Your Questions Answered! #HEYSABRI Rapid Fire Session (Psychology, Mindset, Marketing, Facebook Ads)

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8 Replies to “Your Questions Answered! #HEYSABRI Rapid Fire Session (Psychology, Mindset, Marketing, Facebook Ads)”

  1. i want to order your book but you dont ship to the Netherlands 🙁 and i dont want an Ebook.

  2. #HEYSABRI What is your Reflection ritual? You told us once in one video that you usually go away every 90 days. What do you do, what goals do you set and what questions do you answer during that time?

  3. #Heysabri , what’s the best way of getting clients or prospecting for clients if I’m starting in social media marketing

  4. #Heysabri, Love your content I learned a lot from it. What marketing books do you recommend I am already read your book and now I am reading Influence (Robert Cialdini) so what other books do you recommend?

    1. the one page marketing plan is an AMAZING book. I also recommend business made simple by donald miller. two really really good books

  5. #Heysabri

    What is your take on the new iOS14 update, and how to combat it when running Facebook ads?

    Following your tips on this channel changed everything for my company, which has had a 6000% increase in sales over the last year. Please keep on posting!

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