Why You Shouldn’t Follow Your Competition

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In a recent interview with Dain Walker, Sabri Suby summarises King Kong's rise to power in digital marketing and why copying your competition is a path to failure. Forge your own path πŸ”₯ πŸš€

6 Replies to “Why You Shouldn’t Follow Your Competition”

  1. Sabri we help people sleep better again with a natural sleeping aid, to an cold audience we advertised with an story and that brought us 3 profitable days, all of a sudden the sales stopped, we finnaly thought we found winning ads and that we could help more people but that wasn’t the case.

    Now my question is; how can we be profitable on the front end with fb ads and start scaling?

    1. Sabri is probably not going to answer so il answer this the best I can. The reason why people see inconsistencies with FB/IG or just digital marketing period is because their offer is not good enough to appeal to a mass amount of people. When you first start running ads, fb especially, you get the easiest people to convert but as time goes by you get more and more people that you need to actually convince. Whjen you scale up or increase your budget all your doing is showing your ads to more people so that means you need to continuously improve your ads and funnels so it appeals to more people so you can convert more people.
      Now for practical advice to improve front end profits
      1. Reduce page load speed
      2. Find your best converting funnel (is it a VSL, SL, Call funnel, Webinar etc.)
      3. Make sure you have a post purchase funnel so after people buy your front end offer they can keep buying your other offers with one click
      5. Have proper ad retargeting
      6. Make sure your email marketing is set up
      Your probably missing 1 or 2 of these but do them and it will bring you front end profits consistently up to maybe $5k/day in ad spend. After that you need to dial in your LTV which is another conversation lol.

  2. #HeySabri I saw your interview with Dan Lok, it was amazing. But, I heard you talking about the percentage on ad spend as a payment method. Can you explain more?

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