YouTube Video Advertising-Video Views for Less than 1/2 Cent (.0044 cents)

in this video I'll just show you
something that if you've any interest in marketing your business or promoting or
advertising your business online you should be interested in and it should be
of benefit to you it's a remarkable statistic that I just
saw this morning let me just explain I advertised on YouTube and I advertised
on Facebook and I have done videos before about both Facebook and YouTube
advertising but I obviously checked the data every day every morning and check
to see various statistics and various pieces of data back from the various
campaigns so this particular one though I saw a stunning statistic twitch if you
have a business or if you've any interest in advertising on YouTube in
particular on YouTube you should have a look at this because I
think it's actually remarkable you see here on the screen that I've got a
campaign running called residential it's a called brand awareness and reach
basically this is a bunch of videos that I have on my youtube channel to do with
property to do with residential property to do with buying or selling a property
so it's good informational videos I think there's about 20 in the campaign
and all about buying or selling a house so obviously I do it for the purpose of
ultimately getting a lead or getting a client now the cost of advertising as
I've explained before in a previous video and should check it out with
YouTube advertising is remarkable and I think it's particularly so at Ireland
because in Ireland is very very little but this particular video I want to just
bring your attention to this particular campaign so it's residential brand
awareness and reach and this is for yesterday so it's you see up here on the
right hand side 26 vote for 2018 so the data I'm gonna show you is just for one
day and yesterday so you'll see residential brand
awareness in reach you see that I'm only spending one euro a day and despite that
one euro a day which is tiny I've got two hundred thirteen views 213 views of
a video a residential property or property related video is obviously very
very good but you see here the average cost the average cost is actually zero
the average cost is coming back here or being shown as zero because the total
cost was 94 cents in other words it was less than euro for two hundred thirteen
views and the reason the average cost is zero is because he's I feel less than
one set so the polaron context that made this point before about YouTube
advertising I have got two hundred and thirteen views of residential property
videos of my channel for 94 cents less than euro less than half a cent per view
which is remarkable it is a fantastic return because if you
consider us I am a solicitor if I get a client upon her to buy or sell a house
or full of having watched a YouTube video I'm looking at a fairly decent
professional conveyancing fee it's pretty good work
quite frankly and yes I can generate a hundred views or two hundred views I
mean yesterday two hundred and thirteen views of my videos for 94 cents less
than euro that means I can get a thousand people for five euros thousand
people to watch my YouTube residential property videos and to put it in context
a video view on Facebook is only counted if a person watches 30% sorry thirty
seconds of the video so if somebody watches 25 or 26 or 28 seconds of the
video and click away and say I'm not interested that's fine
doesn't cost me a cent not a cent I only get charged after 30 cents or after 30
seconds rather and as you can see there from the screen 28th of October 2018 I'm
getting 213 views or third I did get 230 news for less than a euro and the cost
is so low that is actually coming up there in Google AdWords data the average
cost is calling up a zero view of a business if you're trying to start a
business if you're a sole trader if you are not tripping or if you have any
intention of starting a business you should seriously consider getting
your smartphone making videos starting a YouTube channel of advertising because
quite frankly it is absolutely wide-open at the moment especially for somebody in
Ireland because of very very little competition hope you find this video
useful if you do give it a thumbs up down below I really appreciate it and
subscribe to my channel if you find it useful you should check out the other
video as well and I'm gonna do a more detailed video about how to actually set
up a YouTube advertising campaign because somebody requested that from me
and I will do it but I have another video there to do with YouTube
advertising and Facebook advertising you should take a look again if you're in
business or trying to start a business or trying to get clients running sort of
a business you should really consider and you should have a look at those
videos thanks for watching

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