of the phone that they certainly have the confidence to help.
    Still reading your Red book, loved what I have read so far. Keep going for it.

  2. Absolute gold here Sabri! “Whoever has the most conviction on the call gets the outcome” – BOOM!

  3. Enjoyed the clip and insights. Keeps it real. Looking for that win – win long standing partnership rather than just a quick sell. We’ve all had those annoying sales people call us at some point and it doesn’t work. Thinking and offering solutions and value proposition goes a long way to working together rather than a quick sell. Nice work keep em coming.

  4. “We’re more certain that we CAN help them than they are certain that we can’t”

  5. Wish I had a boss like you 10 years ago πŸ™‚ Great clip! To the point! Thanks!

  6. Hi Sabri, I am starting an HR consultancy in NZ. Will this work for my business. What do I need to do. Thanks

  7. The Wolf Of Wall Street is the king of tonality – check out the straight line system

    1. I’ve studied that system pretty extensively. It’s funny because The Straightline sample script sells digital marketing and the promises in the pitch are definitely too good to be true. While you can’t deny that it can work, I really like Sabri’s toned down approach even better.

  8. πŸ‘I like what he says…however I have two issues with him: IMHO he has to 1) stop saying β€œum, you know and you know what I mean…it dilutes his message and sounds weak and 2) let go of the hair, I’m certain that it will continue falling so just go ahead….sport and embrace the bald look. It’ll make him more believable, more badazz, more handsome and more polished. πŸ€—πŸ’žπŸ€—

  9. #heySabri

    Don’t put in music in your videos, or decrease volume of music. It is annoying. I want to listen to you, not a music.

  10. Great ! will share it with our team. we are in business of Investing portfolio . love from India.

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