30 Replies to “What I’ve Learned From Generating $1.33 Billion In Sales (Tactics, Strategies & Concepts)”

  1. Your sayings are amazing but why don’t you apply it on your youtube channel?

  2. Awesome video, sabri! Love the value.

    Most books definetly go much more in depth than blog posts or YouTube videos!

    Do you have a top 10 list of books you think everyone should have read?

  3. Where can I learn more about value-based marketing? It sounds exactly like the kind of marketing I want to get better at. (Aside from your book – which was amazing!)

    1. Like Sabri said in read journals, read books, watch videos and listen to podcasts interviews of Advanced people in your field.

    2. Just keep it simple. Give value to the community you want to reach. Trade them for their email or phone number. Bring more value through that channel then every now and then ask for the sale. Find out what your community cares about and give it to them and they’ll trust you.

  4. Thank you Sabri. Besides direct response marketing, I really hope to see a video from you talking about the impacts of growing a Youtube channel, adding value to clients long term.

  5. The content of this video is so deep. No wonder why are you one of the Fastest growing business leader πŸ”₯

  6. #heysubri can you make a detailed video on your approach to copywriting especially writing ads, landing pages and emails

  7. The beginning is so true. I bought one course years ago (never did it again) and in the community I got in everyone in that group was just thirsting for the next tactic and talking about buying more courses. It was mind blowing how bad it was

  8. Sabri: beginners are those who watch YouTube Videos

    Viewers of this video: wait what?

  9. #hisabri
    Thanks agaiN for sharing all your wisdom here ! Would you be able to expand the conversation around “the concept of your buisness”. THANKS A LOT.

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